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  1. Does he deserve a pat on the back for saying something literally 99% of the population agrees with? Wow how "brave" of him.
  2. This is actually one of her best performances of the past decade..
  3. Just another hypocritical virtue-signaller jumping on the bandwagon to make himself seem more "virtuous".
  4. This is actually the best description of her Ive seen anyone come up with so far. "Shake It Off" is the opposite of what she actually does.
  5. Adam Streisand please. He'll come ready with reciepts from the very beginning of the conservatorship.
  6. Unfortunately he is incredibly far off in this take. Like seriously far off... he does not have all the information. But credit where credit is due-the news site he started called DailyWire has written some pro-Britney and pro-Free-Britney articles when reporting about her.
  7. No... nearly all of the right leaning users have been viciously chased off by now.
  8. Sure.... so 9 unarmed black men in the course of a year = almost daily? 🤦‍♂️ This was a decision by the *supreme court of France*, not just "some judge". Shameful to the extreme and very indicitive of how "seriously" justice is taken in France.
  9. Umm.... an elderly Jewish woman in France was brutally tortured and then thrown off her balcony to her death in France by an Islamic terrorist as he yelled "Allahu akbar"... and the French justice system decided that he couldnt be put on trial because he was under the influence of grass when he murdered her... 🤦‍♂️ But sure.... "justice in Europe"...
  10. If the statement about her planning to retire were true, wouldnt he know that such an announcement is Britney's alone to make? The fact that this consideration was not taken into account is proof that the statement is bogus.
  11. YES YES YES!!!! There will be NO way back for team con if she makes a public testimony in front of the US CONGRESS. I cannot imagine a better move for her.
  12. What about the petition to terminate that was filed like two weeks ago and returned because they didnt pay the legal fee? Safe to assume they paid the fee by now and resubmitted no?
  13. I think we need some more high profile celebs to speak out about this... This needs to constantly be echod in the news cycle and the public eye the same way #MeToo and the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were.
  14. Shes just playing it smart. The only way to get Ingham to cooperate with her is to develop a bond with him. I do believe the minute she gets the chance, she will let him have it as well.
  15. Literal goosebumps from how she confirmed every single theory and rumor we had regarding the conservatorship. Britney may not know it, but she made history yesterday. I predict she will eventually be more known for some of the statements she made during the hearing than for her 2007 breakdown. Nothing will ever be the same. She literally just obliterated the entire entertainment industry and the way its run... this will have a similar impact to #MeToo. Theres also no way conservatorships in America will continue to be run the same way theyve been run from here on out. This is a civil rights issue that will snowball into government decisions and/or higher courts. I havent yet fully digested how immeasurably impactful her statement was... to herself, to the industry, to the world... confirming a conspiracy, exposing a cabal of evil business people... this is SO HUGE!
  16. I just hope Miley doesnt take Britneys shade towards her too personally...
  17. Considering how every single other one of our theories turned out to be true, its safe to say she has no control over her social media.
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