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  1. That both parties have to disclose their evidence and stuff in the most basic way i can think of explaining it.
  2. VMAs are dying because it’s a shadow of its former self. Met gala is where it’s at now, and even that maybe has reached its climax. We are usually the first to know then the general public because we keep an eye on these things. im not sure what’s next for music but it’s kind of getting stale.
  3. Leave Miley alone. She is the only one speaking out consistently about the movement. What is she gonna do? Get in her car and start pissing on Jamie’s lawn lol.
  4. This was a lazy performance. I prefer the original because Britney really destroyed her haters with POM. Tperformabce was a mess but it was iconic af
  5. When everyone was rooting for her team. Now they're under a microscope. Idk what you want to hear.
  6. Poor and uneducated people can be very lucrative when it comes to politics. They are working the jobs no one wants. They fight for wars someone else started and they vote for politicians promising them a better life. except it’s starting to change things with the younger generation. Once he’s sold fogie boomer generation die off the more open minded people can step up hopefully. however Texas really needs to change. Like for reals get it together. Human rights is and should be paramount.
  7. That’s okay. I’ve gotten burnt out from her music as well, it is normal when it feels so natural to Stan her in that way. whoever might have the same issue, it’s totally fine to enjoy other music from other artists. We don’t have to hate other people because we want Britney to be successful. I feel it’s a side effect from Stan culture. To hate other women because they Stan another. It’s low key immature IMO if you love Gaga’s new album for example,by all means listen and let’s discuss.
  8. He really set the line in the sand. Now we wait if her father will cross it or concede like we all want. Rosengart is such a champ in all this.
  9. My opinion is that BJ was a vessel made for a to fit into. It’s a very moody album because I can listen to it when I’m in the mood to. I try not to really think too much about the album but it’s ok.
  10. Idk why I feel like criminal is what Britney kinda wanted for gimme more. Like there’s a dude for no reason in the shot. She’s walking down the street in the leaked footage in like a disguise idk It could all just be footage thrown together from what Britney could afford to shoot.
  11. White crisp florals. I even own cosmic radiance. Both are my all time favorites. Look up the review on fragrantica.
  12. This is why we need a acoustic remake of her music. I would go see her live.
  13. To be honest, I really enjoyed the visuals, the song was my all time favorite off the album. anyway, the opening had me on the endge of my carpet. i was sitting on the floor right in front of my computer to soak it all in. I had to buy radiance when she reatured it in the video. omg you have no idea when i tell you i went out and bought the damn bottle right after lol. the wedding dress scene was amazing. I thought she looked so good. she was rising up and the vids of her in the circle omg. then the fight scene and i pulled on the carpet because i thought it was fierce. then the ending was cute too. i remember just thinking to myself why so many quick and sudden cuts...? like i wanted to see more. and like is that it? compared to the other music videos coming out at the time dancing was really in. you had to have dancing to not be a flop. i just wanted to see more. it was amazing regardless.
  14. I want to say yes. i really do. the music industry has changed so much and I dont think there is space for our generation's sound anymore. she could be a very successful touring artist again. Look at madonna, her music doesn't appeal to most of its listeners but she brings in huge numbers from touring. Britney is a nostalgic act now apparently, even though she has the capability to crack the top 10 of music if she really wanted to. Britney has a lot of support from people now. so, who knows really. she could make a total silent album and i would find a wat to dance to it lol. im sure if i ruminate on this topic longer, i could come up with a cohesive thought process on this. one last thing. I really hope a lot of her old collaboraters are not burnt out from working with her dumb team. seems like they blacklisted her from everyone professionally.
  15. She seems hapoy to post so freely. I live for it. Her personality is very positive and it's making my day better. Yayy britney!
  16. All I have is ross and Kmart lol. Send help ty Good point about supporting her dad. It's such a tough spot to be in because I love her brand so much. Sad how I'm still inclined to buy things.
  17. It's getting harder to find her perfumes now. At least where I live there isn't much apart from curious and fantasy the original. I can't seem to find anything else. I would have to buy it on Ebay.
  18. I am an avid collector of her perfumes,I even had a blog dedicated to them. I just can't keep up with them. Financially and the fact it's not in the U.S. I'm so sad. I would love to buy them. RADIANCE NEEDS A REBOOT. that fragrance line is amazing. I love the bottle too. Even though a lot of people think it's cheap looking.IM SO OVER FANTASY. It's overly sweet scent is very teenie bopper and radiance was right up my alley.
  19. Give it time. Pave your way again for yourself. Even if it hurts, tomorrow will hurt. Little but less until you can focus on it feeling good when it doesn't hurt anymore. Losing someone like that should be hard. Connect with your hurt because it's from losing love. You still have that love and confidence in you that you had when you weren't single. Lean into friends and family more. Stay busy and try to strengthen the times it doesn't hurt so much.
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