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  1. I have a feeling that David, being the diva that he is, demanded they used his cut or none of his material at all which is exactly what happened. Maybe they couldn’t get G-Eazy to film the second video, so David worked out a deal with them that they *could* use his material as long as it wasn’t recognizably from the video shoot? Or something of the sorts? Cus Britney’s hands running through his hair aren’t seen in the video right? And also with the Glory 2020 rerelease the photos were heavily modified (ie the house that she was chained to was removed and we instead got ever changing vague desert photoshopped backgrounds). This could also be why Randee was credited as the photographer for the Make Me single cover when it was actually David
  2. Same here. It might be because it sounds too raw for my liking. Maybe if it was mastered more and there were additional BGVs and different takes. But otherwise I just think it’s a really mediocre ballad
  3. Thank you!!! A previously reliable insider just gave news that there is an alternate 18 minute long cut. This is David’s version. RCA didn’t think an 18 long video would do well in the age of streaming so they asked Team Con to cut down the video so it’s more streaming friendly. This produced the cut that is currently out and leaked today. This is what started the feud with David/Team Con. He didn’t wanna compromise his work but they had to. It seems they used britney as a scapegoat and said “she didn’t like it” (unless she too didn’t like a trimmed down video?) and this is why we got the hastily put together Randee video/shoot. It didn’t seem to be about Jamie “figuring something out” like we’ve thought for a long time. That reasoning also doesn’t make much sense with the fact stuff is storyboarded/discussed like Steel Magnolia said. A disagreement about cutting down on the video between David/Team Con/RCA seems to be the most likely reason
  4. Britney didn’t really pick out the track list if I remember correctly. She got the title of EP because there was really no team behind her. IIRC an employee at Jive said she dropped a bunch of songs to them and they were the ones who picked the best from the bunch
  5. I’m pretty sure they’re closed lmao if I recall correctly by November the mural was gone and a Christmas store was in its place. It was also vandalized during the BLM protests lol
  6. That’s not true lol @PokemonSpearsyou forgot the info about the 18 minute version! David’s version was gonna be 18 minutes, but RCA thought that wouldn’t do well in the age of streaming. They asked for a shorter cut, presumably the one we have, but David didn’t want to compromise his work. From there on, it seems Team B used “Britney” as a scapegoat and said that she didn’t like his version and hastily put together the Randee version. There was no realization that Britney was speaking out. That excuse never made sense to begin with. This stuff is storyboarded, discussed and talked about heavily before filming ever takes place. That team of rednecks were too dumb to realize the deeper yet obvious meaning of the MV lol also I’m screaming at this thread I knew it was gonna be a mess the moment @Blackout2006 entered they HATE that video also who was the user comparing this video to BOMT, Crazy, and FTBOMBH why were they comparing work Britney did as a 17 year old to work she did when she was nearly 40?
  7. Lol on a day trip to LA I was like “let’s go to Britney’s house” holy ****, guys. It is so isolated. Yes she lives in a gated community but to get to it is an entire ordeal. The roads up the mountain are so steep and it’s legitimately in like the forest. It’s such a weird area. If I were rich I’d probably vibe there but....to be isolated there in such an isolating scenario. It’s chilling.
  8. I believe the BSB have said this was never intended to be a collab. We got news in 2017 that Britney was recording new material, so this must’ve been one of the things she recorded. My best guess is the BSB also recorded their vocals for the song but not with the intention of being with Britney. With the Glory re-release I think her label wanted to do a push for album sales so they just merged the two together and hoped it would gain some traction. in all honesty, despite the boycotts and everything, I feel like Matches was a huge missed opportunity. I know Britney is on a work hiatus so a MV/performance is out of the question, but they really could’ve rode the nostalgia wave with this one. It didn’t seem to be pushed to radio. It should’ve gotten the same type of single treatment as SITS (it also should’ve been the b side for the SITS vinyl single). But RCA didn’t seem to do anything with the track. Really big missed opportunity for them, but better for Britney who is refusing to work.
  9. Could project red be the Netflix doc? Just like how the fans speculate that project rose was the framing Britney Spears doc? I find the timing with this right after the JL post so funny. Honestly I feel like she and her team both post to her page and it’s both of them like trolling one another
  10. That’s what I remember. They said they were promised the track was going to appear on the album and Britney submitted the songs but they rejected all of the work. I feel like when that happened Britney was fed up and at a loss. Then the whole thing with Battle of the ***es happened with JT/Timbaland and when Timbaland vowed to never work with her she went under him and got Danja + the whole team from Shock Value to produce Blackout. She didn’t necessarily write or care what was going in the album, but she did pick who was going to work on it. Like the whole album was made out of petty revenge lol. Then again this is just my own theory. I could be wrong. This! I feel like the songs from OD era were long forgotten by the time Circus was being produced. They seemed to just have her record as many songs as she could to roll out an album as fast as they could
  11. ....that’s exactly the case lol but so many people deny it. We of course don’t have any definitive answer but this is the most likely scenario. Also, Britney kinda notoriously talks out of her *** when put on the spot in interviews. Remember when they asked who she wanted to collab with and she started naming off tons of people, even like Celine dion lmao 2005-2007 is an interesting period for Britney. She was recording a bunch of different material. From slam poetry ballads that sampled an array of genres (Rebellion with Mozart, All That She Wants with Ace of Base, Baby Boy with a song from the 60(?)), covers of Otis Redding and Elvis, a ballad about her children (Someday), to the urban inspired material that we got on Blackout. It’s definitely her most musically diverse and experimental era. But that is exactly what she was doing: experimenting. Even the Blackout demos, the ones that werent released (State of Grace, Just Yesterday, Sugarfall) don’t necessarily fit in with the overall vibe of Blackout. Even though Britney is listed as EP on Blackout, there’s been much speculation about her actual involvement on the album in recent years. There’s been stories that Britney just dropped a bunch of demos off at Jive and they were the ones who selected the final track list. Long story short, I and many others agree. Original Doll never existed and was just the very early stages of what would eventually evolve into Blackout. Fan compilations are typically Blackout, In The Zone, and Britney outtakes even though the only confirmed track for “original doll” is Mona Lisa
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