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Britney calls out Christina Aguilera and thanks Lady Gaga

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39 minutes ago, sweetkiss said:
  • I agree with Britney, theres no way she didnt know, she chose to be silent, everyone that kept being silent is a pos if they now claim 'to have always supported britney'. 

Lmaooo to everyone on this thread turning on Christina the minute they saw Britney's post. Britney could call out your mother next and you would find a way to say, Well, Britney has a point I never liked my mom anyway 😂😂  Like there's no possible way she could be mistaken. Christina has been living her own life and supported Britney on multiple occasions. Everyone on these forums knew WAY more than Christina or any celebrity. Literally no one could get near her if they tried. How TF would she know anything. 

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1 minute ago, PokemonSpears said:

after being quiet for more than two years since the #freebritney movement started, countless documentaries, and two testimonies of Britney at the court


No one was obliged to speak up about Britney, back then or now, but it would've helped a lot to spread awareness of the situation if they did when the conservatorship was still ongoing. It's much easier to come out now and be like "oh yes, I've loved her and supported her forever".

I also agree with Britney, it shouldn't have had to be a taboo in the first place, but I still believe this Xtina interview in particular wasn't the right time or place to talk about it, and Britney should know it, given she's also walked away from reporters' questions that were out of place before.


So the only thing I can guess is that given Christina has known Britney since they were kids, Britney must be assuming that Xtina has known Jamie and her relationship with him, and she should've known how wrong the entire situation was since the day he was named her conservator, and did nothing and said nothing all these years.

I agree with most of what you said but I don't believe that Britney assumes that Xtina knows Jamie and her relationship with him. 

They's been working together over 20 YEARS AGO. They had such busy lives and a busy career. PLUS Lynne was with Britney back then. Jamie didn't care and he wasn't present. 

I think this is all a misunderstanding and Britney thinks that's the only thing Xtina said, when in fact she supported Britney months ago.

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1 minute ago, Quincy G said:

I’m glad Britney did this because I was sick of hearing about Adele all day long 🤣


it's what she deserves :deserves_kim_kardashian_smirk_pink:

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1 minute ago, generation glory said:

Re-read what I said. Clearly your reading comprehension skills suck!!! I’m NOT judging her. I’m compassionate and I understand and I believe Britney does make a good point, so she has every right to speak her mind on how she feels and imo it’s ok to feel how she felt abt Xtina not wanting to talk about her ordeal.

I only said maybe Britney should step back from social media for a while BECAUSE her emotions are raw. She’s hurting and reacting to a lot of things & people, which is 100% understandable. However, if things like this is bringing her more heartache and causing her to be more upset then YES for the sake of her healing from 13 years of trauma she might wanna step back from social media temporarily. That isn’t me saying “STFU BRITNEY”. If that’s your interpretation of what I said that’s all on you!!! Work that out for yourself.

I also said she should let it all out & drag a ***** if she must, BUT, again she’s fresh out of an abusive environment and needs to adjust. I hope she’s in therapy and writing in her journal. I know she’s a prayer so I hope she’s having time with God to help her get through this time. Britney is not emotionally ready for some things which is OKAY!!! But we need to all be compassionate as she moves into independent adult life and everything that comes along with that NOW. Such as dealing with an old friend who seemingly didn’t want to discuss the topic of Britney regaining her legal rights & freedom.

It *may* be too much at times for Britney right now if she’s looking at videos or reading things like that and feeling upset and getting more agitated which won’t be helpful. Perhaps step back briefly. I’m sensitive to how she may feel which (I repeat) is justifiable!!!! It’s just not helpful LONGTERM for her healing journey. She was robbed of healing from early traumatic experiences then abused during the conservatorship. She has to start the journey to healing. Social media can **** up people who AREN’T recovering from what she is having to confront but she’s in a delicate place. It may be messy sometimes (that’s ok) but get away from all this **** when it’s messing with her and get therapy to learn how to process and cope with everything. That’s all I’m saying.

This sounds a lot like gaslighting. You are saying a lot of fancy things but you are telling Britney off and recommending she step back from social media after saying a small thing that was controversial, but justified. You are just like her brother, sister, mother, and father. Britney should say whatever she wants to say and we should all support her. That's what she needs. If you can't figure that out, that's on you.


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5 minutes ago, Forever222 said:

Christina should fire her publicist. This could have been so simple. 

Gaga is fake. But she understands the business. She took the question and answered it. 
Christina knows better. 

yes to Britney for giving us drama. What an icon. What a true celebrity. :akii_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

Dear, xtina does not live for the industry  as of 2010, when they dragged her to filth, why would she now?

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4 minutes ago, OopsOverprotected said:

Gaga didn't show ANY support whatsoever. 

Now that the conversatorship was terminated she speaks up... Xtina was vocal about it MONTHS ago.

Lady Gaga had legal ties considering her management, Christina Aguilera didn't. That's just my two cents, though. 

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3 minutes ago, gapeach704 said:

By saying “I can’t” and tapping that publicist as soon as they said Britney’s make. And then how her face looked. And then her condescending tone. Like are we watching the same video!!!?

This, this, this.  Christina obviously didn't want to answer questions about Britney and told her manager/publicist/whatever to save her from talking about that topic.  She made the fakest, least sincere face I've ever seen when asked about B. 

Britney updating to include Gaga's scripted response is really telling - there is a message here about female solidarity.  Like, support your peers and stop perpetuating the stereotype of catty b.iatches by pulling faces and making pretend apologies.  Gaga was prepared to answer the question and it made all the difference. Maybe it's not entirely genuine or heartfelt but it APPEARED to be which is what matters.  Xtina couldn't even manage a pretend apology.  

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