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  1. The bathtub 💀💀💀 why Britney send me your pictures I will photoshop em
  2. I don't think she's gonna perform or release anything within the next 5 years. All she wants is a normal life. A husband, house, kids and freedom.
  3. There's either termination or suspension. If it's terminated the case is over and file closed. SUSPENSION means he has to hand over all the conservatorship files and there will be an investigation. JAIL TIME
  4. I know y’all are loving and praising the Circus tour but tbh I went to her concert in Berlin back then and I was literally getting “I don’t want to be here” vibes from her. nothing compared to POM but still… You could tell Britney was not feeling it
  5. In For The Record Britney says that she had a lot of people in her life that were a bad influence. But not that we know LOU, ROBIN and her own father are the real snakes here. Who was she talking about? (Except maybe Sam Lutfi?) Do we know that?
  6. BUT that's the year when her lips started looking weird.... Her upper lip idk
  7. she looks good but the choreography is just horrible...
  8. Not even Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande? I thought they were Britney fans...
  9. I am so confused y'all. Everyone is rooting for Britney. The internet is full of #Free Britney advocates. I'm really asking myself - how do they even justify that Britney has to remain under the conservatorship? What claims do they have? I mean know that Britney told the judge how she feels - why do they keep her in this situation? I mean they are seeing that EVERYONE is supporting Britney except her team and family? Don't they see that they all just want her money? Do they really think Britney has dementia? WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS CONSERVATORSHIP? pls someone explain to me...
  10. Does anyone know WHAT DO THEY HOLD AGAINST HER? Why is the judge not believing her? I don't understand. Because her side of the story is very clear.
  11. Why did she shade Paris tho? I thought they were friends and met for dinner in summer. Paris has always been so supportive of Britney. I hope Paris isn't mad about it.
  12. Does anyone have a recording of what Britney said? I want to listen to it again!!!!
  13. Don’t get your hope too high y’all. Something is gonna happen and she won’t be part of the court hearing. they’ll tell everyone her internet didn’t work.
  14. I’ve been a fan of Britney since Oops era but I was basically a baby. When Britney had her “breakdown” in 2007 I remember people saying lots of bad things about her. But my question is: how did the general public like “Blackout”? I was too young at that time, so I don’t really know. Was it like and instant success or was it more like a grower album? I know nowadays it is considered “iconic” and “classic” - but what was it like back then?
  15. 2010-2012 is the weirdest time in Britney's life. That's when I felt that Britney was totally disconnected to her surroundings. She wasn't really present during the FF interviews and the XFactor auditions were a mess. In the live shows she seemed more "comfortable". I don't understand this entire situation. If Britney isn't fine with her being in the public eye all the time WHY can they put her in this positions? And that's the time when I noticed Britney changing. From 2010 to 2011 her face changed drastically. She had good moments tho. I feel like Britney noticed that as well and that's why she started plastic surgery in 2013. She went overboard with it in 2014 and 2015... and suddenly Britney didn't look the same anymore. Such a sad story. I hope Britney will be free by the end of this year and end this ****.
  16. Jamie Lynn Spears - Chillin Wichu 2.0 Miley Cyrus - Something To Talk About Feature I can already her Britney saying: "I love Miley's rock vibe.. i think it's cool. yes."
  17. Guys does anyone have a link for me ?? the MEGA.NZ thing doesnt work for me
  18. Britney Jean & Femme Fatale. in FF her vocals are so heavily edited - it hurts sometimes.
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