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  1. She always was allowed to have a boyfriend. Maybe she's with Sam for so long because she's happy with him? More than with other ones? Y'all don't act like Britney isn't a loveable and attractive woman. She used to be one of the most $exy woman on this planet. Thousands of men were dreaming about having $ex with her. And if you think Sam is so devious to be with her only to use her, keep in mind if he ever hurt her, B Army will go after him really hard, and I bet he clearly knows it. So using her isn't really profitable to him. He would be forced to disappear like K Fed and others had to. Such scenario isn't going along with acting career, right?
  2. It will make me look like a crazy cat lady (which I am ) I have literally thousands pics of my cat in different angles, sleeping, playing, eating
  3. Sorry but you're the one in denial, you sound like ******* misogynist It's okay for men to do whatever they ******* want no matter what age they are or no matter if they have children or not But 40yrs old woman is too old for making silly videos, how the hell it's affecting her children? I would be happy if my mom would be like this, at least she's not boring And she's not 80, it's 2021, 40 is the new 30!! I HATE when someone says "you're to old for this and that, you can't do this cause you have children" As a woman myself, I feel like society won't let me be who I want to be So if I don't want to drastically change my lifestyle, I want to still have some fun then I shouldn't have children at all? Because you would say I'm immature? Mind your own business and let women live like they want to
  4. Besides her plastic surgeries, this pic is so filtered she looks like the Sims character I'm surprised she haven't started Onlyfans yet
  5. Britney and Christina were my biggest inspiration Next: Jennifer Lopez
  6. She looks beautiful, I love the hairstyle but why they photoshopped her so badly so her elbows expand in the same direction as her waist narrows i'm sure she didn't even need any photoshop
  7. Can we also appreciate "I'm So Curious", I love how she sings it with her natural voice, what a shame they never let her use such voice again It is a perfect B-side for "Sometimes" Both "Sometimes" and "I'm So Curious" bring back old memories of 1999's summer, when I was 8 yrs old kid, dreaming of being like Britney when I grow up Now I am grown up and I'm not Britney, what went wrong in my life Not to mention how beautiful she was looking in the "Sometimes" video, literally the prettiest girl in the world
  8. The visuals made me expecting some hard sound, but the song itself isn't hard at all... Like it doesn't match I can hear why she did a collab with Avril Lavigne
  9. So funny how back then she was called outrageous and a bad influence for kids, just because we could see her belly button Compare this to current celebrity fashion
  10. Yeah sure, she hasn't ever commented on #FreeBritney, cship or anything important, but now she speaks to TMZ because she felt like she has to defend her criticizing on Framing BS
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