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Britney references her June 23rd testimony (wearing a maids outfit)

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8 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Maybe in the beginning they would filter and edit her drafts, but now it seems like she's not submitting anything to them anymore. Not even pictures.

This is definitely a possibility. I feel like since June 23rd she’s probably completely rebelled against the establishment as she is empowered. 

One day we may know the truth for sure but this is what I choose to believe. 

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"bRiTnEy RuNs HeR iNsTaGrAm!1!1!" :sponge_spongebob_sarcastic_meme_sarcasm:

My a.ss... :rupaulslap_hit_mad: If she REALLY runs her IG and she's making fun of the whole situation then maybe she needs some real help, probably even more than we know :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:BUT because i know how team con & co. works, i definitely think that they're just trying to make her look unstable... Cause come on now, what the **** is this post? :gross_britney_ew_sick_red_sunglasses_cringe_disgusted:

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31 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Maybe in the beginning they would filter and edit her drafts, but now it seems like she's not submitting anything to them anymore. Not even pictures.

Not this just occurring to me! :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised: Queen of Rebellion! :mimiclap_mariah_clapping_applause_proud_yes_Yas:

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2 hours ago, Buffybot said:

Whatever... Not funny, not se-xy.

Let's believe for one second that Britney is the one who posted, we always end up with the same questions:

Why people around her (who should care) still supports this bizarre land? Cassie, Britney or Mephisto, the person behind this account... that looks really bad.

Britney really doesn't care about her image that much?

I agree. The photo is awful and the caption alone was bizarre. If this really is Britney (I doubt it) she should stop. Immediately. 

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7 hours ago, phareezy said:

There's no way any reasonable community manager would have let that post go live with the original caption without saying "hey, the optics on this aren't great. Let's maybe not post this." No way Britney would post it, but it did what it needed to do in upsetting people and once again, making Britney come across completely wrong.

Whether Britney is posting or not (she isn't), we can conclude Cassie is a trash community manager regardless for even letting that go live.

Cassie has never done ONE thing right in managing Britney’s social media. Aren’t social media managers supposed to take good care of the celebrities’ images that they’re handling? This ***** that speaks only with one side of her mouth is doing the exact opposite. 
Also, her social media accounts used to sync with each other. Now her FB and Twitter are both abandoned 

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8 hours ago, frank194 said:

Creo que hay una mala perspectiva sobre las empleadas domésticas. No estamos en el año 1800 donde eran esclavas y solamente de color. Hoy en dia es un trabajo como cualquier otro y se les paga muy bien. Bastante bien diria. 

Si Britney hicera un post pero haciendo referencia, por ejemplo, a la abogada (que es un trabajo) de su padre, estarían todos celebrando y diciendo: vamos britney! Asi se habla! ...no lo crees? 


Puede que tengas razón, pero es un trabajo muy estigmatizado aún. Creo que mucha gente lo ve de manera diferente y por eso es un post que no puede sentar bien al público general... pero bueno, igualmente no sé si ha sido Britney o team CON. 

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There is no way Britney would reference her court testimony in such a flippant way, in my opinion. She spoke about her nails and hair as self care, and she mentioned her housecleaners in a way that made it clear that someone was lying to her. I mean, why would she post a reference to her testimony at all, but not actually talk about it when that's what she wanted to do?

In my opinion, I cannot help but feel like someone is goading fans to get reactions, either to distract from the actual issues now that its in the mainstream or to weaken the impact of her testimony...

...but honestly, I fail to understand how so many professionals in the entertainment industry are allowing this to happen at any level.

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