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  1. LMAO Can y'all come up with actual proofs for once? This is a phone call that was made by the father of the first accuser, Jordan Chandler... He wanted to destroy Michael just because Michael didn't gave him MONEY!!! Also, imagine being ""abused" and ask for money (that's what Wade Liarson did btw) he sued MJ's Estate cause all he cares about is M.O.N.E.Y Do your homework instead of accusing me of "vIcTiM bLaMiNg "
  2. You too now? I don't know if u can read or not but i REPLIED to someone that said i wasn't informed on this topic (when i clearly am informed) All this just because i expressed what i think about this excuse of a man? K
  3. I'm very educated, you don't even know me so don't you dare... Actually i don't even reply to ignorant people so i'm doing you a favor babe. We're talking about a man that claimed he was "abused" when he went bankrupt, what a weird coincidence, right? Oh btw, he said that Michael kept him away from girls... well, Brandi Jackson was his GF at that time but guess what? There's not a single mention of her in that excuse of a documentary, maybe because that's not what the plot of that mockumentary was! Oh and did you know that he BEGGED Michael on the phone to get married at Neverland? The same place where he was """"abused"""" and this is half of the half of the half of the half of the things that he didn't mentioned or that he twisted just to gain some "intelligent" audience like you, and infact you believe him! (Not that i'm expecting much from people who believes this living garbage) I'm very informed sweetie, get your facts straight next time and then come back with something REAL, oh and don't you bother to reply if you haven't done your homework cause i already wasted my precious time for this comment, xoxo sweetie.
  4. Same tbh, matter of fact i literally burned everything post Blackout... I had to
  5. Best: Gimme More cause duh Worst: Myahlien because of that glitch and the song is boring tbh the leaked demo was much better but all i can hear is Myah in both versions anyways
  6. In "She'll Never Be Me" when she says "Is it hard for you to realize" I thought she said "It's so hot for you to realize"
  7. I had no business in knowing how she sounds like when she gets the d But you know what? It sounds better than 95% of the songs released by most singers nowadays Also, her iconic laugh
  8. Was it the full length concert? I remember i've watched the "I Will Be Legend" performance from the Hawaii concert on YouTube but it literally looked like it was recorded back in 1960
  9. Lol how did you do that? How do you make the GIF smaller to make it look like an emote
  10. LMAO i'm not a Beyoncé fan tbh, but the GIF is worthy imo lol
  11. That's what we needed tbh, unlike the unnecessary "Britney Spears: Live and More" Not only the Crazy2K tour is a tour i couldn't care less about, but the editing on that DVD is embarrassing! I swear a 4 years old kid could have done a better job at editing the concert. They shortened the songs so much, not to mention the fact that they randomly cut the performances to show random interviews and they cut the performance of "I will be Legend"! And who the **** thought it was a good idea to use the Oops MV footage while she's performing Oops? I know what the MV looks like, let me focus on the damn performance instead.
  12. Work Myah. Britney doesn't even sing half of the half of that dated-edm-mess.
  13. She gives me some very weird vibes tbh and idk... I don't really trust her. In my opinion i feel like she's trying to help only NOW that this whole situation is public... Again, MY OPINION = NOT FACTS. However i feel like these people and their comments don't make us look good... Btw Lynne, the fact that you're supporting your daughter privately doesn't mean you CAN'T share even 1 post or 1 IG story saying #FreeBritney. You shouldn't feel forced to do it, but you could do it. #FREEBRITNEY
  14. Where we going? We'll think about it as soon as we free you, Queen. Cause WE WILL free you, Mrs. Legend
  15. For song i find Make Me... more interesting, also Womanizer imo is very repetitive: Womanizer, woman-womanizer you're a Womanizer, oh womanizer oh you're a womanizer... I mean, stop... i get it, he's a serial cheater For MV Womanizer, obviously. Make Me... Is just bad, like even the "Scrapped Version” is not good, period (and yeah, it's not the final cut, but it still bad) She looked great in both but Womanizer is way better. Make Me MV (The released one) sucks, it's just horrible, the only good thing about that mess is that she looks GORGEOUS. And the scrapped version is plain vulgar and it has no reason to be so...
  16. I mean... she's free to do whatever she wants (unlike Britney btw ) But this makes me cringe hard, for some reason
  17. Not a fan of the song tbh... It just sounds childish to me however, the performance is really good, she looks so into it and i'm here for it Also, the live dance break >>>>>>>> most POM choreos
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