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  1. I see where people are coming from with this opinion but I don’t necessarily believe it was the song/video/injury that lead an end to “primeney”. Obviously the injury didn’t help anything. But from what I remember (as a fan at the time) and from what I’ve gathered over the years, she was just exhausted and done with it all. She didn’t take a proper vacation for years, even after “Britney” and before ITZ she said she would but went back into the studio within 8 months. During Britney & Kevin:Chaotic she even revealed herself that she was getting tired of the same life and schedule over and over again, and that she was dying to get married and have babies. She conquered the music business by that point and wanted an extended break to gain influence and direction. The injury was just an excuse to do all of that and take a deserved break. During her break l remember her even saying in an interview right after the birth of Sean Preston: (I’m paraphrasing): “I’m gonna take a break and let the other over-exposed blondes have their time in the tabloids/spotlight” Behind the scenes my opinion is that she wanted more creative control over her career and was feeling very rebellious. Hence the release of Mona Lisa and the rebellion snippet. I think that’s when this turmoil between her, her team and eventually her father stemmed from. Then all that subsequently happened was just her continuing to rebel her team retaliating with the conservatorship. In terms of dancing I 100% believe she can still dance the way she used too. I think she doesn’t want too because for the last few years she has been forced and she’s not inspired anymore since they’ve taken that freedom from her.
  2. Acts and bills in congress are by their nature vague. They quite literally can’t be specific as they are needed to be interpreted for a variety of different situations that might arise in the future. That’s literally the only way they’ll be passed
  3. This is a marketing ploy. Look at his latest IG post. This is the storyline for his next video/single with Jack Harlow. You’re right he wouldn’t go too jail for this. Nike is suing for money. If nothing else Lil Nax X is very cleaver/smart with his marketing. Bravo 👏 https://www.instagram.com/p/CRg54VBNNuP/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. From what I remember everyone was just really excited to get new music, whether it was on the final album or not. There were some who wanted a more raw/less filtered album with her raw voice. But in all honesty everyone was the most intrigued by and more interested and loved the the dark and mysterious vibe of the album. Because she was basically dark and mysterious at the time in real life. From what I remember it was one of her most well rounded and most well-praised album to date. The only thing I remember being upset about is that Hot as Ice was originally titled Cold as Fire.
  5. I'm surprised at these comments tbh. I guess it depends where you were at the time. I was in high school in Canada and it was literally everywhere. Every TV music station (MuchMusic, etc..) on the radio, Gimme More & Piece of Me were playing constantly, especially on the nightly charts - it was forever in the top 3 since they were user voted. In my high school they used to play the songs during lunch over the speakers so the whole school literally listened to a lot of the album, not just singles for weeks, I remember them playing Piece of Me the most, everyone in the school liked that song (even jocks, goth, nerds, etc..). It wasn't a smash success like OIDIA or BOMT but it was one of her big releases. In my opinion the controversy made the album more popular with the GP around me. Everyone knew she had an album out, I remember kids in high school praising the Gimme More video and actually buying the album. The hype over the demo's were huge on the pop music forums. So I guess it really does depend on where you were at the time.
  6. I guess no one here has seen The Human Centipede? Don’t watch it.. but trust me one of the most disturbing movies ever made... and it has 2 sequels!
  7. it’s not an ideology it’s reality.. there is no objective truth to it. Religion is a belief yes, but we live in reality. What I’m saying isn’t a belief it’s a fact. There is no proof religion exists. You can believe in whatever you want, that’s great for your personal/mental health, it may be real to you but doesn’t make it reality. And to answer your second point, it’s simple. It’s called “marketing”, he knows people like you are going to react, just like every other musician in history knows how the audience is going to react when they do something. People have been using satanic imagery to sell music for decades. It’s not complicated, it’s science. Psychology to be exact. There are teams of marketing people that know exactly how we are going to react to things. Humans are simple creatures. Nothing is by chance, it’s all preconceived. I’m just saying there’s no need to be disgusted by something that really doesn’t affect anyone in anyway. There’s millions of other things going on in the world than a musician trying to sell music. Anyway, peace and love.
  8. You all do realize that religion doesn’t exist right ? There’s nothing “dark” about it.. I don’t even understand what that means tbh. Either way it was a cool performance. Something we haven’t seen from a male artist. 7/10
  9. He’s bi, its been revealed many times. And it’s obvious, anyone with 2 eyes can tell he’s clearly bi***ual.. look at his statements, concerts, mannerisms, relationships...etc.. Marketing is a part of the career, you only market what your comfortable with.
  10. I don't really care about the convo going on in this thread, but you do realize you're the SJW here right...? Just pointing out the irony LOL.
  11. What? I don't understand the correlation. Anyway, I'm just stating the facts of the matter. Nothing else.
  12. Well, that's just not true. We know nothing 100%, not even 50%. We weren't there, the courts have a different opinion and everything your stating is just that, an opinion. So I understand you have a very strong opinion about this, but repeating that he's guilty over and over again will not make it true. We are outside observers, we know literally nothing about MJ's life, circumstances or the people in it. Documentaries created for the media and other people's anecdotal evidence is not fact and wouldn't be accepted in a court of law. So let the dead man be dead, all we're doing is beating a *dead* horse. The only "fact" we know right now is that they threw out this man's case and they've thrown out countless others, beyond that it just guess-work and opinion. I don't care what happened 20 years ago, it's none of our business and really, what does it change? Nothing. Let's celebrate the living and things happening in this decade, shall we?
  13. Lol the people in this thread calling it "disgusting" from their parents basement, while the onlyfans people are buying mansions at 20. Who cares what other people do. Everyone used to send their n*des for free...at least someone is paying you for it now. All the power to them.
  14. No worries! I appreciate a good conversation about a topic, I’m glad that you are engaging respectfully and thoughtfully! So thank-you as well! And yes I do agree with everything you’re saying. It does physically affect your brain, and you’re right it’s not as immediate as other drugs/substances. Those studies and what we’re talking about is about chronic users, which I will admit are “abusing” the substance (as I was one of them as well). And yes it does affect dopamine receptors and a lot of “happy” chemicals in the brain. The difference though, is that when you get off of it, it all comes back usually to 100%. While other drugs (Oxy, h***in, coke, etc..), once you get hooked on them and get off, your dopamine does not come back. Because your brain is used to the drug. I have also noticed that is also affects your REM sleep and sleep patterns specifically. Personally I’ve noticed that once you stop chronically smoking pot, your dreams come back full force. I’m really just saying that if you decide to get off pot, you have a better chance of getting back to normal vs. Other drugs. And to your last point, yes the rumour that pot is 100% not “addictive” overall is incorrect.
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