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  1. This will be my last post here, I just want to write this first. I think that there is a very unhealthy and aggressive culture going on within this “army”, and I am not talking about “fans” “harassing” people in the conservatorship, I am talking internally towards other fans or supporters of Britney’s human rights. I have seen this several times now, how “stans” silence and bully those that have opinions they don’t, simply. Instagram profiles who block and delete comments that are not rude, just normal argumentation that adults are supposed to be able to handle. The actual witch hunt on people who have the“wrong ideas” about someone or something, or witch hunt towards people like Wade Robson or Sam Lutfi. While they are often yelling at and insulting people for criticising Lance Bass, Jamie Lynne etc, calling it “harassment”, “hate”, “going after” etc, the same people can write the most vile and disgusting things about Lutfi and Robson. It is so hypocritical. And I just can’t with this anti democratic culture, where you are supposed to be quiet and just obey some self proclaimed gurus or people who have been given the “power” of being a moderator for example (and then just abuse it af).
  2. Why aren’t there a hundred headlines about this? We should all remind all the media outlets in mails, tweets and tags...
  3. There has not been a death threat. We live 2021 and the internet is fairly Democratic, the people can raise their voices. Nobody forwarded a threat to this judge. However, Lynne alleged that Britney was “constantly” threatened for real in the conservatorship and where are the headlines?! Britney claims that they have tried to kill her. That they threaten her. Alli Sims just came out and confirmed that Lynne spiked Britney’s drinks with drugs..!!
  4. Again, that Stan obsession is not healthy. You are absolutely right. It is not normal and it is actually grooming and abusive, just that. But I have learned that those that spit hate on Robson for speaking up about his experiences of being ***ually abused as a child, are not very educated in psychology, children’s development or even healthy and exploitative/inappropriate boundaries versus relationships between children and adults...
  5. “Gloved geek” wrote in another thread that people here should get lobotomised and see psychiatrists so they are really rocking stones in glasshouses by coming with “Kill them with kindness”. And Britney has not been quiet, they literally have her microphones mostly switched off in concerts and she has been forbidden to speak about the conservatorship. She has not been able to do interviews without scripts and they have constantly threatened her with taking her kids from her in order to make her shut up and obey. It has not been her choice to “be quiet” the slightest. And she just said that her whole family should be in jail and that she wants to sue them all. Furthermore, since Glovedgeek thinks that Britney is controlling the brand Instagram, in that case Britney posted that Jamie-Lynn should “eat ****” and step on Lego. From what I have seen, Britney the human being is not like that early brand persona she had, she curse, smokes, drinks and can get angry and tell people to F off.
  6. Yes, I think it is embarrassing to see people being so aggressive in defending everyone that are responsible for and has benefited from the conservatorship, especially when they are often really mean to fans while doing it. And pressure from the public does work and always has. Why would Jamie waste millions of Britney’s money on defaming Britney in the media and buy PR for his own image, I mean, he could have bought boats and cars from this stolen money 😒. I mean, if it doesn’t matter what the opinion of the GP is, why waste so much money? It really means everything. They could do this to Britney thanks to a long defamation campaign in the media, sl**-shaming and gaslighting Britney, while getting PR as the “concerned parents”. Fear of bad publicity makes companies drop deals, stop with things like animal testing, real fur, GMOs, dangerous chemicals, child labour, human trafficking, systematic racism, ***ual harassment culture, etc, etc, etc! It DOES help that Cade, Lance Bass, Jamie Lynn, Brenda Penny, Lynne, Brian, Ingham, Lou Taylor etc are getting bad feedback on social media. When the pressure is enough, people make new decisions. Without pressure, they just continue exploiting.
  7. But I think that video was from fighting again with Sam Lutfi in court, from like 2011-2012. However, they did feel this way. Lynne, herself, wrote about it in her book, how it was an impossible dream to strip Britney of her human rights and make her their slave, also as an adult, now that she was no longer in child labour and of legal age. She wrote that Jamie and Lou Taylor fasted and pray to make it happen. All evidence also shows that Britney wasn’t even informed in advance, and that when Jamie abused Britney after it had been put in place, screaming in her face that she was a “fat wh*re”, and that he was now Britney Spears, Lynne told Britney to “obey daddy”. These things were day 1. Not to mention how she in interviews afterwards praised Kevin for working with them and said that Britney’s reaction to being harassed and stalked by paparazzi was just awful and in need of rehab. “Just stop”. Lynne never told the paparazzis to stop. She has likewise never been on Britney’s Instagram, telling the mostly paid bots (by the conservatorship) to “STOP” when bullying Britney in the comments. She is defending Jamie Lynne on her own page, but she does not defend Britney when her friends write that Britney needed/need a conservatorship.
  8. she has not. She has been a citizen of the United States all of the time. Jamie never owned her and a judge never allowed him to be her guardian, sterilise her, remove all of her friends from her life and exploit her in human trafficking, even working on her birthdays. The court would also grant her restraining orders against him while they with Britney did the opposite, they granted a “forbidden to leave the abusers/the abuse”-order. And her kids was taken from her (Britney) while Lynne had her children all of the time.
  9. I only see people reason like this when it comes to Britney. If there is a video of animal abuse viral and people write way worse stuff in the comments than on Lynne’s account, there is no one that argues “Hey, stop writing death threats, it makes animal lovers/animal rights activists/vegans look bad”. And I never saw anyone defending Weinstein, going “Look, it makes Metoo look bad if we are ‘mean’ to this man”. Otherwise people just shred whoever has been “bad” to pieces without a thought on how they will look for it. An observation...
  10. When I saw Lynne in the audience in an interview, like early 2000s or even before that. I just had a strong feeling that she was very controlling, exploiting etc. Then in 2007-2008 I got upset with the bullying in the media and wondered why she as a star seemed so alone and exposed to the paparazzi, where was that loving “mom” of hers? When I learned she had a little sister who was being promoted for fame. Stage-mom/child star vibes just like with Nick Carter’s family. And then when I learned that she was put in a conservatorship.
  11. Same. They are rude af and how many times have they met Britney?! One time. And that was so many years ago, even before the conservatorship. I am sure many fans here have met Britney briefly at one point too. They (Maxi) also spoke with Britney one time on the phone, briefly, while under conservatorship. I never saw Rosengart saying that Maxi is Britney’s new spokesperson, did anyone of you? I remember when Lance Bass was so confident in knowing what was going on, because his dear friend Jamie Lynn had told him everything he needed to know, I don’t know if anyone here remember Lance Bass saying that we had to trust the judge and the system in the California probate court?
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