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  1. “What is this s.hit? Circus tour I miss youuuu😢😢😢😢”
  2. That was obviously not Britney high fiving the pet, she has heels on. Please update the misleading title, or maybe @Slayer or @Jordan Miller or @CrazyButItFeelsAllright can.
  3. Right! I’m tired of these “fans” trying to use Britney like the cship team. They want Britney to give their flop faves fame and in return kill Britney’s hype I hope she only collabs with artists on Beyonce’s level and above.
  4. I want a Ray of Light type album, like a full circle type album and hope she touches deeper topics. I’d love the title to reference the chaos her life has had these last years.
  5. then do you think it was mathew's decision to have it so far out in 5 months so he could gather as much dirt on colon as possible?
  6. wait... december? but when jodi wanted a hearing for her security paid by britney to be approved it was scheduled for 3 days later? brenda penny i wish you the worst
  7. OMFGGGGGGGG I was just thinking an hour ago about how we hand't had any BOMB recently court wise and then this omgggg bye colon!
  8. Wasn't she confirmed to be a member back in the day circa 2007 under the name of blue bird or something?
  9. I feel like a big part of her hate train kickstarted from her her visit to Mexico...
  10. Rowena had took a photo of Britney a hour before she drank her water during the fight sequence and you can see it here. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/rowenachiuvictims/images/0/0b/A_picture_of_Britney_Rowena_Chiu_had_took_of_her_before_she_accidentally_drank_her_water_during_filming_of_her_music_video_in_2011_.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20210622211111 Btw, she didn't deserve to drink Jeffrey Epstein's wife's water. Every Hollywood celebrity has tried it before and said that the water tasted really nasty, compared to tap water. Just my own thoughts and takes on it. #FreeBritney! Well why do celebrities drink the damn water? Why did Britney's team allow her to drink it? And why did Rowena want Britney to collapse?
  11. Yeah, that's it, they both sat at the same table, that's what I was tryna say! I doubt Britney wanted to be near him, he's just a weird psycho, 13 years later and his entire social media presence is 100% dedicated to her. Not even with a restraining order does he stop dreaming of her at night and during the day arguing with fans on Twitter. A sad loser if you ask me! edit: he needs to try harder if he thinks any of us, at least smarter fans, will believe that tweet lmao!
  12. And yeah fans supporting him on twitter are probably haters. Team Con is getting more and more desperate by the minute. They will eventually try to use ANY trick they can and trust me they WILL bring Lutfi's name up when it's time to argue that Britney should remain in the cship saying Lutfi might try to come back into her life, stay away from that deranged psychopath, guys!
  13. Also if I remember correctly, wasn't Britney and her team begging the judge to not make them sit face to face in the same court room meanwhile Sam Lutfi insisted they both were in the courtroom at the same time and the judge unfortunately sided with him and forced Britney to be in the courtroom with him?
  14. Omg thank you! Bad and good news then! Omg I know the Gaga feature will be HUGE Yes!! I didn't wanna bombard you but thanks for asking, so! 1. Will she do the Super Bowl at some point in the next few years? 2. I just KNOW in my heart that she will have at least another era or two (or more) so I won't ask if she'll release another album cause I know she will but my question is, is she dropping B10 within the next 2 years? Or will it take longer? 3. Does Sam Asghari have Britney's best interests at heart? 4. Are Britney and Beyonce ever collaborating? 5. Is Britney gonna have another hugely acclaimed VMAs performance like the snake performance or the Madonna kiss? cause chile 2016 wasnt it... Ohh I see! Thanks for explaining sis!
  15. I totally get what you mean! I LOVE the song but I guess that could have indeed elevated it! I have a feeling this will become a huge hit tho!
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