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  1. Why have I never thought about the fact that she was in a cage with a lion/tiger? Also, maybe this is just wishful thinking, but these posts about her career, especially the one about how she knows most of her records were from before the conservatorship, makes me think she really wants her career again but with her in control finally.
  2. I’m SO excited to see what she has to say after the June 23 testimony. Unless it was recorded before that. I hope not.
  3. I mean, I get it, and that would be nice, but also, in my eyes, anything to help get her free and spread the message is good.
  4. Only 10 years? It feels like it was 15. That was such a weird era in pop culture.
  5. Yes, loading has taken FOREVER on all my devices no matter what browser. It’s made me use the site a lot less. Like sometimes I can literally click on a thread, set my phone down and do something else while it loads, and my phone will actually lock its screen before the thread loads. It’s ridiculous.
  6. I remember starting this school year off and I think Britney had something like a 30 day countdown on her website or something for Work ***** and it felt like the longest month ever. I was so impatient lol. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. Before June 23rd, this was one of my favorite Britney songs. It’s sooo good and so empowering, but everything feels a bit different now. I’ll have to give it a stream today, after I listen to Make Me (I like to start every Friday off with “Friday, I’m dreaming a mile a minute about somebody.” ).
  7. I’m honored that you are thinking of me My day is loaded up with meetings today, but I’m definitely going to try to find some time to listen it distraction-free at some point. I’m not usually a lyrics person, but I’m really interested to hear what he wrote given he’s one of the first major gay popstars and has been using those experiences a lot in his art this era. The fact that this one made you want to cry makes me even more excited. I’ve been needing some good gay music in my life Have you listened to the whole album yet? Thoughts?
  8. This actually sounds cool. Btw it was beyond annoying reading this title, clicking into this thread, to then click a link to a tweet, to then click a link just to actually read anything of substance
  9. What an amazing post. It’s great to see that we’ve been helping her, and that she wants to help others. Also interesting that she posted an article mentioning how someone having control over you limits creativity and causes depression and anxiety.
  10. Annoying as hell the top comments are about signing prenups. I know people mean well, but it's yet another example of how no one seems to be able to let Britney be able to make her own decisions. Everyone wants to tell her what they think they know is best for her. Can y'all let her enjoy her moment without, once again, telling her how she should be living her life?
  11. Honestly, I wish this is more of the conclusion we'd come to as a fanbase. Part of the reason that Britney is in a conservatorship is that everyone thinks they know what's best for Britney. Is Sam good or bad for Britney? I don't know, seems good from the outside. But I just want her to have the freedom to decide that for herself, and she has decided to stick with him.
  12. Y’all I would hate if I were a celebrity and I “had” to go to the VMAs. It would be so stressful.
  13. Good luck! I don’t know if the website has this for schools, but check Glassdoor.com to see reviews from other people who’ve interviewed there on what interview questions they were asked, and then prepare for those questions.
  14. That’s the nail from her thumb resting on top of her middle finger
  15. I’m happy that she has a guy that cares enough to do this for her. I can’t see kfed or Jason Alexander ever getting a custom ring for her, especially one this pretty. I’m so happy for her that this is one step closer to that normal life she wants. I’m so glad Sam is so supportive and loving towards her. Wishing them nothing but the best ❤️❤️❤️
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