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  1. This is so heart breaking. She's such a boss ***** and they treat her like a show dog. I wish for her to be free.
  2. I don't think they'll drop her. She .awesome tons from touring. She doesn't even need a new album and they know it. It's just there to keep her tied to them so, she doesn't go off and make another original doll album.
  3. Good for her. Let her fade into obscurity so she can live her life the way she wants. She will have her privacy for her baby she wants with Sam .im guessing she will make music again ,She didn't say she's going to stop making music or recording a song here and there. Hell id be okay with her paintings.
  4. I wis she would come back hot to music and make more hits. Her music and style is unique. yeah she’s a ***** but, I’ll miss her music a lot.
  5. How interesting. He's gonna get so much hate for it though. It will backfire on him. I can imagine the posts on his promos lmao.
  6. Here since forever. Before 2011. Lost my older account though. This place has been a roller coaster.
  7. I was there. She even sang in chat. It sounded like a you get woman in her early 20s. The way she sang was so forced. I didn't think jt was her till that live chat.
  8. Get the white glory lp now before it sells out.
  9. Yet here you are mentioning britney stans for discussing her on her forum. Like the mental gymnastics you have to do to justify your presence here.
  10. I guess we will see how her career turns out. You guys come for her mental health. Sick if you ask me. If you have to sink this low I wonder about your ability to feel secure in your favs career. Don't generalize us either.a lot of us are here for britney we don't care about her success we just love her music. Someone idk if it's you talking about an eye for an eye. She came for britney first. Gtfo with that nonsense. You talk **** about someone's mental health you're free game to anyone else.
  11. The katy Stan is tone deaf. Coming for britney and not understanding her situation. The nerve. I think the issue with katy is her weird identity. Shes kinda in limbo. She needs a refresh and a new sound. I really think if she's smart she can come back bigger than ever. We all stand to gain from good music.
  12. I really want to thank you for this. It took a ton of time and people here tend to throw hate at anyone who tries to bring up bj. I think they really fkd up on this album. I think producers were all over the globe for different tracks and they couldn't get her to places to re-record and or polish up shaky vocals. Because of her schedule which was very hectic ide imagine it to be so. I don't think britney is absent in the red parts of now that I found you. I swear I hear her there haha. Thanks again for your hard work.
  13. I'm ok with her being just 47. This is based on followers. Her and Beyonce are far more influential than this list alludes to imo. I think this list demonstrates common ground of youth vs older generations or a common ground. Britney being top 50 is a good thing. I feel like it's pretty fair of a ranking.
  14. This album fit the time it was released. I always thought of it as a really tight dance album when it comes to the actual concept. The production however was not cohesive. The mastering is done by an intern lol. If I had the choice, ide ditch the entire thing and do a back to basics stripped version like they kinda did with the perfume "dreaming" mix. Ide love to hear what she actually did sing. Even if it's just a verse here and there. I have a sneaking suspicion she started rebelling a ton during this Era. That's a whole different subject. It would have slayed. Britney ballads and a remix album with each track released after. The hippie music that followed after 2013 was not for me. I mean the drama from myah singing most of the vocals would have been lessened if she had great music videos. WB felt like a youtuber made the music video lol. These are my opinions so I welcome discourse. We tend to fear discussion of her music because people get upset. It's quite immature to say the least.
  15. I knew there was something off about her. She seems like a wolf in sheep's clothing. She hates everyone lol. Britney doesn't need us to defend her from the likes of her. Who is she to britney? We can just sit back on this one and watch as she gets dragged.
  16. This was totally called for. There's connections to britneys father lou and Ingham. If it turns out there's no evidence of corruption then I guess we riot? Lol jk
  17. Idk they got me fooled. It sounds just like her younger self.
  18. I've never been to oovoo Java Really thought wtf was the bee users about? Scalloped pretty world or what?
  19. Well, from what I’ve learned, and I haven’t learned much other than the basics is she can’t talk about it. At least not till the court hearing. Even if she gets to court she can only answer when asked or if she’s suing them for something. If she’s testifying then it’s all about asking the right questions in court. She really can’t say something detrimental if she’s already in a tough spot. her celebrity makes this a fragile case. Everything will be looked at and scrutinized by everyone and the judge. If it’s fair that’s between the judge and god (or whoever you believe in respectively). All we can do is support her decision to be patient and surgically remove the cancer of her conservatorship. im sure there’s a lot of dirt on her end. I love the speculation, and your hard work digging up all of this information for us for free. We didn’t even have to ask for it. I appreciate you. i would love you to continue this series of her aging from circus to FF. Ty ps. Ty again lol
  20. I think they should at least have a face to the account so we have someone to hold accountable, and in a position of credibility. What’s the difference between them and my account? Besides the name with the anonymity, they need a human being.
  21. My sister n law is just like Britney. Same zodiac sign if you believe in this stuff. They eat prey love the girl boss energy but are helpless irl . They do work hard af at their own detriment. I do believe Britney likes working her *** off. I do believe she loves her family. She’s just tired of her dad using her kids as a bargaining chip. I do think she likes the conservatorship when it comes to the desperation of her and certain things like law suits. idkw where I’m going with this lmao i want her out of it, and in control but, we don’t know anything. Even if she claims the Instagram is hers, I doubt anyone in her team is forcing her to post or anything.
  22. All the music from 2012. I checked out of reality after 2011. Then came back in 2013 for bj. Then left again after 2016.
  23. That is such good news. Seems like these next couple years will break ground for health.i just hope we keep this up and make it non profit. I'm so sick of the poor and sick getting nothing
  24. I know what happened to her is bad. The past is disgusting when it comes to her, her family, and those who inserted themselves. However, I just hope britney starts coming forward. Team Con is working overtime because once her kids turn 18 who better than to talk of the abuse her team caused. They want to control all the purse strings before then. They can buy their silence.
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