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7 minutes ago, Applejack said:

Man, a tweet ain't gonna do as much as you think. Sure, it's cool. But it's just a tweet.

What Britney needs can be provided backstage.






It's exposure and honestly people adore their pop-stars to the point they will LISTEN if they see their fave is talking about it.  So while it won't end the conservatorship it can highlight to an audience that either doesn't know or doesn't pay much attention...who now all of a sudden will because their fave said something.  It does help.  Any power behind Britney is strength.

Does she need it? Not at all.  But can it help make a difference?  Of course.

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Too busy googling causes that would benefit their careers instead of supporting a fellow female artist which just showed the world all the suffering and injustice she's been through. Britney didnt even finish talking and Mariah already showed her support. Cher was always vocal about it and just talked about it again. Some other pop girls like Halsey, Bebe, Tinashe and such tweeted out right after. 

Where's Gaga? Nicki? Beyoncé? Rihanna? JLo? Shakira? P!nk? Madonna and Janet (both Britney's idols and abuse survivors)? Will they wait till its gonna get ugly to not say anything when they could come foward right freaking now? Im pissed yall :sickofu_britney_blinking_umm_wtf_confused_annoyed:


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it is very, very chilling to have complete silence from all the girls.

These are Britney's PEERS. some of whom would not even EXIST if it weren't for Britney.

think of how many people spoke up for Kesha a few years ago.

I hope to God they are making moves for her behind the scenes or something.

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They don't have to make a statement about Britney,

but considering how loud all those pop stars were whenever social movements happened, it is weird that most of them are silent now. Where are those women (and men) who raised their voice for the weak? 

Even their fandoms support Britney first. Hypocrites...:gross_britney_ew_sick_red_sunglasses_cringe_disgusted:

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