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  1. Strange indeed. I found if very tastefully done. But yeah, I believe the rumor. I work in SEO, it is really easy to buy articles. Even in popular media.
  2. We have different history. We’ve learned that we need to forgive and move on. I do hope Americans will learn this some day. I think it will make the world a better place. <3
  3. I hope he doesn’t truly believe this and is just trying to protect his mom at all costs.
  4. I wonder if he’s threatening with investigations in order to push for a deal. Britney’s freedom in exchange for no criminal charges. Maybe i’ve been watching too much Suits lol Hope there is an investigation though.
  5. I think it’s because the fans are mostly young. They think they can buy respect with charts and awards. It’s sad, because of stuff like this most people will never take it seriously.
  6. Do you guys think the case is being sealed in exchange for not fighting back the termination? Hoping for the best.
  7. I think acting ability and looks should be the only qualifications to judge actors by. Brining identity into it would only limit things for everyone. Besides the reason they are actors is to play someone else/not themselves right?
  8. I wonder if people who react in a bad way to a statement like this think of themselves as better people. Cuz I think you are part of the problem.
  9. I’ve always wondered about this. When they talk black and white people. Do they mean all people or just black and white Americans. I am considered white but we don’t have this history in my country. So I never know how to feel about these things when white or black is being brought up.
  10. I don’t like how everything in retrospect is always homophobia or transphobia. Back then it was just when you act too different from the norm you would not be taken seriously. You didn’t have to be gay or trans for that.
  11. I don’t get. A while age people would complain when there is only junk at the counter. Now they complain when there is only “healthy” options. feel bad for store owners. You can’t ever win.
  12. Britney single handedly bringing the left and right together. Uniting Americans. But in all seriousness, this sounds like amazing news.
  13. I’m not American so I can’t really speak on this so don’t take take my pov too serious bc I don’t know what I’m actually talking about xD To me it seems that people who use the word really don’t understand what it means. They might know but they don’t understand. I refuse to believe that so many people are actually racist. Personally I don’t think people should lose their career over something they don’t understand and thus don’t really mean. Intention matters to me. I don’t know the singer btw and I did not see the video.
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