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  1. Maybe Jamie's lawyers messed up and they were thinking that they were working on MJ'S case and therefore that mistake was created. You know in 2009 MJ died and in the same probate court there is a case for his Estate. And since the same lawyers are involved in both cases you know they could messed documents up😤🧐
  2. It was fake this court docs that supposedly showed that Sam was paid 100 k as her chef. It's fake 🌚
  3. Yup 😁😁😁 especially as in the beginning everywhere were only that photos but no video so no sing of second car and you know boys are so similar to her 😅
  4. And there you can see she is not alone in the backseat,it seems like Sean or Jayden is with her : https://theonyxzone.com/displayimage.php?album=12935&pid=525355
  5. So another day another ride! Once again Britney was spotted in her car,this time in the backseat while two bodyguards were sitting in a front. She was getting Starbucks☕ Photos: ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × https://ibb.co/jMd4X9K
  6. Plus it's been a month almost since first hearing that Britney spoke 23rd of June. Britney wants her father gone ASAP and she requested to have him remove 1 week ago. I know it's been only 2 weeks as Mathew is on the case and only 1 week as he is appointed but in 2 weeks he and his large firm had same access to public documents as we fans so they could look already into the staff.
  7. Exactly! Some of the fans I feel like they are acting like CONservatorship is over and there is nothing to be worried. We shouldn't stan Mathew Rosengart YET. But once he does some good job. And let's not forget Britney is gonna to be 40 just in few months she deserves to start her 40's as a free woman and each day passing is another day stolen from her. She won't get it back. And as she wants to get pregnant it is even more important to act fast as now as she is about to turn 40 it can be a big challenging. She is not 23 anymore. Especially if she and Sam want to have more than 1 baby together. Some women have menopause even in their 40's.
  8. So far I think he is the only one partner of her that hadn't any photoshoot for any magazine (even Charlie had and he was there short) or he was not a part of any documentary (like David Lucado). We see Britney and Sam mostly on Instagram.
  9. He said it again on Monday as well. He said on Monday that agreement letter was drafted but not signed and last week he said he will work with Jodi's lawyer on agreement letter
  10. Unfortunately Mathew said that he will work on agreement letter with Jodi's lawyer so Jodi has here a lot of to do. And therefore I am a bit worried that one week after Hearing there is nothing and Mathew Rosengart is not yet officially installed and on Monday he said that agreement letter was drafted. It's Wednesday and it has not been yet filed and Mathew has not been yet installed. This makes me worried 🧐
  11. As many people said he can asked for special Hearing like the one that will be on Monday regarding Jodi's security. And waiting till September makes no sense if they plan to remove Jamie first.
  12. I don't know but from one of the biggest companies even bigger than Jamie's lawyer's that earned almost 2 billion dollars last year I would expect more. It is not Ingham just with 2 guys from Lobe and Lobe anymore. I would expect that Mathew's firm would work faster with almost 40 offices around the world.
  13. My concern is even a fact that he is not officially installed yet so he cannot file anything so far. He didn't file agreement letter, Britney's statement or information about his firm that judged asked him to file. In 1 week nothing 🧐 he just appeared on Monday ,said few nice words that even Ingham wrote in his documents that Britney thanks fans and they will soon file to remove Jamie without mentioning termination 🧐
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