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  1. I only remember the black skirt yall are calling it a “mandela effect” but back in my day we called this “being a flop fan”
  2. “This is a song I wrote that I was proud of” Can you imagine a show that she would put one if she were free from her handlers? Where she picked the songs and kept her mic on for as long as she wanted? Imagine being able to hear her speak about the stories behind the songs before she performs them? We’ve been robbed of hearing her voice for so long
  3. I’m personally not weary of Sam. She’s only spoken highly of him at this point, even in court. Some people are saying “Stockholm syndrome” but that’s just so pessimistic at this point. I too am in the camp of people who think he’s only helped her. I definitely get what you mean if they continued the “all is well posts” but I think they know that they can’t play that game anymore. I think their new method of attack is to acknowledge the FreeBritney movement and to throw certain individuals under the bus to deflect from other (and honestly more important) key players in the conservatorship. but at this point only time will tel and I hope I’m wrong
  4. All due respect but I disagree. This logic makes no sense. At the end of the day we have more proof of her not running it than we do of her actually running it. At this point it’s just optimistic thinking
  5. I want to be wrong about this so bad. But my question is why would she suddenly have access to her Instagram? Some people are like “she has access now cus she has her own lawyer why would they keep it from her” …..so? Why would they give her her Instagram even if she got her own lawyer? After all was said and done do we really believe the first thing Britney is gonna do is go on rants about how people can go **** themselves if they don’t like her dancing videos? Or how much she hates her sister? Cmon now.
  6. That’s what I’m saying 👏🏼 Britney called out everyone in her testimony, yet she’s only publicly denounced two individuals vis Instagram. People are like “bUT tHIs sOuNds LikE hEr”. Yes. It sounds like her because it’s stuff she’s already said in the past. Restating things that have already been said doesnt make it it new material. This post is coming hot off the heels of a GP Jamie Lynn hate train. It seems really convenient to make them hate her even more with a post from Britney’s Instagram. I know all her managers have resigned, yet notice how Britney has only called out her FATHER and SISTER and not any of her management team, despite wishing they were ALL in jail? Where is the hate for BRYAN? something is fishy. And every time y’all post more hate for JLS you’re just feeding into the distraction
  7. Britney called out EVERYONE in court. Why hasn’t Britneys Instagram made any comments on management, whom she said also belongs in jail? These JLS hate posts are coming right off the heels of a mass GP JLS hate train. It feels so scape goat-y. Where is the blame put on Bryan?
  8. I think Miss Cassie’s newest method on Instagram is to acknowledge the FreeBritney movement directly but to use it as a way to make certain individuals scapegoats. Notice how Britney’s Instagram hasn’t called out her management team once but Britney put an equal amount of blame on them multiple times while she was in court
  9. I’m sorry but this feels so pointed. It’s gotten to the point where it now feels like a narrative is starting to be spun. I need to hear Britney confirm this is her before I even believe any of these posts. The moment she does I will come back and admit I was wrong but I just can’t believe this is her. Team Con is trying their hardest to use Jamie as a scapegoat and it now feels like Jamie Lynn is their next victim. Don’t get me wrong, both people need to be held accountable but to really only be shining light on these two individuals? Something doesn’t feel right. Britney called out EVERYONE in her testimony, yet these two family members are the only ones being called out on Instagram. Conveniently enough JLS is getting called out after she started trending and the GP is starting a hate train on her. It’s far too convenient
  10. I like SITS. matches can be deleted but **** y’all are being so mean to my song rn
  11. Random thought I had today. Do you think B will ever perform them (if she does ever perform again, that is)? She never officially acknowledged the tracks. I can see her doing a performance of SITS one day maybe. But Matches? Idk. What do you think? Yes? Or will she ignore these tracks?
  12. I liked zoey 101 growing up but just because it was a Dan Schneider show (gross in retrospect) but it was honestly my least favorite out of all the shows he made (I never watched Sam & cat, kinda outgrew Nickelodeon by then). I found it kinda awkward. I think it was the lack of a laugh track. But the opening song was a ******* banger. When she was being pushed out more as her own star in 2013 I started calling her Slaymie Lynn but genuinely didn’t check anything from her aside from her Instagram, which I found funny. I liked that she seemed “real” and relatable. It was kinda like being able to get a glimpse at Britney, who was nowhere near as active or interactive on her socials (I now know why). since then I’ve learned to call her Betraymie Lynn
  13. We should stream Brittany’s song Licky while we’re at it
  14. I think, like will.i.am, they might’ve been clueless about Britney’s situation. One thing I’ve learned about FreeBritney going mainstream is that the majority of people didn’t know her conservatorship was even a thing. They might’ve been completely oblivious to what was happening and just thought she might’ve had a really involved team/special medical needs
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