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  1. Harvey is a vile piece of **** and I can’t wait to see him go down one day. Him and his entire outlet. I know Fox just bought them a week ago so that’ll be fun.
  2. we keep saying that and we keep getting more and more vile revelations. This has been going on for 13+ years, trust me there is PLENTY that hasn't even been heard or said 😩😩. We're talking hundreds of people who know SOMETHING. We don't even know the half of it!
  3. I am convinced we are about to hear some of the recordings very very shortly 👀
  4. I honestly thought this was a general consensus. I always knew it, or at least felt it to be true, but there is no doubt in my mind now that it is 100%!
  5. She would never because of the kids. She’ll always put herself last when it comes to them and it would probably cause quite a riff. but I agree. I wish she would too. I want him to drown (not literally) just as much as the others.
  6. Kevin is and will always be trash. He’s just another piece of this ****ed up puzzle that has been responsible for Britney to be and kept in this prison. I will never respect him or wish him good. I won’t wish bad but I will never go out of my way in a positive way towards him. Vile piece of pure ****.
  7. As optimistic as I am about Sam I can't help but feel the exact same way. Anyone that looks past this very BIG detail...
  8. I actually really like this. The pic is PERFECT (her hand around her throat could not be better and more true)
  9. People are jaded by the past so it's not in the least bit odd or irrational for them to be worried or conspicuous of the narrative Netflix might paint. We've lived through decades of it and it's not going to go away soon. Hell, had that testimony been leaked, we'd never know half of what we do (regardless if new outlets were in there or not). So let them be skeptical or nervous but hope for the best! It only takes one person to **** everything up and you all know that. The public, people, are fickle AF! With that being said, I am positive it will be beneficial to Britney and injustices thrown at her. I hope with all my might.
  10. well you can say whatever you know/think and when/if proven right they can eat haha.
  11. Thank you! I hate to ask this but I am drawing a blank...who is James Par? Sorry 😩
  12. I mean, this is kinda great. This IDEA will be a success in the long run due to the logistics behind it (and cryptocurrency becoming more widely acknowledged as a true potential to the dollar - I mean it has to) but this will not be nothing more than a leaping stone...which is necessary. So it'll be interesting to see how this plays out and the marketing behind it. Artist lose so much money it's ridiculous. This will help them keep more in their pocket and I can't complain about that if they're putting out the work and their fans are buying it. No different than any job you or I have, except we dont have 1000 people behind us that also get some of the money (only taxes lol).
  13. SOMEONE has to have something on TMZ that should it come to light it would take down this disgusting “source’ abs I wish I knew who and how I could get my hands on it NOW 😩😩😩😩😩
  14. This is amazing BUT I am so jaded I’m like what if this is just a ploy to make him look great and for the conservatrofhip of her person, Jodi, to go against it and then start that mental health smear campaign 😩. You know damn well they all work together!!
  15. And this is exactly why I am exiting this thread because I always get infractions when it comes to this….thing 😩 it’s killing me not to drag her 😭😭😭 and it can’t be done in a “respectful” way because I don’t respect her. Ugh. butbthanks from the reminder lol keep myself out of trouble ❤️😩🤣
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