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  1. He’s bi, its been revealed many times. And it’s obvious, anyone with 2 eyes can tell he’s clearly bi***ual.. look at his statements, concerts, mannerisms, relationships...etc.. Marketing is a part of the career, you only market what your comfortable with.
  2. I don't really care about the convo going on in this thread, but you do realize you're the SJW here right...? Just pointing out the irony LOL.
  3. What? I don't understand the correlation. Anyway, I'm just stating the facts of the matter. Nothing else.
  4. Well, that's just not true. We know nothing 100%, not even 50%. We weren't there, the courts have a different opinion and everything your stating is just that, an opinion. So I understand you have a very strong opinion about this, but repeating that he's guilty over and over again will not make it true. We are outside observers, we know literally nothing about MJ's life, circumstances or the people in it. Documentaries created for the media and other people's anecdotal evidence is not fact and wouldn't be accepted in a court of law. So let the dead man be dead, all we're doing is beating a *dead* horse. The only "fact" we know right now is that they threw out this man's case and they've thrown out countless others, beyond that it just guess-work and opinion. I don't care what happened 20 years ago, it's none of our business and really, what does it change? Nothing. Let's celebrate the living and things happening in this decade, shall we?
  5. Lol the people in this thread calling it "disgusting" from their parents basement, while the onlyfans people are buying mansions at 20. Who cares what other people do. Everyone used to send their n*des for free...at least someone is paying you for it now. All the power to them.
  6. No worries! I appreciate a good conversation about a topic, I’m glad that you are engaging respectfully and thoughtfully! So thank-you as well! And yes I do agree with everything you’re saying. It does physically affect your brain, and you’re right it’s not as immediate as other drugs/substances. Those studies and what we’re talking about is about chronic users, which I will admit are “abusing” the substance (as I was one of them as well). And yes it does affect dopamine receptors and a lot of “happy” chemicals in the brain. The difference though, is that when you get off of it, it all comes back usually to 100%. While other drugs (Oxy, h***in, coke, etc..), once you get hooked on them and get off, your dopamine does not come back. Because your brain is used to the drug. I have also noticed that is also affects your REM sleep and sleep patterns specifically. Personally I’ve noticed that once you stop chronically smoking pot, your dreams come back full force. I’m really just saying that if you decide to get off pot, you have a better chance of getting back to normal vs. Other drugs. And to your last point, yes the rumour that pot is 100% not “addictive” overall is incorrect.
  7. Yes, I agree with all this. I have a Degree in Bio-psych with an emphasis on the brain and substances that affect it. I know exactly what w**d does to you. And what I said is that w**d is not addictive PHYSICALLY, and it is not. There is no withdrawal symptoms or chance of death from stopping it (vs. Alcohol). I implied that it is addictive MENTALLY - which is the addictive patterns you were talking about. And of all substances that people can self-medicate with, pot is the safest and easiest to manage. Because lets be honest, at the end of the day, people are going to self-medicate and not go somewhere to get “medical” or “professional” help. Everyone uses pot in different ways and for majority of people it is 100% OK and can be used in moderation with no issues. It effects everyone differently as well, some react more/less. Perhaps in Demi’s case w**d isn’t that bad of a drug for her and she can use it in moderation - everyone is different. If she creates a good relationship with it, than there is a big chance she will not go back to harder drugs. However, I do believe that you shouldn’t be smoking it before the age of 21 at least. 24-25 at most.
  8. No that's not true anymore. W**d and alcohol is are not "gateway" drugs as once thought. There are a lot of studies that show that people who do hard drugs *also* smoke w**d and drink alcohol but there is no proof that one leads to the other. w**d is a non-addictive (physically) substance that actually helps with anxiety and mental health (if used in moderation). So if this is helping her, than all the power to her, no one should be judged by anonymous people about the decisions they make in their own life. No one is saying that. But the "addiction" for W**d is not physical and it is actually a helpful substance if used properly.. just like everything else in life.
  9. Lol all music is subjective! So it's not really "sad" or even "good", it just...is! But I appreciate you're opinion on it.
  10. I was just stating some statistical facts, the "talent" part, is just my opinion, I'm a huge fan of his. Lol, no shady-ness meant!
  11. He's already had 4 hits, plus this one = 5 Old Town Road - 14x platinum - longest #1 in history Panini - 5x platinum - #5 Rodeo - 2x platinum Holiday - Platinum MONTERO (call me by your name) - #1 song for the last 3 weeks on all majour streaming platforms. And the song is a pure catchy BOP! Where are you getting your info from?
  12. Why is no one talking about this here? We're talking about other pop stars but ignoring that this man is one of the strongest artists in recent history. Everyone definately underestimates him and his artistry. I love his music, and he is doing great! Rockstar - Diamond certified Sunflower - 11x platinum certified Congratulations - Diamond certified Sunflower - 11x platinum and was one of the most successful songs of 2019 Circles - 5x platinum Post Malone Makes RIAA History This is the person blowing up the charts, let's stop arguing about lesser artists. Let's recognize actual talent!
  13. THIS. This was the peak so far... Is it just me or is something "off" about him currently? I don't know if it's the religious none sense or the lime disease... but where did the looks go? His face changed a lot, and so did his body... it's not as tight
  14. There's literally 1,000,000's of comments on YouTube every second... So the topic here is someone said something online? I don't understand this thread.
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