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  1. Beautifully said. All of it. My first thought/response is always "She doesn't want to identify as a victim!" however the only reason I think that was because of her FTR interview. But it's been over a decade since she's said those things about not wanting people to feel sorry for her. And that was before she endured the 13 years of living under the conservatorship. Who knows what has changed or resurfaced for her after all these years? She does seem to be someone who has an immense amount of strength emotionally, physically, mentally.... but we could be projecting? We simply don't know unless she tells us herself. It's also hard to picture her parading herself around on some sort of sympathy press tour, turning her tears on in the way you could picture some of these other public figures doing. Maybe there is something to be said about keeping certain things private? But ultimately you're right, it's certainly not wrong to be a victim. And she hopefully is doing whatever is best for her to help her heal from it.
  2. I'm kind of feeling this way too now.... Her life has been turned into a juicy true crime content. this is probably only just the beginning of it too.... I'm sure we can expect a scripted movie, series and miniseries sometime soon. I'm sure things are in the works as we speak. I just hope Britney is feeling okay right now with everyone discussing her life. Sending her so much love. Hopefully she feels that everyone means well and that the world is rooting for her. ✨✨✨✨
  3. "Someday (I will Understand)" is such a beautiful song that at the time I didn't appreciate.. but now I like it and it makes me emotional also "Brave New Girl" was always a skip for me back in '03 but throughout the past few years it's become one of my faves. I know we talk a lot about this song on here but I just worked out to ITZ this morning and by the time BNG came on I was like
  4. From what I've read today it seems like the doc isn't going to exploit her traumas and relive her "bad" moments (2007) it's going to keep it current and focus on how the law allowed this conservatorship to happen in the first place and go on for so long. and Jenny Eliscu is involved which makes me think it will be made with some care about protecting Britney as a person. hopefully... guess we'll just have to wait and see...
  5. exactly. this is what confuses me.... it's like, wait, who's side are you on now? you're worried about Netflix profiting off of Britney but what about when the conservatorship/Jamie was profiting off of her in Vegas when you and Gaga went to go see her perform?
  6. Shes literally been sayin' it since '08. She also said it all basically in FTR. But the public didn't give ****! Everyone was distracted by her "back at work" looking pretty again .
  7. Absolutely! I think it was just something that the collective (non-fans) had to process again because everyone remembered how poorly they they always treated her and girls like her and they felt guilty about their part in what happened to her. I think the FBS doc did a great job of walking everyone through those emotions... and now hopefully we can finally move on!!! Britney really did change the conversation herself when she spoke up in June
  8. Whatever it is...I'm sure it's petty. I think sometimes those people forget that there is a human being at the center of all of this...Britney! I appreciate their dedication but at this point they've turned her into a true crime story and they're all trying to be the one that gets the most clout and a career out of it. God Bless them all!!!! ✨💐🙏
  9. Wowwwww this actually looks legit. I'm so happy to hear they're just gonna focus on the conservatorship and the last 13 years!!! We're all tired of hearing about 2007, and it's time to put it to rest. And Jenny Eliscu is involved!!!
  10. omg Jenny Eliscu is involved?! my manifestation came true Jenny was the Rolling Stone reporter that Britney liked best and is one of the first journalists to highlight the weirdness of the conservatorship and reported that Britney was trying to get out in the 2008 Rolling stone "Yes She Can" Cover issue!
  11. Y'all.... I get it, Britney's Instagram can be a confusing place but we can't allow it to cause us to (further) lose our minds. RED HAIR DYE washes out very quickly. Especially if it was just a fun little temporary one (like the kind people use for Halloween). Expert "Hairstylists" need to stfu because maybe she didn't use professional hair dye?! And also the professional color can fade quickly too if not properly taken care of with special color shampoo. I can speak on this a woman who in the past occasionally dyed her hair shades of red and I also have hairstylist friends and a mother who was a professional hair colorist. ALSO.... maybe she got her hair cut short and ended up not liking it so she clipped her extensions back in for the video?! the whole point of this is that NONE OF US ******* KNOW ANYTHING and that is simply the only truth that we can hold on to.
  12. No need to freak out, y'all. honestly, it's for the best!!! She has so much going on and social media has been mostly negative for her . We could all log out every once and a while. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
  13. I'm SO happy for her everyone needs to remember that how Britney got into this mess to begin with is the idea that people think they know what's best for Britney and that she doesn't know how to make her own decisions.. but it's HER DAMN LIFE. and SHE knows Sam, we don't ! and also.... it's none of our business as fans what the **** she does in her personal life. Everyone needs to stop being so creepy!
  14. idk if she "stole the show" BUT it was nice to see them actually honor her by having her open the show. almost like her saying "here you go children...have fun playing with your toys..." hopefully she left right after and didn't even stay to watch
  15. YES!!!! want that for her so bad ✨💗🧚‍♀️🍀🎀💗🧚‍♀️
  16. question, does anyone have a streaming link??
  17. You guys it might be this... WELL at least for me.... I remember that "Hard To Forget ya " immediately reminded me of JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling" I don't hear it so much anymore since "HTFY" is a FAR SUPERIOR song and but something about the chord progression and atmosphere of the song is similar to JT's which isn't unlikely that she was influenced by it since she seems to be his biggest fan still. And she probably loved the Trolls movie
  18. Also reminds me of her "Pepsi is Pepsi" interview wig with the red streaks. hopefully she's channeling that sass cause we all love to see it
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