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  1. I don't disagree, but Cade said his career was in jeopardy. I'm not saying it's right, just trying to offer an explanation for a complex set of emotions. And no of course I wouldn't be silent. I WAS threatened and I still spoke out.
  2. Take a step back and think of the tactic Jamie took. He threatened peoples' livelihoods. That is something imperative in all peoples' lives, and he scared people into thinking their lives would implode if they said something. That is why imo it took so long for people close to her to speak up. Because if they did they'd lose their jobs, their salary, which, in the primitive mind, means decision making as to where they'll then live, how they'll make ends meet etc. It's fear-based, and Jamie preyed on that. Not saying speaking out 13 years later is right, but I think it's worth pointing out that Jamie was threatening to destroy peoples' lives, and he had the money and power to actually do it.
  3. Disagree. Posting these photos does not = stay in the conservatorship where she has no legal rights. If a judge or the court uses these as evidence that this justifies the conservatorship, than the corruption runs deeper than we thought.
  4. Hey Exhale, as if you need any more Britney content to consume I joined queens Monét X Change and Lady Bunny on their podcast, Ebony & Irony, to chat all things #FreeBritney. I did push back on a few things that Lady Bunny mentioned, like Britney being "crazy" or on drugs, her music, lip syncing, things like that. No disrespect to her at all, but a few times I had to be like, 'receipts' I appreciated being able to have the opportunity to shed light on things that I think are commonly said in the general public. Things that people think is the reason why the conservatorship was justified, or Britney's artistry. All in all it was a great experience and I really enjoyed our conversation. If you have a spare-hour, or want something to zone out to while you're driving or cleaning, give this a stream. I come in at the 8:15 mark. Listen below on Spotify or here via Apple.
  5. I agree. Of course yes it would have been more ideal to have spoken up before, but we can’t focus so much on the past anymore. Let’s look ahead. He’s trying to help now. Let’s accept that. Keep a critical eye on him, fine, but a little bit of this takedown mob mentality doesn’t sit so well with me personally. Just my two cents 🙏
  6. Damn I love this paragraph so much This was beautifully said, and a great reminder of why we're all here. This this this. This is what the article should have centered around!! Thank you!
  7. Camila Cabello has a history of racially insensitive posts, so this latest happening is not good. One of her dancers looks like they were airbrushed to be black. She claims it's supposed to be a ridiculous spray tan. The clip and her statement are below. Why is she always in a mess Thoughts, Exhale? Watch the full performance here:
  8. I agree. I feel like this was not the best route to take when analyzing parasocial relationships. Or at the very least, it didn't scratch the surface of how complicated and layered this situation is. Just very surface level and lacking depth (imo)
  9. I loooove this point. Exactly. I legit don't expect a thing in return, nor does any fan really. That is the beauty of this movement. It's pure. I wish the article touched on that.
  10. Agreed 100% - everything in moderation. Admittedly there's been a Britney information overload as of late considering everything, but I don't necessarily thinks that puts me in this weird box that BuzzFeed placed me in.
  11. YES. It does feel like conspiracy theorists rebranded in some facet. Like, I get what she's trying to say, but the delivery missed the mark imo.
  12. Yes exactly. Like I'm unhealthy or unstable. They didn't explicitly say that, but to me it felt like there were some implications. Appreciate your comment 🙏
  13. Love this comment a lot. I do feel like she kinda slighted the people she interviewed. That tone extended to Leanne and Megan imo as well. I can't speak for them, so maybe they dont' take issue with this article, but the whole thing felt icky to me. Interesting about Emily D (sorry about the censor lol). Going to feel the feels today then tomorrow let this whole thing go and move on. Appreciate your words greatly! Thank you.
  14. Appreciate that a lot. Yea I just felt like it was a bit disrespectful, right? At first I told myself I'm overreacting, but there's a reason I am feeling turned off by this article. And thank you for saying that last part as well. It was tough to admit to myself, and also tough to share it publicly, but if it'll maybe inspire someone else to seek out help I think that's awesome. There is literally nothing wrong with wanting to elevate yourself. It's commendable to me and I hope people take that away from this. Thank you for the support
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