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  1. She is literally a piece of **** and nobody gives a **** about her or her book. She doesn’t have fans. She has lived off her sister her entire life and has benefited from the CON. She could have done way more to help Britney through all of this…she even had a chance to be by her side through the last few court hearings. She made her bed. Time to lay in it ****.
  2. **** this opportunist. Why give him any of the attention he craves?
  3. The media is just as vile if not worse in the UK actually and it is not illegal to be a pap over there. The UK tabloids are known for being particularly vulgar so this isn’t just a US problem.
  4. All of this!!! **** Maxi. Another opportunist getting a lot of attention off Britney’s situation. Can anyone that knows them just shut the **** up and let Britney speak when Britney is ready?! She’s finally starting to process her trauma and speak her feelings that she’s had to hide for over a decade.
  5. Why? He’s a terrible manager which is why Britney fired him twice🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. 3 more years until this dirtbag’s free ride is also over. **** Kevin.
  7. I feel so bad for Britney. Her family is literally trash and her baby sister that she was so maternal too their entire lives is one of the worst culprits of them all.
  8. He’s always been beyond but let’s not bash Britney’s man🙄 These docs are helping put GP pressure on the courts…something she has NEVER had on her side until this point. I just hope the Queen has a GREAT prenup lined up because she’s been taken advantage of far too many times by leeches especially men in her life. That’s all I’m going to say about that🤐
  9. Drew is such a sweet soul. Would love her to pal around with Britney (if Britney wanted too) when she’s free.
  10. Y’all this is why we need to start digging in on Larry. This piece of **** scumbag has flown under the radar the entire Free Britney movement. Let’s get him too ladies!!!
  11. I can’t believe so many of us were against her when in reality she was Free Britney this whole time and one of the only celebrities (aside from Queen Cher) who actually spoke up about the conservatorship (finally). We stan yoy Iggy🙌🏻
  12. Race doesn’t play a part here. Nobody is going after him or his mother for being black. This fan base has people from every race. This is about her corrupt *** letting Britney CONTINUE to be controlled by abusive scum because she’s more than likely involved somehow. Period.
  13. Britney literally said she DID NOT LIKE that her sister performed a remix of HER song yet this disrespectful ***** is out here still doing this ****? I can’t. Sue them all Britney.
  14. Sam Lufti is trash. Sam Lufti is a vulture. Sam Lufti took full advantage of Britney in her time of need. The piece of **** needs to choke and rot in hell. Period.
  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if people try it but it won’t work because A) she’s not homophobic or bigoted and B) The over the top PC “woke” movement seems to be finally dying out. People are tired of this “cancel” culture because it’s bull****. There are certainly people who deserve to be called out and punished and even “cancelled” but it’s become so extreme.
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