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Found 19 results

  1. I haven't been on this site for well over a decade! But it used to be my LIFE when I was 17/18 in 2009/2010. Those days were CRAZY on here 🤣 I don't even know how to use this new site! Is anyone else from back then still on here? Does anyone remember me? I had this username but people often knew me as Gabriella.
  2. Okay, so Jordan wanted me to announce this on here. We have decided to make a BreatheHeavy Discord server, and I added on some extra features to it in case you want to know more about other things. He's the owner of that one, and I'm the admin on it, so if any of you Exhalers want to join, then use this invite link, and we'll get you set up. https://discord.gg/DdHJd8CKH3
  3. To celebrate BH turning 17-years-old today, I wanted to put together some highlights. People ask me all the time why I named this site BreatheHeavy. Some think it was cause of "Breathe On Me," but in actuality It was inspired by the "Slave 4 U" Light Your *** On Fire Remix with Pharrell Williams. 🔥 I remember listening to this remix a LOT on the long drive home from a gymnastics meet, and when she started, well... breathing heavy (in the breakdown) I was like BREATHE HEAVY. The name literally just popped into my head. The next day I bought the domain name. I specifically remember not wanting to have Britney's name in the domain name in case I decided to expand. Britney performed this version of Slave at the 2003 NFL event. When the flames light up around her and she's slithering around the stage. Iconic. I also recall my high school blocked the name because the system linked the two words together and automatically assumed it was a NSFW site lol. Even when I tell people now what the name is, their first reaction is like And now you know Related:
  4. BreatheHeavy turns 17-years-old today. I managed to find the first layout BH ever had. I used these photos from Britney's "Casual Fridays" photoshoot from the Britney era. They're still some of my favorite photos of her ever. This is the only Britney anything I have in my place. It reminds me of how far I've come and this journey with BH I've been on. This was the coming soon graphic up on BH before it officially launched. Anyone remember any of these?
  5. Hello yall Does anyone have a spare ATRL account? I'm looking for an account on ATRLbut it seems they'll most likely never open up registrations but probably they did but my stupid self choose to not check if they did So any?
  6. Last year, Exhale was having its biggest boom since 2018 but nowadays it feels so dull...I mean like... Exhales server caught fire lately thus leading to it being shut down for a few days akin it's own stock market crash moment Iconic users like @Iconic 4 U and @ColdAsFire88 left Exhale The amount of general visitors and online exhalers has been falling down since this year has started Slayer's Britney album megarates are over, and didnt the last one like have only a few visitors (relevant to my last point) It has been stagnant around 65k something users Not many threads nowadays are crossing over a 100 replies which connects to my 3rd point I have entered my first flop era AKA Blackout2006 Jean And Exhale has been feeling so dry lately Thoughts exhale?
  7. After declaring to the world that they were non-binary, Britney Spears fan, Courtney Stodden is taking over the music industry with their new certified bop, “Pleasure” — and OK! exclusively chatted with the model and obtained behind-the-scenes photos of the **** music video before its release on May 6. “They/them/theirs,” Stodden wrote alongside a selfie on Tuesday April 13, sharing their new pronouns. “I don't identify as she or her. I’ve never felt like I ever fit in anywhere. I was bullied horribly in school because I was different. The other girls never understood me. It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school. And still, I don’t fit in. I never really connected with anyone my age.” Now, Stodden is owning who they are and ready to show the world. “I wanted the video to tell a story of who I’m becoming and I wanted to shine a light on that,” they exclusively dish to OK!. “The song is very seductive and upbeat so it was important for me to create a visual where I represented someone in power,” they say. “Cause I feel like for so long I’ve just been obviously under the thumb of men, really, especially Hollywood men.” Stodden made headlines in 2011 when they married actor Doug Hutchison — when they were only 16 years old and the Green Mile star was 50. Despite Stodden and Hutchison’s nearly 35-year age gap, it was the blonde bombshell’s aesthetic and quest for reality TV fame that people ridiculed them for, with Hutchison seemingly getting a pass in the media. The influencer took their toxic relationship with their ex-husband as well as the ridicule they endured and used it as fuel to drive their art. Although Stodden doesn’t identify with any specific gender, they still own their femininity in their new music and accompanying music video. “I just wanted to definitely still have a **** video and a **** fun song, but something where I just felt like very high-fem and still in charge,” they tell OK!. “I’ve always wanted to create music and present myself as who I feel like I am, which is high-fem and definitely take charge and just create, they add. “Music is an outlet for me.” “For me I’m gender fluid and I don’t feel like I’m exclusive to either gender and just cause I don’t look a certain way, I wear lipstick doesn’t mean I can’t wear the pants too,” they dish. “That’s something that I’m starting to feel more confident in expressing because also I’m kind of free now, I feel more free in my life and I’m taking charge.” source: https://okmagazine.com/p/courtney-stodden-song-pleasure-behind-the-scenes-photos/ **give her, her flowers @jordanmillerrr @Slayer @CrazyButItFeelsAllright mainpage plz+ #FreeBritney
  8. Salut, Exhale! BreatheHeavy a été présenté dans Nylon France. Notre entretien ensemble a duré une heure, mais seule une petite partie de la conversation en a fait l'histoire finale. Hé, c'est toujours assez cool. Découvrez-le ci-dessous: Lisez l'article complet ici. English Translation: Hi Exhale! BreatheHeavy was featured in Nylon France. Our interview together was an hour long, but only a little portion of the conversation made it into the final story. Hey, it's still pretty cool. Check it out below: Read the full article here.
  9. Hi guys, sorry #BreatheHeavy was down. The data center where our server was literally caught fire and destroyed our server. We’ve moved to a new server. All is well again 😅🌸🌷🌹 Please post new topics from the last several days and we’ll get to work on featuring them onto the homepage! 🙏❤️
  10. Today April 7th is @Jordan Miller birthday, so I would like to ask you guys to join me in wishing him an amazing Happy B-Day. Thanks J for making Exhale such a special place for us and for all the work you put in so we can have a great experience, you are very inspiring so Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one and may everything you desire become a reality. I had Gaga record this just for you
  11. BreatheHeavy was down for three days because of a fire that broke out our data center. The server was destroyed, but fortunately I pay for daily backups of the entire site in case something unforeseeable (like a mf fire apparently) happens. Thank the lord, otherwise we would have lost everything. I made a video about this cause I was that bummed out. Then two hours later BH came back online.
  12. In the chronicles of Britney Spears. A Facebook group. They shared the whole Kim petras post. And I quote They slammed @Jordan Miller saying he's a **** head who stans gaga, but poses as a Britney fan. They still remember the whole apple pie rumors.
  13. This Billboard article made a timeline on how #FreeBritney started, it's progress, how far it went, and why it's still going on loud and strong. Here's what they said about BreatheHeavy: Congrats, @Jordan Miller!
  14. I think the biggest thing I love is talking with like-minded people over our mutual love for Miss Britney Spears It's not easy to bump into people in real life who stan the same artist! It's nice we have a community from all over the world and we can all come together and talk about Britney and all other topics, stemming from pop culture, world news and our own lives! Also, I LOVE how we can gather together and spread awareness and are helping the #FreeBritney movement and potentially helping Britney get her freedom, or steps closer to obtaining that. Thanks @Jordan Miller for creating such a great site, which is especially important in times like this, providing escapism from the horrible things going on in the world and maybe even our own lives? I've been visiting for over 14 years and I still keep coming back I'm officially hooked to Exhale again I'm loving seeing this place grow and becoming even more active! I've recently had the opportunity to speak to more people again from my Megarates, and there are so many great people here who make this place enjoyable! The past year and a half has reminded me how LOYAL the fanbase is and I love to see it! I don't know what's come over me but hey we may have different opinions about things but we're all here because we all have the same shared interest, Britney. Let's try and be kinder to each other What are YOUR favourite things about this place?
  15. Hey Exhale! My best friend @joserodrigo_ and I worked together on creating BreatheHeavy face masks. Are you interested in getting one?! How could a brand named BreatheHeavy NOT make face masks For real though, face masks are scientifically proven to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. It's our hope that when you wear a BreatheHeavy face mask, you know you're representing a brand with 16 years of important herstory. We wanted to create a design that you could wear no matter the occasion. They are... 100% cotton Navy blue (to match Exhale) Include an insert for a filter Have adjustable ear pieces Gender neutral The masks are $15 (including tax) plus shipping. BTW if you saw this on my Instagram last week, I didn't post about them here because I felt like it wasn't a good time considering everything going on with the #FreeBritney movement. We'd love to hear from you first before they officially go on sale. Your guys' input is super important 🙏 Sound off! Jordan
  16. Hey Y'all ... 💁 So I was drinkin ... 🍸 I was also thinkin ... 🤔 😂 We should have BreatheHeavy 💌 Dating App 💌 made! According to how popular this website think how fabulous would be to have an app with all these sweet / opinionated / devastatingly hot people in here ... 😆 Jordan Miller, what do you think about that hun?! 😏 Not only a good investment, but as Beyonce said "leave my mark so everyone will know, I was here" ... Not that they don't know about ya 😝 but you know what I mean ... 😜🙃
  17. I made this under ¨Britney Spears¨ because any other category would be blasphemous for this post. WHERE MY OG's AT?! I have no clue how I ran across this site, to be honest. It was FOREVER ago, when I was still a child who was mesmerized by Britney´s dance moves. I mean, come on: (Britney doesn't learn the choreographies, the choreographies learn Britney) And I had always dreamt of being a dancer, but decided I wasn't good enough having barely tried. But anyways, forgive my sad little story This is about our beloved Breatheheavy! That helped me feel like I belonged somewhere despite being a gay man born in a woman's body. And about all the awesome people in this community! And of course, our benevolent overlord Jordan, who opened the gates for Exhalers to create their own posts. The posts are now just an extra large version of the comments section which never fails to crack me up, specially with their flawless usage of GIFs). Mental note: start a best Exhale comments thread (with categories like my personal fave: BURRRNN) Ohhh well this has been cheesy enough. But whatever, love y'all virtual friends from around the world, thank you for all these years! ps1: You've never seen me cause I've always operated from the dark until Jordan forced me to create an account. ps2: global Breatheheavy party? agh the timing might not be right though
  18. Yes you guys are Britney die hards on both ends. But I have come across two huge things. Unlike the readers and the commenters. You guys just love music period with Britney being #1 to a majority of u. You guys embraced what Jordan Miller did. While the commenters feel like he sold out.. Second of all. You guys like Beyonce and respect her. While the commenters hate her and want her banned from Breathe heavy. @JordanMiller kudos boo on actually rising above the critics. Love ya. @Roxxy you make me laugh. You guys definitely made this stay at home order better. Thank you.
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