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Britney Spears appears to SHADE former assistant Robin on Instagram

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5 minutes ago, ShatteredBoy said:

I wished she had said ***former*** assistant:jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

Anyways why is a member claiming Britney has ADHD? Has this ever been proven or is he, just like other trash beings, just speculating over what she has and doesn't have?


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5 minutes ago, stanLOONA said:

Is Robin the assistant that was in Britney: For The Record? The one that was no fun while shopping?

Nah that was Brett. She was ok and more girly girly with Britney. 

Robin Is a team CON rat who was constantly lurking about 


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3 minutes ago, Freebritneyfan2021 said:

ADHD is more common than one might think, and children growing up in stressful family situations are very much at risk for it. She grew up with a father who was alcoholic and her family was not very well off, so I can see how she may be at risk for it. 

ADHD is highly hereditary (?) trait. I have got mine from my mom, who got it rom her dad, who got it from his dad and so forth - there are some court documents about my ancestors from that side of the family from 1600s and they sound like they were written about someone with ADHD. 😀

If you have a “true” ADHD (and not difficulties to focus etc caused by brain damage or trauma or such), at least one of your grandparents (but most like one of your parents) has it too.

Many creative people and artists have ADHD - me included. When we’re interested in something, we enter state called “hyper focus” which allows us to keep doing what we’re interested in longer and more intensely than people without ADHD. 

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Well to answer her question for us. My dream is to build a cottage on the water with some goats corgis ducks and bunnies. Wildflowers and berry bushes where I can illustrate and make a large flower garden. To keep my spirits up I look at properties and pretend I can buy it lol. When it sells I just find another. Dorky I know lol. 

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Active reading helps! She;s cleaning her house, Her Grandfather clock doesn't tick, but there is a hidden door. She wanted new shoes, her ppl are always trying to "Humble" her...even for the simple **** she wants! AND I think she wants to leave the US! Do it!

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2 hours ago, Rachelg said:

Interesting. Why not just speak the truth if you have something to say, instead of hidden messages that don’t make sense. 

why don't you stop expecting britney to be someone who fit to your standars? this is what she's trying to avoid, to be someone elses property / puppet :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

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This is the most senseless, messiest and illogical thing she has ever ranted. It`s kind of interesting how people find it "cool" when I actually find it....revealing and no, not because of what she is saying, but the non-sequitur style.  And for those saying she has ADHD, this style of writing is not necessarily consistent with that. I hate diagnosing people online. Not possible. What is true is that there are psychological and psychiatric tests that do tell a lot about someone`s mind and they are part of the test that make a diagnosis. If this were a clinical context, it would be very revealing.

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