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  1. Can’t believe people get paid $$$ to curate these posts and can’t even use all HQ photos 😂
  2. I love her and am so thankful for her accounts. I’m glad she’s being interviewed because I feel like she’s been an integral part of #FreeBritney and has done an exceptional job uncovering things about the conservatorship and explaining the court docs. I really hope we get more interviews like these, and no more with Perez/Paparazzi etc.
  3. Right? I don’t think her court appointed attorney brought it up either. So strange...
  4. She looked gorgeous, as always. With everything that has come to light since POM, my perspective has changed so much on that residency. Mainly, I think what an accomplishment to finish that many shows under the circumstances of the conservatorship. She’s a true professional & so strong. I can’t wait until she gets to decide fully what’s next for herself and career.
  5. Welcome :) I love your Twitter and look forward to your posts on here.
  6. Right? Although in this twisted timeline, all we’ll get about Lou is a “Britney” IG post like “Let’s talk Lou guys! 💄💄💄 Lou is my strength & inspiration 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ She totally had nothing to do with the conservatorship!! 🙏💄💋 PSSSS Cassie didn’t write this! 💃👯‍♀️🌻”
  7. Absolutely. We all know those documents are real, but I’m glad he confirmed bc it definitely annoyed me while watching the docu. Also, it’s good for the more casual fan/GP to know they are indeed real court docs (not everyone spends time on Twitter/Exhale, haha).
  8. New interview from Mobeen Azhar. Some key take aways: 1. Clarified that the dementia documents are indeed real court documents (in the documentary he stated he had no way to confirm they were real). 2. Respects Britney fans and the movement, the movement goes beyond just fans, now ft. lawyers, non fans concerned about conservatorship abuse, etc. I thought it was a great interview, and am glad he clarified the validity of the documents.
  9. It’s so refreshing someone on this type of show seems to see what most of us do. Props to you Keshia!!
  10. More “sources” talking for Britney. Anything reported from TMZ is probably Team Con. She has been silenced for 13 years. If by some chance she says she’s ok w/ conservatorship, can we trust that she hasn’t been threatened or manipulated? Like the “alleged” voicemail/notes suggest? In my opinion Penny should just terminate it regardless given all the violations (no medical declaration, no warning, unable to hire her own attorney) to her rights. She doesn’t even appear to qualify for a conservatorship.
  11. For sure, I’m appreciative that she’s been one of the few celebs to actually post the #FreeBritney hashtag and vocalize her support for her freedom.
  12. Wow, so messy!! I loved their account at the beginning of all this, but once they started stanning “Kingham” and switching from #FreeBritney to #SupportBritney, it all got verrrry fishy. Time and time again, they’ve been WAY too supportive of her court appointed attorney. I’ll continue following Lisa MacCarley and That Surprise Witness instead.
  13. Ok this is really sweeet. I’m conflicted on how I feel about Paris, but she has been really supportive to Britney over the years. In my dream world she would use her $$ and resources to help get her out of this fraudulent conservatorship, or atleast shed more light on the issues with it.
  14. Thank you for this! I was taken aback by the sudden change of heart re: her captions and posts on here. We are now 2 years into the #FreeBritney movement and there are TONS of threads on Twitter exposing who really runs/owns her social media. Her team seem to use her social media to control the narrative. Headlines today are now reporting how “upset” Britney is about the documentaries, and now some people are feeling unsure on how to proceed. Britney might like her privacy, and I don’t doubt she doesn’t love having her toughest moments shown over & over again, but remember she is smart and keen on her freedom!!!
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