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  1. Here are things that Britney could have done even before June 23rd but apparently were let to believe she couldn’t do those things by Team Con: - Have her IUD removed and refuse to have an IUD put in. - Have a baby. - Get married. - Walk out of her house. - Refuse to take Lithium. - Refuse to take any medication she didn’t want to take (Team Con would then have to go to the court to get a court order to force her take a particular medication). - Choose her attorney. - Tell her attorney to file a petition to remove her dad and end the conservatorship (he would have had to do it even if he thought it wouldn’t go through). - Meet anyone she wants to meet and refuse to see anyone she didn’t want to see (including her therapists). - Talk about her situation to anyone she wanted to - including journalists. - Drive a car. - Eat and drink what she wants. So one reason she is now “getting freedom” is just that her new attorney has told her what her rights are. If Team Con would try to limit her in ways they’re not allowed by law, Rosengart would immediately notify the court.
  2. Where did he say that? He doesn’t say that on the video posted above. 🤔
  3. Re If we just ignore the whole IG question, I do think that there’s a very strong possibility that after she said all those things in court, Jodi was forced to admit that she and Jamie had no legal right to forbid her from drinking coffee and driving alone in her car and that’s why she suddenly started doing those things. They never even had a right to deny her from marrying or having babies (nor force her to have IUD or even take lithium) but they just lied her about it. She had all this time a right to choose her attorney and petition to end the conservatorship but Team Con – and even the judges – denied those rights from her. Oh, and she has all this time had a right to see whoever she wants to see and to decline to see people she doesn’t want to see, but NO ONE TOLD HER THAT. Instead Team Con kept changing her phone numbers and preventing her from seeing her friends. And last but not least: Jamie had no right to tell her to wear bra at all times, either. Now that she has a new lawyer, she should be more aware of her rights and we should see and hear her doing things she hasn’t done in years (like seeing old friends).
  4. There are other sources, too, like Sam’s friend MUA Maxi. I do believe that she was heavily censored and at times pressured to write a certain kind of message (like the one from the rehab). That explains why she sometimes sounded like someone kidnapped by terrorists, North Korea or Belorussia giving official statements. And I do believe that most of the posts she did before June 23rd she did because she HAD TO do them, not because she (always) wanted to do them.
  5. In his newest IG story videos Sam does wear a different watch, though. I do believe the caption could be Britney’s and I can come up with explanations why even Britney could tell Cassie to use old photos or would send her old photos. Especially when that drink photo is probably Sam’s own photo. Until Britney tells us who selected the pics and wrote the captions, I assume that what everyone who is actually in touch with Britney says is true: she chooses the pics and writes the captions UNLESS it’s a sponsored post (like the one with Lou Taylor’s little lamb Selena Gomez so obviously was).
  6. OMG, this was the best clap back I’ve read for a while. 🤣 I’ll steal it, thank you!
  7. All I wish them is that her IUD has been removed and they’re having the most romantic and wonderful baby making time knowing that Rosengart will set her soon finally free. ❤️
  8. One more thing about the edit with the close up of her face: When you watch her painting video slowed down to the regular speed, you see her doing a frozen pose with a mad grimace. To me that signals that she knew already at that point that she was going to speed up the video. I’m starting to believe that not only she submits most of the content to her IG, she makes those videos intentionally. Let’s face it, she has a quirky sense of humor. Just watch Chaotic if you don’t believe me. 😀 I really hope she tells us at some point the truth about her IG. I really don’t mind if it turns out that it was all (or mostly) her all this time. 😊
  9. Do we have proof that CrowdSurf has access to her iCloud or is that just another theory? She could send the text images to them some other way too (like SMS or WhatsApp message). That would explain in part why the quality of the photos/videos is often so low, unless they are semi-professional photos (from a photo shoot).
  10. Maybe she thought at first on July 14th that there would be a recording, then realized they wouldn’t be one. She knew she was going to talk about even more painful things and would cry. What she didn’t take into account that there was going to be a transcript.
  11. I could see this as Britney taking control of her own ***uality - that this is the way she wants to express her ***uality. These posts most likely annoy and humiliate daddy-Jamie to no end. It is clear to me that it was Sam filming this video so I would say it was Britney’s choice to send these photos and videos to be posted.
  12. Clearly some of you haven’t been in Twitter. 😀 There are people who still think she is mentally ill and belongs to conservatorship. Quite a lot of people thought she shouldn’t have been posting the “chest” pictures (because she’s mom, fighting conservatorship etc.) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie would have reacted negatively to those photos, too. There have been posts/comments all over the internet speculating about her mental health based on the dance videos, her long captions and the transcript of her July 14th appearance. There are also a lot of people who hate/dismiss her boyfriend and therefore imply that she has fallen in love with the wrong guy (has bad taste with men). And again: we don’t know how much **** she still has to endure from her family members, Vivian, coaches, therapist, KFed etc. 🤷🏼‍♀️ — When she talked about the women dismissing her believing in fairytales and her dancing videos, she seemed to be commenting two women talking about those things in a particular tv show. So this post might have been a reply to some tv commentary, too.
  13. AsghariFitness just posted this to their IG stories. The company (?) is run by Sam and his sister. I doubt his sister is flying on a private plane. I haven’t followed them for a long time, but so far they’ve posted new content (Sam trains on the video => he trains on the same clothes in his own IG feed => paparazzi has a video of him outside the gym in the same clothes). I really hope they are flying to some place other than the US (like St. Tropez) to enjoy their successful start with the new lawyer.
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