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Britney Spears appears to SHADE former assistant Robin on Instagram

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1 minute ago, WhateverYouNeed said:

but what does ''cleaning my real living room with no tic toc'' even mean? :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

she has the mind of a mastermind :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

Her post is pretty much a parallel to Cinderella, I think she meant that even though everything sounds unreal/like a fantasy, it's very much real

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16 minutes ago, The Finn said:

I love her letter of truth. So looks like she has been told many times before to “use what you have in your closet” instead of buying new things. Even with “only” $2000/week you can get a lot of shoes. It sounds they didn’t like her to use even that money on herself.

So she said “**** this s***” and decided that she won’t listen to her assistant anymore. Nor will she settle – she will demand to have what she is entitled to have. And she will keep saying her truth out loud.


She is ecstatic to be driving again (I totally feel her, I love driving and it’s something I would definitely crave if I lived in Southern California).

You can read the ballgame as “this is so different (to her driving situation in the past couple of years) that it’s almost foreign – it’s so amazing” OR as a hint that she’ll want to get out of USA.

She has been filming her videos in the grand living room - probably because she has been told that her real living room (the one she uses) isn’t fancy enough.

The cleaning might mean that she actually cleaned the floors - or maybe it’s a dance reference. Or maybe she already got rid of some people.

I understood “plant here” as “stay in the USA/living in this house”  (for now) but makes it clear she wants to travel.  Mention of Cher is her way to say she saw her message and appreciates it.

”Cleaning my house” sounds like she is going to get rid of all the bad people in her life and going to a ball could mean going to Sam Lutfi’s party he planned throwing.

She is in an excellent mood, feels like things are moving forward, isn’t going to obey and believe the lies that she has been  told and is ready to fight for her rights (to party). 😀

(My guesses are as good as yours🤷🏼‍♀️😂).





I think the cleaning the house/going to the ball is a pretty clear Cinderella reference. 

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The caption is so hard to read unformatted omg... but her posts honestly take about 4 readings to decipher and even then... lol.

it's interesting because they're actually such complex thoughts? So much information while also being so mysterious. Like the cinderalla metaphor, the ballgame/stadium metaphor all of the information is so strangely encoded, I love it. Either way this is a f-ing smart person. I love her. 


Like the way it combines a simple but symbolic story about her shoes to talk about her access to her money and the denial of basic things- but then combines the new shoes with her freedom and ability to dance- and it's also referenced by the song choice- and then it get's extended to a Cinderella reference at the end? 

I think there's a reason why her work always resonates, and that's always been her key ability to express things through imagery. Always straight forward but coherent. I think that's also why people get obsessed with her, because everything is behind one layer of imagery so it pulls you in to unravel- I mean going back to the meanings behind Everytime/Lucky/Gimme More etc.... these captions are really her new outlet 

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11 minutes ago, The Finn said:

I come from a family full of people with ADHD (I’m one of them) and I don’t find this post too difficult to read – in my family we often speak in parallel meanings (metaphors) because we find it amusing.

We also make connections between things that might not be so obvious to other people but make sense to those who are “in the know”.

I’m not saying that Britney has ADHD, just that I know people who have written posts in a similar style and aren’t considered insane. 😀

Britney does have ADHD, they wouldn’t let her take her adderall when the conservatorship got put in place.

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