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  1. I've never been to oovoo Java Really thought wtf was the bee users about? Scalloped pretty world or what?
  2. Well, from what I’ve learned, and I haven’t learned much other than the basics is she can’t talk about it. At least not till the court hearing. Even if she gets to court she can only answer when asked or if she’s suing them for something. If she’s testifying then it’s all about asking the right questions in court. She really can’t say something detrimental if she’s already in a tough spot. her celebrity makes this a fragile case. Everything will be looked at and scrutinized by everyone and the judge. If it’s fair that’s between the judge and god (or whoever you believe in respectively). All we can do is support her decision to be patient and surgically remove the cancer of her conservatorship. im sure there’s a lot of dirt on her end. I love the speculation, and your hard work digging up all of this information for us for free. We didn’t even have to ask for it. I appreciate you. i would love you to continue this series of her aging from circus to FF. Ty ps. Ty again lol
  3. I think they should at least have a face to the account so we have someone to hold accountable, and in a position of credibility. What’s the difference between them and my account? Besides the name with the anonymity, they need a human being.
  4. My sister n law is just like Britney. Same zodiac sign if you believe in this stuff. They eat prey love the girl boss energy but are helpless irl . They do work hard af at their own detriment. I do believe Britney likes working her *** off. I do believe she loves her family. She’s just tired of her dad using her kids as a bargaining chip. I do think she likes the conservatorship when it comes to the desperation of her and certain things like law suits. idkw where I’m going with this lmao i want her out of it, and in control but, we don’t know anything. Even if she claims the Instagram is hers, I doubt anyone in her team is forcing her to post or anything.
  5. All the music from 2012. I checked out of reality after 2011. Then came back in 2013 for bj. Then left again after 2016.
  6. That is such good news. Seems like these next couple years will break ground for health.i just hope we keep this up and make it non profit. I'm so sick of the poor and sick getting nothing
  7. I know what happened to her is bad. The past is disgusting when it comes to her, her family, and those who inserted themselves. However, I just hope britney starts coming forward. Team Con is working overtime because once her kids turn 18 who better than to talk of the abuse her team caused. They want to control all the purse strings before then. They can buy their silence.
  8. Us islander don't want anymore outsides coming. Not britney though she's a treasure. However, Waikiki is full of tourists not wearing masks and spreading covid. In general traveling rn is frowned upon and celebs doing it is seen as irresponsible.
  9. That's okay though. You don't need to feel pressured to buy anything.
  10. Legends i want my only wish this year! It would be an awesome thing to display for Christmas by my tree.
  11. I’m jealous. I really want the double lip version it looks gorgeous.
  12. There’s two prints. If you decide to get it my research led me to believe the grey a no black press of blackout has warping and or noise issues. The red and yellow one I have is great. As for sound I have no clue if it’s better other than internet people saying it’s better.
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