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  1. Like I said, in CA you have to renew your license about every four years. So by 2009, it would be by 2013; were in 2021. I just don't want team Con to be setting her up. We fans, are living that she is driving with her man, but in reality we have to think of the legality. Ultimately we want Britney to be free, if we ignore the law, and just root her on to do whatever she wants, were being bad fans and it will keep her stuck.
  2. Yes, I know this, but she also was told she couldn't see her sons if she didn't do what daddy wanted. So I'm being serious. If they took driving privileges' away from her in her mid 20's, how do we know she won't be viewed as a bad person for driving NOW without a current license?
  3. I was SO excited to see Britney Spears driving that I forgot, does she even have a valid license? I think most people have to renew their license every four years. Could Team Con be setting up Britney with not only the IG posts, but the driving? In 13 years of slavery-I mean the conservatorship, I would think Jamie Spears would not let her renew her license. So if she is driving now, it could look bad for her.
  4. you late to the game boo, but welcome! Let's help free Britney
  5. In response to the thread above, I posted telling the creator that, yes, "flops" are supported in Exhale because Jordan mainpages Camila Cabello (yes I do not like Camila's singing voice or live performances). I then googled "camila cabello july 2021" and one of the first images was her in a bikini giving a sour puss face. I used that pic as my reference because she looked angry and her hair is messy AF. [image removed again because of copyright] I woke up the next day to Jordan telling me I am "body shaming" her and he deleted her photo. I never mentioned her weight in my post. We all know Jordan works out a lot and is attractive, but by him removing an image of Camila with cellulite perpetuated the stigma of any man or woman who do not have a six-pack like he has, are ashamed of our bodies. Camila came out in support of NORMALIZING body-types like hers " curves, cellulite, fat". B Army holds a lot of people accountable for less than desirable behavior and I'm calling Jordan out. Like I said in my response post you ignored, we all don't have thirst trap bodies like you. Camila is literally asking us to normalize her body type and you then delete HER PHOTO. Be better! Just how you grew from your misogynistic ways by calling Paris and Lindsay "bÏtches" in 2009. I still can't stand a betch but I agree with her body image stance. We are all worthy of life and love!
  6. Lmao where do you get these stories from? Jordan straight busted your mythical tale Spice you always giving us the best stories
  7. Her nails are done, she's driving, she's singing live and well, AND her stanning her own music.
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Get that Sunday funday gurl! May you have one of the best years of your life! If they want more, than you'll give em more!
  9. I never mentioned her weight. Thats a current photo of her flaws and all to whatever standards you hold for beauty. She obviously doesn't have an issue with her body but you do because you removed it and called it body shaming. So we cant show any women who are plus sized on this site, only skinny women or photoshopped images. Got it Jordan! And actually I chose that photo because of the mean muggin face she had. You're the one perpetuating body images. Sorry we all cant have thirst trap bodies like you!
  10. I am curious about what a Jesy Nelson solo single will sounds like. I bet it will be sensual with crazy vocals.
  11. Billie is a self professed Big Tiddy Kween! Olivia Rodrigo and Lana could nevah!
  12. She's coming for her sëxy grown woman era like Dirrty and Slave 4 U!
  13. How is it okay for Fearless to win when it's an old album? I know she re-recorded it but than why not have Xtina re-record Stripped every few years and win awards, Adele re-record her old albums and win awards. I don't get how re-recorded albums are eligible for Grammy wins...
  14. Yes this forum DOES support Flops. Jordan likes to mainpage them. [image removed]
  15. Latin soap opera's have given us too many of the best dramatic gifs!
  16. I used to follow him after the Katy Perry video came out cuz he was EXTRA SALTY but forgot about him until now. Wow he looks so much older. Still attractive tho
  17. She was big until certain rappers were publicly questioning her writing skills and then the hate train came and her musical career never recovered.
  18. Ive only liked like 3 GA songs. I love Little Mix! All have amazing vocals, can harmonize like no one else, amazing choreo, and they are funny and sweet AF in behind the scenes/interviews- makes me wish I could be in their friend group!
  19. Who are the men she's collaborating with? Is this one of her normal concerts or is it like her doing classic songs like Gaga was doing with her Vegas show.
  20. "Felicia Ann Culotta, she wants to fück alotta!" - Britney Jean Spears
  21. Normani doesn't even have a first album out and she's already completely naked showing her bare ãss? Where can she go from here shock value-wise? They'll be no mystery with her. The song is decent. I like Cardi but that rap was weak. The choreo was on 🔥🔥🔥 though. That barely there "bikini" costume would've been great for a VMA performance reveal.
  22. Not this whiny screeching bítch coming back, who will play nonstop on radios thanks to payola!
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