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  1. I enjoy Kelis but I'm so beyond tired of this repeat these few words and call it a chorus formula in pop music. I know it's nothing new for the genre but it seems to be at an all time high these days. It just reeks of laziness to me. I miss grand, booming choruses.
  2. **** them. Criticising your appearance is low and exposes their ugly personality. You've been speaking out against the conservatorship since it began. I was a member back then and remember the taped mouth banners. I also remember people giving you tons of hassle for speaking out because "it's a family matter." It's embarrassing they have a bee in their bonnet about not being included in the Netflix doc. You were asked to give your opinion and you did. All that matters in this mess is that Britney gets free.
  3. That part was so shady. Did he expect to come off well because, man, he absolutely did not. The document with his signature already seemed weird and his brief appearance cemented it.
  4. Parts are very effective, particularly the ending. I teared up here and there. As a whole, though, it's not very good, imo. I understand it's for the GP but even by those standards it's a missed opportunity. They spent far too much time on 2007/irrelevant things and the timeline of events in the conservatorship felt really disjointed and lacked clarity. I wasn't expecting any new developments in this doc but I did expect the unraveling of events to be executed better. I'm beyond grateful that more people will become aware of Britney's situation thanks to Netflix but I refuse to lie and blow smoke up their arse when the truth is I found the presentation disappointing.
  5. Jamie and Co really thought they'd get away with this None of them will have privacy in prison so it will all balance itself out.
  6. "Who is she to be demanding that of anybody?" "How are her sales in Las Vegas?" Death to every last one of them. Fuming watching this.
  7. Those were the days. Our girl was feeling the Britney fantasy and we ate it all up
  8. Look at me I'm living alone And now you're only living in my phone Miss Kacey showing no mercy by pairing Camera Roll, Easier Said, and Hookup Scene I was ready to dig my own grave but thankfully the flute solo in There is a Light brought me back to life
  9. The vinyl is definitely worth it, imo, even if you don't have a player. You might get one in the future and it's beautifully designed. There are colour variants for the vinyl itself (red, lavender, orange, to list a few). I initially disliked the heart cover but I kind of love it now after seeing the vinyl design - it opens with the heart splitting to reveal Kacey's face: https://i.imgur.com/VevK3Bh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YUApHAu.jpeg
  10. Love the album so much. Kacey's vocals are like honey and the production is so airy and delicate. My red vinyl from HMV was delivered this morning and the exclusive poster has a big crease in the corner Contacted them but they won't replace it, ugh.
  11. Perfectly stated. Are you taking all this in, Penny? Do you get it now? The more she makes illogical decisions that do nothing but benefit Jamie, the more corrupt she looks. It's time to wake the **** up and put an end to Britney's misery.
  12. Since BOMT. After seeing the music video I asked my parents to buy me the single and from then on I followed her career in amazement. The Oops era, especially Stronger, really propelled me to full on stan and the rest is history
  13. Lol, I like Christina but she was such an unnecessary cvnt back then. The truth is she was annoyed because Britney and Madonna's kiss was all anyone could talk about and most people forgot she was even there
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