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  1. yeah maybe fooled the locals. but not us but thank you for the friendly reminder 💋
  2. Rowena Chiu was Harvey Weinstein's former assistant who alleged that he assaulted her. Not Jeffrey Epstein's wife. Those are two different men. So you're going on about this "water" thing but you don't have that simple fact correct. I'm very confused, are you trying to say this woman is like some kind of witch who drugs women with water?
  3. the thesis of Gaga's early career was supposedly "critiquing" fame... yet she managed to completely sell out asap and is now just a garden variety Hollywood hack that really does live for applause and nothing else. and I also doubt she was talking about Britney. she's never seemed to be sympathetic towards Britney. (think of her constantly bragging about not lip synching/writing her own songs always trying to prove something) Katy and Gaga were the girls who grew up jealous of Britney and made it their goals to prove they were better and more talented than Britney in the industry, trying to make her obsolete. woops, guess I had a lot to get off my chest! anyway, she was prob talking about Amy! like ppl above have mentioned, she was working at the time with Mark Ronson for Joanne.
  4. ooooh this seems promising. I always like her music! Does she even have to listen to what her label says? And what are "singles" anyway? Everything is such a free for all these days, she should whatever she wants.
  5. Hopefully this new legal team will be able to prove that the conservatorship wasn't needed in the first place and it can just be dissolved/annulled. They have to go after the system itself, the laws that allowed this to happen. The corruption. That's what needs to happen. This is the only route. It's not about deciding if Britney is "competent" enough. F-U-C-K playing by the rules. DESTROY THE DAMN SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SUCH a cool song! I also remember it from her website back in the day paired along with that tiger imagery. I remember being stunned. The song sounds so haunting and mysterious. But I'm kind of wondering if there's not that much to it being "buried" other than maybe Britney just forgot about the song cause it's been so long? Along with her other scrapped music. Zomba owns the original but would Britney get in trouble for singing her own song on instagram? she could re-record it "Rebellion (Britney's Version) " Maybe someday..... (p.s. I hope Britney knows how much we love her unreleased music!! It's ALL i've been listening to these days )
  7. She looks happy...and lighter. I love this for her and damn right she better buy herself a CLOSET FULL OF SHOES...cause she's BRITNEY ******* SPEARS and she earned it. Hopefully "stadium no where near america" means she's MOVING FAR FAR FAR AWAY!!! (even though I live in CA too and don't want her to leave, I'm sure she needs a fresh start)
  8. okay, so I've always wondered... HOW did Britney end up at this premiere? Like who invited her? Leo? Tarantino? Did she stay and watch the movie? Did anyone interact with her? I saw press junkets with Margot Robbie and she was so excited about Britney being at the premiere but sad that she didn't get to meet her. Cause I remember at the time she was not going out to many events or doing much press, so it was kind of random and surprising to see her at a big Hollywood event. I have a hunch that Quentin Tarantino is a Britney stan and I'm trying to connect all the dots:
  9. I love it, but it does sound EXACTLY like Lana's "Wild at Heart", which was already borrowing instrumentals/melody from Lana's previous "How to Disappear" on NFR. WTF? Maybe they do it on purpose? Like he gives similar tracks to the girls like homework assignments and everyone does their own song over it ? We def need an explanation at this point.
  10. Yes. This. Thank you. So great to finally hear someone say this so thank you so much for sharing/starting the convo. You expressed it perfectly. It's been an exhausting few years, and not just Britney's situation but like the problems/injustices of the world at large! Everything seems so intense. Everyone is going through so much. And I think with Covid happening and being at home more I have had so much extra time to just dig into Britney's situation and be supportive of the movement, etc. I've always been concerned, but this past year is when everything started becoming clear. I do have to step away from time to time by taking a few days off from logging into here or from going on Instagram because I know it's not healthy to be too obsessed with it. I'm a very sensitive person too and I was physically ill for a week after hearing her testimony in June, just hearing everything she went through in her own words really got to me. I feel like I was also processing years of my own trauma or whatever. We feel personally responsible because we're the ones that gave them money all these years to keep her in this terrible situation. They used our love for her to basically enslave her in her career. I feel sick about that. We all want to see her get her life back. But you have to focus on taking care of you FIRST! It seems things are turning around in her favor (finally) so hopefully it wont feel like this much longer. I also try to remember what a great sense of humor Britney has (even through all she's gone through) and how nice it's been to finally hear from her again, like reconnecting with an old friend. Thank you again for sharing
  11. bad look for both of these people. I wonder what they could possibly be bonding over?
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