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Main pop girls with albums with over a billion streams

Jordan Miller

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Just think. Taylor swift was three years absent from Streaming services except ones you had to pay for. Hell a slap in the face happened to Spotify when she decided to make Apple music the exclusive home for 1989 for two years and the 1989 world tour live concert film. Of course youtubers try to put the concert film up on YouTube. But her team always gets word bt her swifties and within five hours of going live. It gets taken down and copyright claim put on the video. 

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1 hour ago, DonoDotto said:

This is mildly surprising.

Especially Demi being on there and not Selena :ohcrap:

Just goes to show that there are countless scales for success in this industry. 

revival always felt like it was more important than i think it actually was success was...its better than demi's while discography too lmao atleast imo

i do wonder if any of britty's will ever get there. ITZ has the best chance obviously, i do think it'll make it eventually. if a song or two from it could go viral on tik tok it'll speed that process up. toxic is such a streaming force it's crazy, the song has gained so many even just this year and like its 16 years old, from an artist considered past her prime by a decade, who isn't fashionable to like, and she's also just like doing nothing rn obviously. it's amazing that she can pull the relevance she does when she's not released music for almost four years now. . 

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Just now, Deyonce said:

Is it weird that as a Bey stan I'm surprised to see her here? Like she hasn't fully promoted a project since 2011 and she got pregnant in that era so I could really say 2008.

Uhmm it's Beyoncé. There needs no explanation. And she might not be promoting that much but she had the Superbowl in 2013 and not 'promoting' certainly did not stop her from slaying with the juggernaut that is BEYONCÉ later that year. She doesn't have to do much to slay. As a Bey stan, you should know and should not be surprised. :barbie:

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