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  1. I hope she doesn’t buy his house. Or if she does, she pays him less for it than Jeffree paid for the house originally. 🙄
  2. I can. Almost all of the brides I know wanted to become more fit for their wedding day (unless they were already super fit). 😊
  3. What I find interesting about the handshake video is that Britney shot it and it looks like she came up with the handshake (and is teaching it to Sam). People who recognize southern accent say on the Twitter that her “country accent” is coming back on that video, too. That video feels like she’s the one in control of the situation. His adoring look at the end of the video amplifies the feeling that he is looking up to her. There have been now multiple IG videos in Sam’s IG where she is behind the camera, making us look the situation through her eyes and him the object. She is also the one who shoots her own videos – making her the one in control of the situation.
  4. It could be related to the TV show (or is it a film project?) he has been shooting. But I do suspect he wouldn’t have been photographed for NYT (yet) if it wasn’t for Britney.
  5. Yes, you’re right that writing a biography or sometimes a memoir has more steps than writing a fiction book and hence usually takes more time. Though the current trend of writing a memoir that is really a collection of stories and “lessons learned” makes the process much faster. Jamie Lynn’s memoir sounds like one of those. And you’re right – in the US where you can sue anyone you want for the most ridiculous reasons, checking with lawyers is kind-of necessary. But that’s probably why so many memoirs start with a disclaimer that the writer probably remembers a lot of the events differently than others and changes the names and other details to “protect the innocent”. 😈 I admit that I have an issue with generalizations like “it takes two years to write a (good) book” and was triggered to argue against it. 😀 But please, don’t claim to know what I want, feel or hope. I honestly don’t care if Britney writes a book or not. I don’t care if she makes music or not. Nor do I have an urge to tell what she *should* or shouldn’t do. I see Britney Spears as an adult woman and I trust she’ll do what she feels is best for her.
  6. Honestly, I have no idea what kind of book(s) Britney would or should write. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I do know that the time it takes to write a book doesn’t necessarily compare with the quality of the book. There are amazing books written very quickly thanks to a divine inspiration – and boring and uninspiring books that took years to write. Someone may say they wrote their book for two years, but if you count only the time spent by the computer/typewriter writing, the actual writing time may be only weeks or a couple of months. I plan my books carefully, then let the thoughts “simmer” in my subconscious mind for weeks or months, adding every now and then ideas to my plan. When I’m ready to write, I write the book very quickly - towards the end stopping just to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. My mom, who is a bestselling and award-wining author in my country with over 100 books under her belt, writes her books using the same method. That’s why I haven’t written any books since I got my second child – unlike my mom, I don’t want to be emotionally unavailable for my kids for 2–4 weeks in a row. 😊 Here are a few great books written in less than a month: https://www.mprnews.org/amp/story/2015/11/04/bcst-books-written-in-one-month
  7. Oh, btw, it takes two months to put together a book about her conservatorship if she writes it with someone like NYT Liz Day who already has a deep knowledge of the conservatorship, has most of the materials like legal documents and can interview Britney for her point of view. If Britney wants to write her own book, she can do it in 6 months with a good editor. That’s how those influencer books are done if they aren’t completely ghost written. Ghost written books like her sister’s book can be done in 2-4 months. You can bet that Jamie Lynn’s book project started in June-July and is now (almost) done. I have written 29 published books so I know what I’m talking about.
  8. Relax, I don’t expect nor demand anything from her. 😀 I’m just speculating what would be her next big move IF this Deuxmoi tip is correct and what she might have meant with being done with the business. I don’t even assume that I know what would be best for her. I trust that she is a smart and capable woman who knows (eventually) what she wants. She is now surrounded by people like her new lawyer who actually values her opinions and admires her strength.
  9. You’re right that Deuxmoi is untrustworthy with their tips, but I understood Britney’s comment as her being done for a while with MUSIC business. She can still give interviews or write books or even start a charity that helps people in conservatorship.
  10. NYT just did a photoshoot with Sam Asghari. They definitely have a connection with New York Times now.
  11. Sam Asghari has a photoshoot for New York Times in his IG story. I assume by BTS he doesn’t mean the K-Pop band? 🤔 I hope those pics will be accompanied with an interview where he spills the beans if Britney isn’t ready to do so yet.
  12. Writing down and sharing with others what you’re afraid of is one of the most empowering acts one can do. I bet that after she wrote that, her fears diminished a bit. I’m sure that at the moment she wrote post she felt the way she did, but don’t be surprised if she’s back doing what she loves to do sooner than you think. She is now surrounded by people who tell her how strong and amazing she is – her fiancé calls her lioness and her lawyer praises her for her strength and courage. Getting used to living in new circumstances takes always some time, but she is a quick learner.
  13. If you have “bad veins” or “slippery veins” they first try your wrists, but they may even try to get the blood from ankles.
  14. Tail docking removes an important communication device from the dog – it’s like cutting hands from Italians. 😈
  15. It feels like Porsha is really Sam’s dog, even though they probably consider her as a part of their family like the other dogs. But he seems to be really in love with this dog. Which I think is a good sign. Has any of Britney’s previous boyfriends had dogs?
  16. Sam confirmed tonight in his IG stories that they won’t crop their new puppy’s ears. The tail was cropped when they got her but he wouldn’t have cropped it either, had he known what it means. I like that he admits he was informed by PETA and gives them a shoutout as well. I think he adds that he likes the “Batman look” because he doesn’t want to offend Porsha’s breeder who probably had their dogs ears clipped (since they clipped Porsha’s tail as well).
  17. And please, stop with the stupid gay jokes about Mathew Rosengart. He is married to an amazing and very powerful Mara Buxbaum who has represented clients like Robin Williams, Mary Tyler Moore and Heath Ledger and is still repping e.g. Sean Penn, Casey Affleck and Jake Gyllenhaal. I hope she’ll start repping Britney, too, because they would be perfect ”adoptive parents” to Britney. Mara’s birthday party: https://pagesix.com/2017/12/04/pr-power-player-mara-buxbaum-throws-50th-birthday-bash-in-la/amp/ Mara loves her dogs, too: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lifestyle/lifestyle-news/la-inferno-captured-hollywood-publicists-home-security-camera-1252325/amp/
  18. Like others have said: we don’t know what has been going on behind the scenes. We don’t know how long they have tried to make Rosengart become her lawyer. We know from Paris Hilton and photos that Britney hung out multiple times with Cade in fall 2020. This is what NYT wrote about last fall: ”By September 2020, a flurry of courtroom activity indicated publicly that something had shifted. Mr. Ingham filed court papers saying that Ms. Spears “is vehemently opposed to this effort by her father to keep her legal struggle hidden away in the closet as a family secret.”” I’m pretty sure Cade and Paris encouraged Britney to speak out when her earlier attempts to convince the court to remove Jamie had failed. You have to remember, too, that Team Con was constantly blackmailing Britney with access to her kids. My guess is that until Britney was forced to go to that impromptu treatment center, she tried to play along and told her friends and Sam play along, too. An experience like that could have broken her spirit completely – instead, she started fighting back harder. I don’t think she would have done so without the support from Sam, her closest friends and the fans. It is also a fact that Cade was with Sam and Britney at the French Polynesia (as he is seen in Britney’s video from the boat and heard in Sam’s video laughing). She and Paris have both said that he is Britney’s best friend. After all that has happened to her, she wouldn’t go to a dream vacation with him, had he let her down. What comes to Cade meeting with Mathew: their biggest earning mutual client – and friend of them both – is still Sean Penn. So the meeting could be about Sean as well.
  19. I’m sure what she has gone through has given her trust issues and a lot of anxiety/grief, but it doesn’t look like her cognitive skills have deteriorated. We see only tiny glimpses of her and we don’t see how many of her IG posts have been selected by Team Con. When you listen to her testimony, she sounds angry and emotional, but also intelligent and aware of what is going on. Remember the now deleted video by the pool where she said “the cat is out of the bag – literally out of the bag”. She was a completely clear and relaxed in that video. In many of the Sam’s videos she just being playful – they seem to have a lot of inside jokes. Someone claimed that no one has seen her around her neighborhood (gated community). We just got the video from German reported who accidentally caught her and Sam on camera when her community’s gate opened, two people drove out and two walked out. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  20. The first man was wearing a white shirt, the second one a jeans jacket over an orange t-shirt. I used to work in Beverly Hills for a woman who had gardeners and these dudes give me a very strong gardener or handyman vibe. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  21. This video should kill the rumors that Britney has disappeared and that the dog was an old dog, though. 😈 The puppy was very cute when it followed Britney with the two older dogs.
  22. Chillax people. I watched the whole thing and understand German. The people doing the report work for the biggest commercial tv channel in Germany – think CBS in the US. The journalist didn’t expect to see her – they were there just to make a segment where he talked about Britney living in a gated community where she is safe from paparazzi (!)– but also has been imprisoned. When you travel to the US to make a report like this, you will want to film in meaningful locations to justify your travel expenses. The journalist was completely caught off guard when the gate opened AND there was Britney and Sam with the dogs. He says that it is completely understandable that she wouldn’t make any contact or talk about her situation. The journalist also visited Britney’s home town and shot a segment outside Jamie’s place (garages) and interviewed lawyer Lisa MacCarley (or what’s her name). The report was pro Britney and how she should be able to live her life and have a baby ASAP.
  23. I think the smile looks “off” because he starts to smile in the middle of his sentence – he seems to react to something he sees, like Britney making a funny face. I don’t think he was joking when he talked about the dog protecting Britney, so the smile isn’t related to what he was saying but to something he saw. So one part of his mind is finishing the sentence and one part of his mind is reacting to Britney and that creates the mismatch.
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