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  1. In case they're not reading this Please don't release rebellion it would be suuuper distracting thanks
  2. When looking at the historical aspect of family values, "love", etc, I'd say you're incorrect. Culture doesn't reflect our instincts. Culture reflects the way a society deemed themselves fittest. If your ancestors thought that finding 'the one" had the best impact on society as a whole (economically, etc), then that would be a heavy part of your culture right now. Not all cultures their views are the same when it comes to divorce, etc, is an example of this. Our instincts don't point us towards the right solution because our instincts don't care. Biologically, it doesn't matter whether you divorce or not. However, it matters to your society and to your place in that society. Divorcing has implications that affect other people as well, like your children. That's why it matters, not because our body is telling us it matters. Same goes for finding "the one", how you find him, etc. Finding "the one" is something promoted so you're less likely to divorce, as divorce isn't deemed as something productive for society. Did Britney want children because of her hormones? Maybe. Had society been constructed in such a way that Britney having children was possible for her to do on her own (considering her wealth and the time she was ready to spend on them), then maybe she would've gone that route. I think she just wanted children and it didn't matter to her how. Finding "the one", needing "the one" to be happy, straight up "the one", etc are all very much constructs of our society.
  3. And they easily could’ve used this image better by making her eye the center of it, making the radar circle around it. Smh
  4. Exactly lol. If anything it looks more like Kate Upton as Britney here:
  5. Sis it's a spoken verse. I'm sorry but I can literally do the steps she did and sing that monotone verse (chorus is a different story obviously lmfao). Not meant in a shady way, but it's just not really a feat to be able to do it. So I find it weird that she didn't even bother. Then again, who would when the only reason you're doing it is to prove you don't need your legal rights taken away from you.
  6. I mean I lowkey like it since it clearly represents a blimp on a real radar Doesn't excuse that awful picture choice though
  7. So there's also no chance that's just something they stripped from the audioboard? I was so convinced the Asian ones were live, you should've let me live in bliss xddd @3:26 @3:15 @7:26 What about the Bambi one? At the very end of the song with the "babehhh" adlip, it sounds more live here? I can't believe she didn't sing at all in these performances, no wonder she got lashed for them lol
  8. Did you watch it? The chorus still contains vocals in the rehearsal video lol. Are you saying they mixed a specific version just for the rehearsal where there's vocals just for the chorus? That's nonsensical
  9. Well it's a legacy show, I'm sure that's why they did it. But if feels weird to revamp songs like BOMT and Oops into this completely unrelated territory, and then have the femme fatale guitar be brought back that was there for like 5 nights lol Just really weird choices in general for that residency imo.
  10. 0:43 She says "it's dangerous" when the eventually released lyrics are "you're dangerous", which is also the version that was played at iHeart. Which means it's dubbed with the recording sessions. She did sing a lot live though, they would just dub her efforts, which is unfortunate. She's also said she doesn't watch her performances back, so I wonder if she really knows how it seems that she barely sings live? She's been candid about playback in the past on the DWAD tour so I wonder why she went off on that interview. Really which we could get the soundboard from the ABC special, but I doubt it still exists. People also have just straight up not credited her for singing live when it was evident that she did The version they're rehearsing on doesn't even have vocals for the verses, and the final version clearly sounds live, yet even on here people don't really ever admit / care? Lol
  11. I always thought it was a cute reference, not the same literal prop. Kinda lame. They could've done something cool to it. There's also the Circus (song) props that are from the Circus tour, but they're pretty cool. Too bad the choreo is so bodged for that song and so were the oufits. the biggest dud of the whole show imo
  12. with Tik Tok she's booming again. She's the most streamed woman who debuted pre-2000, I doubt all of those numbers are from millenials
  13. They're always like that, so annoying Anyway, the clip you're talking about: Exhale was actually shut down for sharing it at the time.
  14. The person is saying that during her vegas residency there was a big discrepancy between her best and worst days. Do you guys think her team actually cared, or is all they cared about money? Did they consider it Britney's own problem if her act wasn't up to par? Anyway, considering the wiglines of the opening night, it's VERY obvious they didn't care.
  15. I'm not saying she didn't truly want it. She made a song about being pregnant without even being pregnant lol, it's very clear she really wanted it. My point is the pressure she felt to do it isn't something specific to her situation, it's something that's implicitly and explicitly put onto us by society, yet Britney's case was/is viewed as an isolated one because of her circumstances. This isn't right because it being viewed as isolated is exactly the reason so little people showed empathy. Even now, people from her own age group mostly give Britney sympathy and not empathy. Like Ramerita said, it's the new generation that's breaking these norms and mostly they are being truly empathic with Britney. Edit: Having her say at 17 that her life goal is to be married by 25 is exactly the type of thing I'm talking about. There's literally zero reason to feel this pressure, and the fact that she let go of everything to follow a childhood dream is poetic, but it's also somewhat problematic, because it makes a person ignore red flags. You're so right. I'm glad things are changing I always side-eye people that want to go back. It's so glamorized, but there was so much wrong with how we viewed everything. I wish I could go into the future to see if there's anything I'm not really aware of right now that's also pretty unjust.
  16. To be quite honest? I've never watched FTR (but I know the content). I'm such a softie, I know I'd probably cry / get angry if I watched it now You're spot on that it's the societal norms. Worst thing is, there's several points in Britney's life where she tried to fight those societal norms, and every time she was torn apart for it. It's just sad that Britney had no one on her side. People that thought they were above societal norms saw her as vapid and shallow, and the people that wanted her to follow the societal norms saw her as the devil. When she was just a human making the best of it. Meh
  17. Lol I know children can't be held accountable for stuff like this realistically, but if my aunt was going through this in such a public way I know I would've thought twice about this. I'm not even gonna say anything about Jamie Lynne.
  18. It was the fault of our society back then teaching women through literally every single form of media (religion, movies, songs) that falling in love's what it's all about on top of everyone idolizing her and Justin. Yet everyone constantly misses that and just blames it on Britney's constant work. "She just wants to settle down" Was it a factor? Yes. But there's so much bigger, overlying issues here. She wanted an escape and the only reason she saw love as one is because we make it out to be the greatest thing of all time. I feel like you don't even need to be Britney's level of overworked to consider it one. People do it all the time, with way less pressure, way less fame, way less work, etc. On top of that, in Britney's specific situation the media hated her so much more without Justin on her side, which is another huge issue with society at the time but I digress. She never needed a man to "settle down", but it's like society forced women to think like that. Idk, I just always think about the situation Britney was put in and then consequently think of everyone judging her every move when literally every step she took was the most logical one to take considering everything. . I can't be the only one who's constantly frustrated about stuff like this right? xd It's like people completely miss the bigger picture when it comes to Britney and just blame everything on her. It's the lack of proper thought that gets to me. Post some more stuff that completely went over peoples' heads as it was happening / still goes over peoples' heads
  19. I hate the comments and it's such an indictment of what's wrong with the GP. It's as if analytical thinking goes out the window the moment someone isn't a white hetero male or dead. It's like they were legit never taught to imagine themselves in someone else's shoes. Anyway, I'll just repost my YouTube comment lmao Anyway can you guys not forget to dislike the video
  20. To me it just seems like it didn't occur to them lol. There's no "acting" other than the ***uality she usually displays on stage. She's not making some queer statement by doing this xd
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