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  1. Some of these comments did NOT age well at all 🧐
  2. They’re afraid for their careers 😔. I wonder how all these people would feel if, good forbid, something happened to Britney. I find it very hard to applaud people coming forward now when they saw the abuse first hand years and years ago.
  3. Guys, for the love of all things holy (aka Britney Spears) can we PLEASE not ever ever E V 👏🏾 E R 👏🏾 post from X17 on here ever again? It’s bad enough we have TMZ but X17? This is straight up 2007 vibes and I am not here for it. to the OP thank you for posting Britney news however, this is not an attack on you personally love ❤️
  4. Omg I forgot all about this 😩😩 thank you for sharing!!! ❤️
  5. I will pass this injustice down to my children and instill it in them so deep they'll instill it into their children and so forth until it is written in the history books. I will NEVER forgive Billboard nor EVER forget the day 😩😭. In fact, add them to the list of people I want to take down with team con. You done have me living this moment over again 🤬
  6. He’s so disgusting. I need him to step down and by step down I mean over a cliff 😩. I want to watch him and everyone Involved crash and burn. Like NOW!
  7. She’s a vile human being. I literally can’t stand her and hope she continues to flop 😩
  8. I can't stand this witch 😩. ol angel hair thin lipped witch 😩
  9. The moment I read this I wanted to punch this ***** right in her throat 😩. I'm not a violent person at all BUT DAMN...Britney's families make me sick to my stomach and everyone else involved. Actually, I want to punch them all in the throats...then walk them personally to their cells.
  10. As a gay black/white male I can confirm this to be true 😩😩😩😩. Coming from her, I'm surprised however haha. But if you're a gay male you know just how true this statement is!
  11. E X A C T L Y 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but this aside BRITNEY, we love you, we’re always here for you, and as you want we want to see them all tumble down too!!
  12. His case is very interesting right now because it's being speculated this is his way of getting out of major trouble from the stealing money from families of plane crash victims that he is accused of (& to help with his divorce). It's a pretty intense case.
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