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  1. I don't have anything nice to say so I'll dismiss myself from this topic. love y'all!
  2. it's one of my fave Britney tracks def in the top 3 for me... it was such a game changer for her like others have mentioned. the way she debuted it on the VMAs with that sick performance. my jaw was on the floor the first time I heard/saw it. although it's a s-e-x-y song about dancing I also find it very empowering. the intro slaps for me every time : "I know I may be young but I've got feelings too... and I need to do what I feel like doing so let me go and just listen. all you people look at me like I'm a little girl, did you ever think it would be okay for me to step into this world!? " I was a teen when it came out and I really admired the way she was seeming to step into her power around this time.
  3. Its already happening... although not as tacky and wild as it used to be. in the 2000s people would wear like say an orange mini skirt, pink top, green fringey mini bag. with a belt over the skirt and lots of accessories. it was really messy and crazy but like also very fun! the trend I'm seeing now is Y2K pieces but styled more minimalist which works I guess for today's boring culture lol
  4. why wouldn't she just get a songwriting credit then? Why would it be some big secret? if anything Gaga's entire first iteration of her persona and Fame era was born out of/inspired by "Gimme More" and Blackout album and time period in Britney's life. if we're gonna go there...
  5. and I never understood why people are hellbent on hunting her down since the start of her career. if anyone misspeaks or does something that's not perfectly on-message in this culture there's no forgiveness.
  6. wow this is so good. I can't believe how good she sounds singing Nasty Boys.. the sass!!! "No my name's not baby.. it's Britney! Ms. Spears if you're nasty!" these looks are amazing too wow. the high pony look with the leather outfit at the end is fire. all these lucky people that got to see it live
  7. how are some of you offended by this? I really can't keep up. I have a lot of my own questions for the culture p.s. I will take all and any Lana-Britney connections I can get
  8. #1 reputation (happy to see lots of Rep stans in here I'm surprised. I thought most people "hate" that album/era. it's the one I listened to the most) #2 1989 #3 Folklore #4 Red #5 Lover #6 Evermore #7 Speak Now #8 Taylor swift (I don't know her very well tbh)
  9. ugh wow 10 years! we are getting old girls. I'll never forget the first time I heard/saw this. it gave me literal CHILLS and my jaw dropped. Still such a beautiful song to this day. Lana is my #2 after Britney 💋
  10. sorry but I like this song! idk if it's tacky trash or whatever. it's stupid and fun and I like the video I unknowingly took my car to the car wash they filmed it at the other day and I was like hey this place looks familiar gonna go there every time now
  11. the only reason she's not doing full choreo is cause she's singing live. you can clearly hear her through the playback. they just have the track turned higher than her microphone. she always did less choreo back when she was focusing on singing live (which she was consistently during BOMT era) they probably needed it to sound exactly like the album because it was such a big performance on TV. She was such a pop commodity and they needed it to sound perfect so the kids would run out and buy those cds $$$ if they hadn't already.
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