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  1. Britney always set the trends when took control with ITZ and Blackout. We were robbed of true good music. Glory was nice but it has not aged well and sounds dated.
  2. It definitely won't be for another 2-3 years max. As awful as it is, she needs to work at some point to gain all the money she was stolen from her. I hope she can get it back but $60 million is a lot but not a lot for a pop star to retire, especially with property taxes, etc.
  3. I hope the end results of Jamie abusing Britney in every way possible puts a huge stain on her career as a lawyer. She deserves to lose credibility.
  4. I firmly believe if Britney continued in film, had a great acting coach, and put in the work she would be nominated for an Oscar by now. Her scene of crying in Crossroads showed her potential.
  5. What I want to know if she got veneers around d 2014 or not. Her nose job has gotten better as it has "grown" since 2014.
  6. I try not to wish bad on people but she deserves to get fired from Netflix.
  7. Hear me out... To my knowledge, there wasn't a celebrity lingerie line. The Intimate Britney Spears Collection could have been huge had she had a better team. I remember the reviews being positive and she also had diverse sizes for all women. Now Rihanma has her line and it is relatively popular. Side note: now with what we know, do you think the line was truly her idea, or just a cash grab?
  8. Jive treated Britnet as poorly as everyone else. Britney said in an interview back in the day how the second album fell in her lap. First album: 1999 Second: 2000 Third: 2001 It is no wonder she was exhausted. Britney had to fight them to have Toxic released as the second single.
  9. I wonder if they even know the truth or if Kfed has brainwashed them. It makes me sad they probably do not have much of a relationship with Britney. Just last year Sean was saying his mom wasn't a prisoner. It's so sad. They don't even know much.
  10. She doesn't follow Lynne or any other family members. I don't get it. She shades JL but still follows her... I think Sam may be running her IG or Cassie still.
  11. She doesn't follow Lynne or any other family members. I don't get it. She shades JL but still follows her... I think Sam may be running her IG or Cassie still.
  12. I wish Controlling Britney Spears was on Netflix instead of Hulu for the broad demographic. 🥺
  13. I feel like it could have been a part of the documentary but it would have been too similar to the NYT one.
  14. I might get a lot of flack for this... But Britney never came back during Circus. The comeback was successful as a comeback financially but not for performing. I remember seeing her in 2009 in Sacramento and the production was amazing but Britnet the performer was absent. Who can blame her? She was sad and miserable. The only time -- in my opinion -- Britney came back to some extent was her performances in 2016-2017. I think she would have retired if she had her freedom sooner. I also think we would have gotten some amazing performances if she was happy and in full control. Britney is going to be 40 soon and if she does come back on her own terms it won't be until 2023, if that. I just want her to be happy.
  15. It is only a matter of time until everyone turns on each other. Lou and Jamie will turn on each other. Lou will blame Robin and Robin may push back. Edan has too much against him, especially with the flash drive. I see Prison and jail time
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