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  1. ya i definitely dont think she necessarily picked the song, i think Larry was like you're doing Lucky whether you want to or not. Im just thinking she mightve had some input with making it a ballad but who knows
  2. that's another thing, based on her recent comments it sounds like a lot of decisions were made for her but do we think her team would be like o we gotta do a lucky ballad! i just can't see that. i feel like if anything they pushed for Lucky, she was against it, and then maybe was like actually fine ill do it as a ballad then.
  3. Random thought as I now listen to Britney's songs in a whole different light with all of the information we've been getting about her situation for the past 13 years. While Lucky wasn't recorded during any of this and Britney didn't write it, the obvious theme of the song is about a star who seems to have it all but is pretty miserable. We all know Britney stopped performing the song pretty much after the DWAD Tour so why bring it back for Vegas? Sure it was always supposed to be a "greatest hits show" but she had plenty of hits to choose from. Do we think she was ok with finally performing it again as a ballad to maybe give at least some insight into her situation or am i reaching? Not that we will ever really know but it is something I think about (feel free to ignore my rambling ).
  4. aw this is nice. can you imagine if they actually go away together? lol that would be amazing.
  5. bangerrrrr . shouldve been the 3rd single off Britney Jean.
  6. Femme Fatale easily. Only one of her albums to spawn 3 top 10 singles
  7. love me some fe. i have a feeling her and brit will be reuniting once britney gets back her freedom. also, key takeaway from someone who has not only been around britney her whole career but was been with her during the tumultuous conservator years, SHE DOESNT NEED A CONSERVATOR.
  8. yup same here. lynne is in court helping to fight for britney. for now ill sit back and see how her role in this plays out before i jump to a conclusion either way.
  9. yo little miss viv needs to be removed. So MANY things pissed me off but i think this was the worst: "Thoreen also challenged other elements of what the singer said, and questioned why she was allowed to speak at length but 'no one else has been afforded the opportunity.'" So you're mad that BRITNEY got to speak the past two hearings, and finally defend herself and speak her truth? You have the nerve to say NO ONE else was allowed the same opportunity? What the hell do you think has been happening the past 13 years?! Britney was suppressed and kept quiet until now. How dare you act like her finally speaking out isnt fair. This whole thing is about HER. She should be the most vocal. Im irate
  10. love this. i literally use the clip of her singing "iiiiiii donnnttttt careeeee" at the end and send it to people when they talk about irrelevant **** haha especially at work. wonder how i havent gotten fired yet
  11. See now i feel like even if she did know how bad it was, she'd want to be there to try and help britney and be a positive force for her. rather than be on the outside with no way to help at all. its a tricky situation but i do think shed want to try and help as much as possible.
  12. obviously it will cover her current situation and thats amazing BUT i hope they cover just how great her body of work is and what a hard worker she is. id love to see how she navigated the music world her whole career and dominated.
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