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  1. If those fetuses could speak they'd be like "mom you're taking all the air I can't br---"
  2. Can you all chill and watch this for 15 minutes? She explains it all: She's been focusing on being a mom. And she had writer's block. And now she's super happy that she got over that (with the help of Drake, for which she seems SUPER grateful). I loved watching that. She's real. I prefer this kind of artist: honest, with struggles, busy with life (and not just work), rather than robot-acting like Beyoncé. And I'm a new Barb (since Pink Friday) so this kind of release opens a new world for me, so I actually appreciate it.
  3. That's a beautiful post, thanks for sharing! As a Britney mega stan myself as well, I can drag Xtina till no end BUT she was Britney's only competition (or shadow, however you wanna see it) at the time, and that's a tough spot to be in, so deep inside I respect her for that. And she's become a great artist and woman over the years. So don't be so mean.
  4. THE NANNY OMG. HER OUTFITS ALONE But the new generations need to stop with this cultural cleansing... Whatever was made before was a reflection of that period of time, and so it is valuable exactly for that. I understand the need and value of reviewing and criticising to become better societies, but erasing whatever was made before is DANGEROUS because those cultural products are a testament of how awful people were back then (and it wasn't that long ago either...), and then we wouldn't even have anything to compare the present with, or things to teach NOT to do. If societies erase their past, they are actually doing good on the bad people. Make them accountable, but for that you need the proof. And also, it's not like we weren't able to be critical of all that back then either... This philosophy that people chew and ear whatever is fed is narrowed and condescending. I was present at the time of Friends and not everything that was said or done I agreed with, yet I still enjoyed the good. YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO BE MORE TOLERANT TOO. You can be super woke but you'll still have to live with stupid people. That's life. Dream your future society, that's commendable of course, but you need actual persons in that society, otherwise you'll be alone in that beautiful pristine perfect world.
  5. Them walking together in slow motion and THEN A GUY APPEARING IN THE BACK, SO DISTRACTING, and omg they kept that footage and now it's the trailer, a mess
  6. What's the premise for this? I've heard this mentioned so much but no one said WHAT it is about? I mean it's obviously a reunion, but what's the format? Are they sitting down while being interviewed? And what is GAGA doing there?? I bet she'll be like "Friends is the show that MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY, I AM A PERFORMER BECAUSE OF FRIENDS, I OWE THE SHOW MY PAST, MY PRESENT AND MY FUTURE"
  7. Isn't Michelle Branch a "guitar only" type of singer? I don't see her with Timbaland... And this song sounds OK but you can tell it's not her vibe.
  8. The name... I can't believe they haven't called the band "Girl Band" and their albums "Pop Album 1", "Pop Album 2"...
  9. I love the video! But the song is mid-tempo so it won't be a hit... The same happened with PCD's "React". Those are songs that I absolutely LOVE, but that the GP does not care about.
  10. Honestly? This is when I started seeing her as a real actress, she's actually really good! I wish she had kept working on this part of entertainment as a side thing...
  11. I hate that she takes herself so seriously... I follow her since Revival, but she already has three studio albums as a solo artist. But if she does indeed want to acknowledge only Revival and Rare, then... THIS. (plus her Spanish EP called "Revelación") Otherwise I'll consider all this a mess. PS: now if she calls the new album "Reborn" I'll burn everything.
  12. WHAT A SHOWWWWWW!! That was amazing! Everything on point!! That stage omg...
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