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  1. Well, guess I'll continue my protest by not watching this show I didn't even know existed until the petition surfaced.
  2. This is sad. I went to the US leg of this tour . I remember watching her on stage and thinking she looks like she doesn't want to be here. Didn't go to any future tours or shows because it felt so incredibly off. I just thought she no longer wanted to be famous but had to because she was so big. Watching old stuff with the context of what we know now is really something.
  3. He can't be serious with this I'm so sick of all of these people. Amazing how so many leaches and idiots can attach themselves to one person for so many years.
  4. Interesting Sam has never gone live with her around either... I'll keep my tinfoil hat theories to the "Britney Doesn't Control Her IG Account" thread.
  5. When was the last time Britney went live? Has she ever gone live?
  6. Everyone that has been silenced needs to get together, hire an incredible attorney, and sue. It's sounding like Jamie silenced half of Hollywood at this point. There's power in numbers. If multiple people are coming forward with the same story those little NDAs won't even matter.
  7. This article wasn't very fair to you, Jordan. Or any fans for that matter. It definitely tried to make us sound like crazy people who don't have lives outside of Britney. I can only speak for myself, I guess but that certainly isn't true. We all choose how we want to spend our free time. Everyone here has clearly chosen to make some time for Britney. Just because we're trying to help someone that has made an impact on us get their life back in our free time doesn't make us weirder than people who choose to spend their free time posting selfies on Instagram or thinking about writing think pieces about people who enjoy the work of a celebrity ( ) . I don't even think of #FreeBritney as a stan issue, it's a social justice issue, which just happens to have a huge celebrity as the face of it. I get this fanbase has a spotlight on us right now but what about talking to people in a fanbase where the artist is actually gone? That could have helped to make this article feel more fulfilled. Michael Jackson did and still does have hardcore stans and after he died, they moved on and kept it moving. No one's life was shattered to the point of no return and there weren't any think pieces about their obsessions when he was going to court. Who is this woman? A team con plant don't let it get to you, @Jordan Miller. Seems like she had an agenda with this.
  8. I think they're definitely hiding something and whatever it is, is dark but I don't think Britney necessarily wants to hide whatever it is. I can't think of anything she would want hidden that would benefit her. She seems to want people to know everything that's happened.
  9. Nope. You're correct. She said she got a speeding ticket for going 10 miles over and her dad took her license from her for 8 months and then right after she said that suddenly she's driving everywhere. It's so thinly veiled. People need to see through it. The entire conservatorship and the abuse sounded crazy but it ended up being true. I don't think us thinking she's not behind her posts is that crazy.
  10. Risky click of the day **opens in incognito** Yep. Could've done without seeing that
  11. Light that *** on fire I had forgotten about this performance. It was different. Not bad, but the fact that I forgot it... Love me some prerecorded vocals though
  12. The paparazzi shots of her driving and being out more than we've seen her in forever are also feeding this empowered narrative. We're catching her out almost every other day now. When was the last time that happened?
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