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  1. make me. not because its a bad song but just because its not as great as the others.
  2. the one thing i REALLY hope doesnt get lost during the dissolving of the conversatorship is that SAM IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. Just because we've been getting more and more info about how Britney's family is bad and abusive doesnt mean that all of a sudden he's a good guy. both sides are bad, both hurt and harmed Britney. dont forget that. Even if you dont believe Lynne's statements about Sam there have been other people who have come forward about his abuse and criminal activity.
  3. damn that was awesome. two things 1) they didnt need to use the TTWE remix vocals, would rather just hear brit and not kesha 2) wonder what their electric bill is haha
  4. cant take away from the fact that hes a great producer and creates bops (even tho i prefer max martin). that being said, im obviously not a fan of him as a person and i will leave it at that.
  5. super nice of her! that being said, she's not wrong. is it her place to say something like that, no. But should someone in britneys position with her assets have a prenup? of course.
  6. cant they just do some sort of compilation album to fulfill her contract? id rather her get out of the contract without releasing what the public will think are brand new songs for her "comeback." id much rather her work on something new that she wants to do and is passionate about and can be creative on. All that being said, IF this is what SHE wants then im fine with it.
  7. big fan of it then, big fan of it now. i think its terribly underrated. she made a lot of personal statements in that video which was refreshing.
  8. i dont think its a wild notion that she would record/perform again without her father in the picture. shes said that numerous times. do i think its 100% going to happen? no. but i think theres a big chance she would want to do things on her own terms. shes always said that working and staying busy has helped her, i think she just wants respect and freedom while doing so, not a lot to ask for.
  9. amazing video, amazing song. it really just gets better and better and its still one of the best workout, hype, and dance songs for me.
  10. 2016ney was real close to primeney, loved how into everything she was.
  11. annoys me that all these years later some people still say its a "diamond body-suit." SHES NAKED WITH DIAMONDS ON HER BODY, its so much hotter than a damn suit haha
  12. love the song and i always thought it sounded similar to he about to lose me, now i know why lol
  13. i mean her work with Max is impeccable, he's an amazing producer and i really hope they work together again. That being said, she has so many other great songs as well.
  14. ya i definitely dont think she necessarily picked the song, i think Larry was like you're doing Lucky whether you want to or not. Im just thinking she mightve had some input with making it a ballad but who knows
  15. that's another thing, based on her recent comments it sounds like a lot of decisions were made for her but do we think her team would be like o we gotta do a lucky ballad! i just can't see that. i feel like if anything they pushed for Lucky, she was against it, and then maybe was like actually fine ill do it as a ballad then.
  16. Random thought as I now listen to Britney's songs in a whole different light with all of the information we've been getting about her situation for the past 13 years. While Lucky wasn't recorded during any of this and Britney didn't write it, the obvious theme of the song is about a star who seems to have it all but is pretty miserable. We all know Britney stopped performing the song pretty much after the DWAD Tour so why bring it back for Vegas? Sure it was always supposed to be a "greatest hits show" but she had plenty of hits to choose from. Do we think she was ok with finally performing it again as a ballad to maybe give at least some insight into her situation or am i reaching? Not that we will ever really know but it is something I think about (feel free to ignore my rambling ).
  17. aw this is nice. can you imagine if they actually go away together? lol that would be amazing.
  18. bangerrrrr . shouldve been the 3rd single off Britney Jean.
  19. Femme Fatale easily. Only one of her albums to spawn 3 top 10 singles
  20. love me some fe. i have a feeling her and brit will be reuniting once britney gets back her freedom. also, key takeaway from someone who has not only been around britney her whole career but was been with her during the tumultuous conservator years, SHE DOESNT NEED A CONSERVATOR.
  21. yup same here. lynne is in court helping to fight for britney. for now ill sit back and see how her role in this plays out before i jump to a conclusion either way.
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