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Opinion: Beyoncè is the most overrated artist of all-time, a hypocrite, and deserves to be called out

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I’m not even a Beyoncé fan but she is music royalty like it or not .how other people react to her criticism is not her fault just like how we bark when Britney fans bark at her haters . Britney didn’t influence us to do that .

 Get a grip .

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4 minutes ago, mythology said:

Lmfaoooo!!!  I’ve never seen someone so pressed, I can’t!!!   Beyoncé stays winning and you will remain pressed and bothered:haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

Thanks for proving my point. You can only resort to things like pressed.

And you're right: Beyonce stays winning at the hands of capitalism, belittling women of color, and those who think small, like you. 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

Beyonce always gets peoples' panties in a bunch. That's one of her supa powers. No matter what she does she'll receive criticism. She tries to push herself artistically, as a business woman and as an entrepreneur. Sure, she's made some mistakes in the past, but this takedown culture (generally speaking) is not it. 

I don’t think she received the amount of criticism back in the day because other pop stars were the front of the music industry, for example Britney, and people didn’t care that much for a Beyoncé for obvious reasons. She just isn’t the Beyoncé they try to portray through her marketing campaign. 
The thing has changed now and she is receiving all this hate because she’s thrown in our faces daily. :beynah_beyonce_talking_telling_preaching:

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23 minutes ago, HisNameisChase said:

Thanks for proving my point. You can only resort to things like pressed.

And you're right: Beyonce stays winning at the hands of capitalism, belittling women of color, and those who think small, like you. 🙂

Lmfao you’re so full of hate, I can’t. Hate all you want, Queen Beyoncé stays winning and will go farther in her career than your faves.  Go cry some more:haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

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Just now, mythology said:

Same reason you attack any female artist not named Britney:cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

We are not attacking anyone. It’s a popular forum where we’re allowed to share our thoughts. This forum is mostly about Britney and Britney stans/fans, why don’t you go somewhere where you can praise Beyoncé as much as you want? :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure: 
Also, why do you feel the need to compare Beyoncé’s career to Britney’s? Beyoncé grew up in a rich family and married a rich man. On the other hand, you just compared this spoiled little brat with a trafficked woman by her family? :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure:

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55 minutes ago, HisNameisChase said:

Most people who are a fan of Beyoncè are thick with stupidity and crumble at any criticism thrown her way, but I will break this down in hopes for basic comprehension.

This TikTok, coming from a woman of color, is spot-on with the criticism of Beyoncè:

The success of Ivy Park at the hands of poor women of color... Black Lives Matter profitability... and now this upcoming recession.

It makes me mad how if a person criticizes Beyoncè, they are automatically deemed as a racist or problematic from her fans point-of-view as if people of color are not capable of being problematic like us all, or exempt from criticism? People are so quick to throw the race card.

Beyonce has literally stolen dance moves from Britney and Shakira, from older artists, copied her 2011 Billboard performance from another artist and the iconic Single Ladies dance, but whenever these criticisms are talked about, her fans say she was getting inspiration. Yet, when some other artists remotely does something similar and gets inspiration from Beyonce, her delusional fans will say they copied Beyonce. How is that fair?



I could go on with the videos, not to mention Beyonces 2006 vma performance is an exact copy of Britneys 2003 AMA

From 2003-2015 she was as mainstream as could be. She didn't start talking about BLM until she found it profitable to do so because she knew she could get money from it. Why didn't she ever talk about black-related issues or politics until Lemonade? She was literally a multi millionaire and wouldn't have suffered much backlash. 

I just find it so weird how Beyonce is so heavily praised and protected when other artists have been canceled for much less. She has bought awards and even Kanye said Beyonce wouldn't show up unless she got a particular Grammy award. Her father had huge connections in the industry, yet people want to criticize those with connections (Taylor Swift's dad comes to mind) but turn the other cheek to Beyonce. She has been in so many controversies like paying for writing credits (Irreplacable, If I Were A Boy, etc.)

My biggest question: why does Beyonce get away with copying others and stealing, yet people do not care she does? How do people not see through this? Is it because of her talents?



First, it’s not “Beyoncè” it is BEYONCÉ.

Second, I didn’t even bother to read this rant about one of most influential pop artists of the 21st century. 
Are You Serious Fed Up GIF

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