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Opinion: Beyoncè is the most overrated artist of all-time, a hypocrite, and deserves to be called out

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I really don't understand why start conversations that lower other singers? I personally don't listen to her music but there is no denying that this woman is talented and a smart businesswoman with a team that knows how to promote her properly..

You don't like her? don't listen to her songs! but shouldn't belittle her.... Or any other singer.

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It’s annoying how the media will tear every female artist down except Beyonce. I think that’s where most of the “hate” comes from. It’s kind of a jealousy of how Beyonce get’s treated. Instead of tearing Beyonce down we should aim to not tear any woman down at all. 

But that’s just my take. 

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1 hour ago, mythology said:

Also lmfao at the OP writing a **** essay dedicated to hating on Beyoncé. The only thing more sad than him/her/it are the losers that agree with them. Stay pressed!:haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

A typical day in life of a Beyoncé hater, lbr she was probably bopping to “BMS” while typing this




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2 hours ago, GODNA IS A QUEEN said:

I’ve never seen such a fanbase like the Britney Army be so hostile and bitter towards another artist. Very odd behavior.

....huh? Does Katy Perry ring a bell to you? Here, that name is like unleashing an atomic bomb. Beyoncé just tickles the Britney Army in comparison.

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No doubt she is overrated.

She had 2 great songs on her first solo album, both of them sampled, and after that she never reached the same level musically IMO
On stage she has presence but is completely predictable.

She's not a bad artist, but she's a long way from being this millennial artist she sells.

The most interesting thing she did after her debut was 2013's Self titled and Beychella which is basically a refinement of everything she had done before.

Her discography is one of the least interesting among her peers from the 2000s :smokney_britney_smoke_cigarette_chaotic_2004_exhale_blow:

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I think this entire thread kinda clarifies it; people are close minded af and don't even bother to address direct questions and issues. They show you their tongue like toddlers, without any type of logical exchange.

Anyways, I agree with the fact that she is a copycat. I agree also with the issue that her moral stances are absolutely contradictory. Having said that, she can still out-sing 9 out of 10 singers and she seems hard working. One thing doesn't oppose the other. Is she way over her head? Yes. 

About the contradictions on her pseudo activism, they are spiteful, but nothing new, most celebrities are like that. I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio cares so much for the enviroment, that he travels everywhere through private jet. Brad Pitt cares so much about New Orleanss' people who lost their homes in Katrina, that he financed a horrible project that left them with dangerous homes, when he realized and after he got his front page article on 5 magazines for being the secon coming of Christ, he dropped out under tha water. I could  go on and on on celebrity "activism". Most of it is a tax write off and pure PR. The posts in this thread show you why celebs don't care about being blatantly cynical about it, cause there will always be some idiot defending the indefensible, cause you are famous and hot and OMG you are pressed and jealous and why do you question the king/ queen?

Anyways, I still think she is very talented and hard working and yes, Lemonade is a masterpiece imo and Coachella was a musical feat, for sure. Too bad she also strips songwriters off their rights and credits, just to earn a reputation as a songwriter.  Other than that, I guess she is perfect. 

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3 hours ago, mythology said:

They’re also pressed at Floptina and Lady Gaga.  Basically anyone talented.  I wonder why…?:riha_rihanna_cackle_laughing_lol_haha_hehe_lmao_hand:

What? Lady Gaga is one of the most successful artists in this generation. She literally won an Oscar. No one is pressed about her here at all. 

But music and artistry is 100% subjective. Who are you to judge anyone on their preferences?

In my subjective opinion Beyoncé sucks. She’s cool and I don’t mind her. But she is very overrated. Her music is kinda terrible, she has a couple good songs. Most people do believe her music isn’t good. She’s not popular in Europe at all. That’s a fact. I’m European and I’m there every summer. 

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I think Mili Vanili was a bigger scam but I was all hyped for some heels run the world realness and the new track sounds like Work ***** badly mixed with some classic Freida.  I feel like she times this for Pride month. I have come to expect very aggressive dance from both of these artists, I'm disappointed Freida didn't cameo and Bey was not giving the big stadium performance vibes, and it was an add for her overhyped Adidas colab.  If you have ever seen Freida live she brings the energy, yelling at people to "bend it over hands on the wall" etc. 

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I will never understand how a whole grown adult can get so upset about somebody making music. Everybody has their own music taste and opinions and all of that, but I think it’s very sad (and tiring for your own mental health) to worry so much about trying to prove why somebody is not as great as they seem. That’s a 14 years old fan kinda attitude if you ask me.

Just enjoy and focus on the music and performances that you love, you will be happier. At the end of the day we are talking about insanely rich people whose bigger problem is wether to wear gucci or prada, it’s not like their having a bad life (there’re obviously exceptions like what happened to britney).

I’m not trying to sound rude, sorry if it sounds like it, english is not my first language.

But that’s it, focus on what brings you joy and try not to compare different artists and music.

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