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43 minutes ago, mythology said:

This thread is so sad.  it's basically an excuse to shade other, more talented artists that get you pressed, and it's embaressing AF. 

Our fave would be ashamed of you:riha_rihanna_cackle_laughing_lol_haha_hehe_lmao_hand:

I really hope no one falls for your stupidity and click bait antics 😩😩😩😩😩 gtfo and crawl back under your rock 🤢

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1 hour ago, mythology said:

How am I pressed?  You're the one jealous of other artists success.  You make believe you want them to speak up, but the truth is you never liked them  to begin with and are just using this as an excuse to slam them.  It's obvious what you are doing, and its embarassing AF.

Again, Beyonce doesn't owe Britney **** and she's not obligated to speak up.  Deal with it:ohi_okay_chewing_gum_well_welp:

I am absolutely not jealous here, who is saying any of the artists owes britney or us? World doesn't revolve around britney - everybody I mentioned talks all day about feminism and that was the only point I kept. Why would I be jealous in the first place, they are rich and I am not. What you are saying it's embarrassing and you are not ready to accept how fake these people are and choosing what's convenient for them. It's not about Britney again, it's about women's right. :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney:

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This has been really bugging me. I see a lot of

"how do you know they haven't reached out privately?"

Firstly, change only occurs from public pressure so privately reaching out only would do sweet f a. Britney has made it clear she appreciates the informed support and is busting her *** to make everything public. 

SO many of these people I respected and paid money towards and I swear on my life, I will not support or pay any mind to a single one of the big names that have sided with the oppressors by not using their platform to help Britney. Like seriously F them all, they are happy to use Britney's influence and power to further their own mediocrity (and I'm being kind with that adjective) because they don't have the creativity to form their own path . They are all quick to shy away because "we don't know enough". Well now you have had the words straight from the horse's mouth.... P!nk and Miley for starters who used that as their excuse for not getting their hands dirty and supporting the cause.


I would imagine the big names are being advised by their people "to stay out of it" but they need to grow a backbone and get the support out there, it will be a chain reaction. They all want the world to sob with them and demand justice if they lose rights to a fu**ing record or go through some difficult period but will act like Britney Spears, the most unproblematic celebrity (or person?!) to exist, did not just use her own ******* voice to expose abuse and forced prevention of having children. FUQ them all seriously.

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Only real people will support our girl, who cares about the fake jealous ones.

They probably want her to fail and disappear as they should since she'll outsell all of them if she dares to make a comeback after being free. They know how big she'll be once she's free, they better fear her power.

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they’re just a bunch of sleazy little ****** 

talking about human rights only when it’s convenient and comfy :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

had we been in the 1950s they would’ve never been vocal about anything lmfao 


very disappointed by floptina, at least pu***fied tweeted about britney.

i though that lady gaga would definitely speak up about it, she did about kesha and isn’t afraid of the consequences. meh.

ariana selena: **** 

rihanna: even though she retired it doesn’t cost much to tweet 

beyoncé: lmao i didn’t expect anything from that opportunistic ****, faketivism 100%, speaking about women rights than shutting up about the whole problem surrounding cships in the us. i knew that that egocentric ***** was fake from the beginning 

bilie eilish lmaaaaaaao that piece of alternative trash emo 


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2 hours ago, Body ache said:

There's a little thing called jealousy. They want to kick her when she's down by not speaking up. Gaga, Katy, Taylor, Beyonce etc are all secretly jealous of Britney's success. They just showed their true colors.

I don't think that silence = kicking someone when they're down. More than likely most of those women don't follow Britney news regularly, and to me it's bewildering that some of y'all think that just because we here at Exhale follow pop culture news daily, that it means all celebrities do as well.

Taylor's preparing to re-release Red and a **** ton of other albums, Katy's planning a residency and raising her daughter, Gaga's shilling Oreos and getting ready to promote a new film, and Beyonce is stealing writing credits probably working on a new album. Y'all can't seriously expect them to be following the #FreeBritney movement as closely as we are when they've got their own **** to deal with.

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