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  1. Performing for Cher at 17 like it's nobody's business... Where she got such confidence from such a young age, I will never understand.
  2. OK there's a lot to unpack here... This article is from April 19, 2021, and the data was collected in February 2021. It was written by Justin Rampono from S Money, "a money exchange service which allows customers to buy foreign currency online at the very best exchange rates". >>> SOURCE You'll have to go to the source to see the full thing and read the details, but here are some extracts: - The most valuable song in the world is Ed Sheeran’s "Shape of You", with Spotify earnings of $13,347,665 US Dollars (USD). It's also the most-streamed Spotify song of all time (and the most-streamed song in eight countries). - The most-streamed song in a single country is Post Malone’s "rockstar", which has played 715 million times in the US. - Spotify users dig international hip hop: The top songs from 24 countries belong to this genre. TOP TEN Most Valuable Songs: 1 - "Shape of You", by Ed Sheeran (United Kingdom) - Spotify streams worldwide: 2,724,013,193 // Earnings worldwide: $ 13,347,665 2 - "rockstar" (feat. 21 Savage), by Post Malone (United States of America) - Spotify streams worldwide: 2,124,372,156 // Earnings worldwide: $ 10,409,424 3 - "Dance Monkey", by Tones And I (Australia) - Spotify streams worldwide: 2,101,828,534 // Earnings worldwide: $ 10,298,960 4 - "God's Plan", by Drake (Canada) - Spotify streams worldwide: 1,695,958,873 // Earnings worldwide: $ 8,310,198 5 - "Faded", by Alan Walker (Norway) - Spotify streams worldwide: 1,350,560,280 // Earnings worldwide: $ 6,617,745 6 - "Wake Me Up", by Avicci (Sweden) - Spotify streams worldwide: 1,227,990,897 // Earnings worldwide: $ 6,017,155 7 - "7 Years", by Lukas Graham (Denmark) - Spotify streams worldwide: 1,201,787,625 // Earnings worldwide: $ 5,888,759 8 - "In My Mind", by Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino (Lithuania) - Spotify streams worldwide: 962,677,266 // Earnings worldwide: $ 4,717,119 9 - "Criminal", by Natti Natasha & Ozuna (Dominican Republic) - Spotify streams worldwide: 652,964,683 // Earnings worldwide: $ 3,199,527 10 - "Adán y Eva", by Paulo Londra (Argentina) - Spotify streams worldwide: 627,517,660 // Earnings worldwide: $ 3,074,837 >>> THIS GUY IS FROM MY HOMETOWN!!! And he appears in this amaaaaazing song by Ed Sheeran: PS: BRITNEY PLAYS IN MY MIND RENT FREE, WHERE ARE THOSE STREAMS B/TCH I CAN'T SEE THEM
  3. ...while promoting her "Sliving" t-shirt. I think she actually wants us all to be poor because she plans to take all our money, as if she didn't have enough already. Queen of Coins.
  4. Ew at your energy. She's doing amazing. She is amazing. This era is fantastic so far, she's got so much to offer: a great voice, amazing looks, an actual personality, and a kind heart. Oh and she's funny. And she loves the gays and feeds them well. Seriously, get your ish together Exhale! You're paying her dust.
  5. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! ...but this is so not happening. They could not make an album, they won't do a movie.
  6. I think it's about to be, if it isn't already: https://youtu.be/Cvofj7K_5Iw It's definitely a fan favorite though.
  7. She's actually a very good singer...
  8. THE SAILOR guy from Vengaboys, now that one I like!!
  9. Eww no.... I mean they are alright, I'm sure they're good guys and fun to be around, but I don't get any s/xual energy from them at all. But don't worry, I HAVE A WEIRD TASTE: I like boyish faces with a manly bod... Oh, and a small mouth/lips (that's a must). And I think I kinda prefer guys with darker skin... (example: www.instagram.com/jamesrolleston/ > OMG. I DIE. I DIEEEE He's not even gay, what's wrong with me!)
  10. OooOoOOooOhh thanks for this... I like this kind of music because I was a kid when it came out haha They are definitely gay... I don't find the guys hot at all though?? I didn't know the name of the song nor that it was by them, but "Around the World" is a certified bop for sure! I reeeeeally like "Why Oh Why" though, both song and video (obvious "Stronger" reference, and others... I tried to google some more information about it, like who directed the video and when it was released, but I couldn't find anything)
  11. That's a very European song to release... Not sure it would work in the US.
  12. If you ever want to be a bottom 100% and happen to be in Córdoba... Call me
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