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  1. Evolution. Loneliness. Love. JayTawndré is back. 'Uncovered' Part II out now ✨ Tracklist 1. Scared to Breathe You In 2. Ocean View 3. Shooting Star 4. Free Your Mind 5. Pink Mustang 6. We Need Love 7. JayTawndré Suxx I worked hard! 🤙 xoxo JayTawndré ✨ stop being stiff and move your ******* body girls and boys! Let's go 👯‍♂️!! I'm back *****, n ain't sorry! @SlayOut @GlitterRain @princessmimi @Groundbreaking @Henricus @Style. @BritneyGXKB2 @pancake @Barbie @Buffie. @RebellionSparkles @TommyX. @Rik vs Exhale @agustinmalandra 💗 @Slayer @rennen2.0
  2. JayTawndré New podcast. New EP. December 2. Enjoy the first single of my upcoming EP 'Uncovered' titled 'Come and Get Me' The vibe of my new song is very underground. I try to keep that underground vibe in my music. There's nothing like letting go on the dancefloor. Enjoy! xoxox JayTawndré
  3. @JayTawndre please tell us what inspired you for this new EP. The tracks sound very different to your previous productions. Fingers Crossed could really work well with Britney’s vocals on it
  4. She had a vision she knew she needed to fulfill and she's done it and is doing it. Pop music has fascinated Kim since the beginning. She knows how to create Pop melodies and she's talented and good for it. With or WITHOUT Dr. Luke. The funny **** is many other artists still work with Luke including Doja Cat and Saweetie and some rappers as well. They aren't ever brought up. Kim releases a single produced by Max Martin and Ilya and people still complain. At this point it's sounding like clear transphobia and that's not cool at all. Kim is a very talented artist who loves her ******* fans and is a real person. She knows how to do her job and people stay 'Lé Pressed' because of it Why do we continuously put women against women and bring down other artists today? It's uncalled for and needs to stop. It's toxic and not cute we can appreciate our faves without shading or demoralizing other artists and their skillset. Kim has worked 10 years to get where she is.... It's an accomplishment as a artist I said what I said 💅 JayTawndré
  5. Jay gives us an insight of the lifestyle of the rich and famous before he sneaks away to the Philippines and we can kiss his derrière: Comment, like, subscribe and share your thoughts down below! 😊
  6. I'm so excited!!!! My podcast will be on YouTube, Google and SoundCloud next month. December 2. I'm gonna talk about Pop culture, music, movies, my experience at iHeartRadio and meeting Kim Petras and much more. I'm excited for this next step y'all! I've told nobody not even my Exhale besties that I talk to outside of Exhale Thank you Exhale for everything! @Jordan Millerwould love to have you on the show! See y'all there 😉!!!
  7. I relapsed. I feel horrible. About to be homeless on the street. I've gotta be honest with you not because you think I should. I needed to do this for myself. ***** and alcohol have controlled me for 11 horrible years. I miss my mom and my dad, my aunt's and uncles they all have already died because of ***** and alcohol. It runs in my blood. I'm Native American and it's hard because my family is very wealthy and they don't see my worth or they see it but they don't care. The harsh reality is people don't care.. We gotta learn to care for ourselves. I want to say that Exhale has been the ONLY thing I've had that makes me feel seen heard and loved. Thank you for this community. You have been my family and I'm literally crying as I type this... 😔❤️❤️ God bless you all. I don't know what's gonna happen to me. I tried for six months to do good on my own but I really think I need help....I just hate rehabs and church's and programs where you are controlled and me being non -binary and gay, also an addict and struggling with depression and anxiety. I just feel judged. I just need to find my place in the world. You all help me in a way I may not say. There's some amazing people on here. I also want to apologize for any of the times I was rude to any user or out of line. Have a blessed day
  8. I'm not referring to myself in the title @Damon as third person. You proud? 'Underappreciated' 10 track EP collection of previously released content in celebration of 1 year anniversary of me releasing music is OUT NOW *****es!!! This is the beginning!!!! ✨✨✨ Bop to some of my best work 💓💓 out now. Thank you to everyone on Exhale for showing love to my music for the past year. It's because of y'all that some of my songs are over 2k views and I'm so blessed!!! This is the beginning. 💓 @Groundbreaking @Brat @Mx_Defying @Ghoulia @Steel Magnolia @RebellionSparkles @GlitterRain. @GlitterRain @rennen2.0 @PinkBarbie @BananaBoy98 @Applejack @BritneyGXKB2. @Almost Mystical. @Brit52 @TommyX @whitedove @halfdressed @devilsadvocate @zoyerabehling. @Slayer @Midnight Discuss .
  9. "2" out now. Tracklist 1. SEE IT IN MY EYES 2. DON'T CAGE ME 3. CONTAGIOUS 🕯️🕯️🕯️
  10. Vocaroo | Online voice recorder VOCA.RO Vocaroo is a quick and easy way to share voice messages over the interwebs. A song I'm writing.... The beginning stages and my vocals aren't the best in this take but I wanna share. This song I'm writing is about me. Get to know my mind and what my struggles are.... It's okay to not be ok
  11. Hey Exhale Before I share this with you I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night. Here in Las Vegas Nevada it's about 2 am and I'm not tired... can't sleep and have to get this off my chest. I thank Exhale for being my escape from a very difficult time in my life. The laughs, the tea spilled, the fellowship it makes being a Britney fan for 20 years well worth it. You all in a short period of time after returning to Exhale have a piece of my heart and I actually pray for you guys But with that being said... I made a YouTube video especially for you guys, My family and friends and Britney. I know this is a reach but after the day I've had to come home and see Britney's post finally speaking to us it was a moment for me, and I shot this video before I found out Britney's video... she is so strong and I am looking to her for strength because if she could have lived through 14 years of trauma then I definitely can overcome the last 10 years of my life... since my Mama died... I hope you all know how much I care for you all and don't give up.. we all are having hard times with the holidays here some of us have lost loved ones or are going thru life's bs but we are in it together. Blessings (please read Instagram caption and check out the message to Exhale) To Britney, Exhale and Etc. @Danielle1987 @Cinderella85 @Doja Kitten @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright(ur mentioned in video) @MikeHunt @Rik @blackoutbixxh @rennen @MikeHunt @Nickey @SlayOut @Style. @Slayer @Midnight @Justin Woodpond @princessmimi @PokemonSpears @MadonnaBritneyLove @Adriannn @Henry M. Torres @Jordan Miller @justhanging @DJBringItBack @Rik @SPEED28 @Lil-Jay @reVolution @rosenotes Current song on repeat @MissSpearsSaysSo @TommyX @gapeach704 @nwonder @jordeezy Thoughts
  12. It's Friday and I had a bad day But I'm feeling it Yeah I'm feeling so good so good What are you dancing to this weekend Exhale? What are you SIPPIN ON 😉??? What's good??. Jam out to this bop all weekend. You're welcome
  13. ***** I don't give a **** I'm a real *** ***** Talk it to ya straight I ain't a quitter 100 committed Mutha****a JayTawndré is here Breaking the ******* ceiling from da outside ✍️✍️✍️ The way I keep it movin' Just like a Jetsetter I don't give a **** I break that **** down **** your stereotypes One and only, Baby! Kiss the ring, it's worth it Talk all that **** Checking on my Gram JayTawndré is here too legit to quit it Baby now it's time to thank the haters You talk all ya want I'm so proud Keep my name in your mouth Problematic baby Supersonic attitude Launchin' comebacks on these hoes IDGAF!!! YES BABY I DO GAF
  14. I'm shook.... It's fun and very urban... 😱
  15. Exhale, I've had my highs and lows with y'all, I'm sure I ruffle feathers by my attention Heaux syndromes, but all jokes and shade aside. I am thankful for this community. Here's a message that Britney inspired me to write after processing the audio confession entry she released yesterday for all and any of you 💙 Never give up. If anyone is going thru something, you're NOT ALONE. 🌹🌹🌹
  16. I've had enough!!! Thinking of deleting my account. I can't handle the favoritism here in Exhale lately and all this politically correct nonsense. Since when was Exhale ran by Gen Z rules??? I can say what I want America is a free country. I'm a grown *** man... I can post whatever I want even if you merge threads to threads that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC!!! I don't play games..... Haters kiss it!!!! This is what happens when you **** with JayTawndré. 🍑!!! Update: THIS WAS A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS.
  17. My official first single instrumental I'm sharing!!!! I worked hard and made five different mixes of this and this is the official demo instrumental. The finalized will be heard with vocals soon Hope you like! @Markoct @Rex @If I'm Dancing @thebritmaster @Adriannn @Brat @GlitterRain @Henry Torres @Applejack @leviathan @Ghoulia @Steel Magnolia @Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho @RebellionSparkles
  18. I'm soooo excited I just got some amazing news like I cannot process it omg 😱
  19. When you hear JayTawndré I'm sure "Problematiqué" is a word that comes to mind... I'm sweet and sour I'm sticky and sweet not everyone's cup of tea... Even in my own family! With that being said, I would like to express my deepest apologies to the moderators here because that post I did was totally uncalled for and honestly I know I can be an attention seeking w**** and I take full responsibility for all my actions in life. I hope you accept my public apology 🙂 @Slayer @PokemonSpears CrazyWhenYouLikeIt, @CrazyButItFeelsAllrightand @Jordan Miller Sending nothing but good vibes and love 💞 JayTawndré
  20. My first EP titled Experiment X: Lost Files was released last October. To this day it is my most talked about EP on Exhale. It was a truly artistic expression of me as a producer, mixing weird almost haunting sounds together into a body of indie work. Well... I'm announcing Experiment X: Volume II will drop on October 14. I just released the first two songs from the independent EP, titled "Once Was Love" and "Desperadoes." Users like @Midnight, @jordeezy, @rennen2.0and @whitedoveare just a few that gave excellent reviews of the first EP. I can't wait for their thoughts. Enjoy! Related
  21. Soooo excited... Pix and footage ..... I'm in a Big *** mansion 😲 and it's in the Hollywood Hills.... So beautiful out here Like I told you guys, I'm pursuing my career and will do whatever interviews, video shoots, networking or whatever it takes to get my brand heard. He is soooo gorgeous. He's from France. His name is Mael Mayet. Follow him on Instagram @MaelMayet
  22. Welcome JayTawndré "BAD DREAMS" EP of the ******* Summer Tracklist Bad Dreams Straight as an Arrow Birthday KING Make You Wanna (Scream) And the first single previously released "Make You Wanna (Scream)" Come back to this thread on July 29 for my new Dance Rehearsal video for the second single "Bad Dreams" after a four+ month hiatus. Please share your thoughts. This is a very high energy EP. I want to know all the tea! Good and constructive. Thoughts? JayTawndré
  23. prayers I find a new one ASAP 🙏🥺
  24. I released the new Exhale hit Make You Wanna (Scream) this week which is topping the charts. I am back. Now I'm dropping a unreleased bop from last year. Goes with the comeback of house and disco. Dance on my "Bass Rocket" guys! This was exclusively dropped on my unreleased/alternate YouTube titled The Boujié King. My alter ego! Follow my second YouTube today for new and upcoming content. https://youtube.com/channel/UCwWSGwwBwRZOduhPfwsK_Ew Love, JayTawndré 🐎
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