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  1. 1. Break Up Song: Classic Little Mix. It's very 80s yet still very timeless. The vocals are *Chef's Kiss* It still feels fresh after all these months. I was unsure of how it would work as an album opener but it actually sets up the album really well. (10/10) 2. Holiday: The song feels a tad generic to me, but its not bad. It kinda grew on me. Perrie's post chorus saves the whole song. (7/10) 3. Sweet Melody: Pop perfection. On the first listen I thought it was just ok but the chorus was imprinted in my mind and it grew on me since. The production is amazing and Jade's F5 is great. Very reminiscent of Touch (even down to the line distribution). (10/10) 4. Confetti: I was addicted on first listen. It is Little Mix meets 7 rings. I was expecting something more pop oriented but this was 100 times better. The production is immaculate and I am in love with Jade's phrased E5. (10/10) 5. Happiness: I loved this song on first listen as well. I love how dramatic the classical instruments are as they build up to a house inspired chorus. And the lyrics are also pretty decent. The only thing I wish it had was a proper bridge. (9.5/10) 6. Not A Pop Song: A very nice midtempo. I feel like it fits in sonically with the record but not thematically considering that this album is comprised of pop songs. It probably would've fit better on LM5. Nevertheless it has great lyrics and is overall a well constructed.... pop song. (8/10) 7. Nothing But My Feelings: I love how subtle and direct the lyrics are at the same time. It's a fun song though I feel like some parts are overproduced and they could've layed off the autotune. (8.5/10) 8. Gloves Up: AN ANTHEM!!! This song feels like an event. Perrie and Leigh were singing their ****s off in the chorus. And Jade came through with her falsetto. The song is in SEVERE need of a bridge though; it ends to soon. (9.5/10) 9. A Mess (Happy 4 U): I guess this is the first "lull" (I use the word lightly). It has a nice chorus and Jade's pre chorus is the best part of the song. But the song is extremely overproduced, and after wanting a real bridge for half of these songs we finally got one and... it was NOT it. (6.5/10) 10. My Love Won't Let You Down: The song has a nice sentiment, yet I feel like it's lacking something. Like They just through a ballad on the record because they were expected too. And there shouldn't be any autotune on a piano ballad. Who thought that was a good idea? (6.5/10) 11. Rendezvous: This song is HOT! I love the ****** energy. The production is great and doesn't take away from the sensual vibe of the song. It kinda gives me Rihanna vibes. (10/10) 12. If You Want My Love: I love the throwback energies of this track. We got a great bridge for the first time since Break Up Song. Only criticism is that sometimes the "IF YOU WANT MY LOVE!" chant can sometimes feel a tad heavy handed (9/10) 13. Breathe: A refreshing closer. I love the transition from the extremely strong preceding track to something more ethereal. The chorus is great. And their vocals make the song feel personal and emotive despite the use of multiple lyrical clichés. Despite the album not having any theme or story I feel as if I've come full circle. (9.5/10) This was a great album. Definitely worth the wait; all the girls got to shine. The record feels oddly nostalgic of old Little Mix while simultaneously pushing them in new directions. It has the cheesiness of DNA, harmonies of Salute, choruses of Get Weird, vocals of Glory Days, and the maturity of LM5. With this album Little Mix has finished the work that LM5 started of transitioning them from any regular girl group to 4 mature young women who come together to become a singular ARTIST. (8.8/10)
  2. No. I mean vision and quality. And the best art is collaborative. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
  3. As children I don't know who would have the upper hand but as teenagers (when both their careers started) it is fairly obvious. Britney has hit an F2. Beyoncé has hit an E2. But I was referring to supported range which is different.
  4. I don't understand how a 5 year time period of exceptional dance skills makes her a better performer when Bey has been an exceptional vocalist and a great dancer for over 20 years. Make it make sense. And being a exceptional ARTIST requires more than one being a great performer. It requires exceptional... art.
  5. Even IF Britney consistently danced as if it were 2004 again that doesn't change anything. Britney's lows have NEVER competed with Bey's. Bey consistently supports down to C3 and has supported all the way down to A#2. And low notes are just one aspect of the voice. We both know that Britney does not prioritize that aspect of her talent so why would you even bring that up? So, as I said no valid contemporaries.
  6. It was very Pop and R&B oriented. It was also their best album.
  7. At this point I just want the album. I really liked Break Up Song, and this song is okay though it lacks any teeth outside of Perrie's post chorus.
  8. I think that as your friend they should've answered your question. Lol that's really cool. My cousin teaches English in Spain.
  9. I definitely can see that. With any artist, especially one as big as Beyoncé, there are bound to be positive and negative effects from everything they do (like the Instagram Beyhive). I can partially agree on your stance on teaching to. Like I have no problem with teaching I just have a problem when people feel entitled to me teaching them. I feel like there should be a space in the Movement for people to teach but I also understand that it's not necessary because the same way I as a man learned about feminism by reading books, articles etc. the same way a white person can learn about being an anti-racist. And I think there needs to be an enemy if we want true change. Part of the reason racism still exists is because of the LACK of allies and the commitment to respectability politics. I don't think that that will create a new breed of hatred because the enemy isn't a people group but an ideology and a system. Though your point on white fragility definitely makes sense though. White fragility technically is just a form of cognitive dissonance. But I still think it's necessary to discuss. And I can definitely agree that there is a vocal minority in my community that are very delusional, ignorant and prejudiced. But with that being said, those people are made fun of and not taken seriously by the rest of us. And you're a teacher?! I have a high regard and respect for that profession. What do you teach?
  10. The fact that most people don't care is the reason why it needs to be brought up. "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."- Desmond Tutu. And for you to think that racism is simply a "divide and conquer" strategy is disrespectful to the people of color who experience it on interpersonal and systematic levels and is divorced from the reality that we live in. Police brutality isn't a "divide and conquer" strategy; it's systemic racism. To say the enemy is the "rich elite" is an oversimplification of the issues in this country. Classism is a real thing and should definitely be addressed, but it's existence doesn't mean other things aren't as important.
  11. Art is supposed to reflect the times. If you want to have an "escape" you still have that option through other songs and Artists. But don't you think it's slightly problematic for you to want artists (in this case black artists) to stay silent on issues that effect them and their people?
  12. Beyoncé's message is "good" because it promotes black excellence and is a counter narrative to the consistent portrayals of black people as slaves and criminals. But I'd like to ask you why is it my responsibility to explain to you why her message is "good" when it isn't specifically nor will you be able to ever fully understand it. And Beyoncé promoted Black Lives Matter without the use of royalty imagery with Lemonade. She chose to use that imagery with BLACK IS KING though and there's nothing wrong with that because there SHOULD be multiple narratives on black excellence and the royalty perspective is just as valid as any other. There isn't one way to empower black people. And (some) black people do come from kings and queens so it isn't "delusional". Because of slavery I will never know if my ancestors were princes or paupers but I'm not delusional for imagining they were the former. The issue isn't black people saying they're descendants of royalty but the fact that we've been robbed of the opportunity to know either way. Also, in BLACK IS KING it is explicitly stated that being a "King" is a mentality that comes from taking care of the people you love and yourself rather than an inherited status.And why is it an issue for Beyoncé to brand herself as perfect when that has been a standard of all pop divas until this decade. And contrary to popular belief Beyoncé has only tried to tell people that she ISN'T perfect (that was one of the primary themes of her self titled album). Anyone who's actually MET Beyoncé has said she's extremely humble. The general public just has a habit confuse a star's persona with their personality. "Perfection is the disease of a nation"- Beyoncé. And also, who are YOU to say what is and what isn't good for the Black Lives Matter Movement? And I don't use Twitter; I use encyclopedias, research, and my own black experience to form my views. And the sheer fact that you branded my calm criticism of your statements as me jumping on someone is an example of white fragility itself. I have only explained why your view point is wrong and partially offensive. You have responded to me with profanity and accused me of acting "superior" because I'm black (essentially accusing me of reverse racism which isn't a thing). So tell me know, who really jumped on who?
  13. white fragility noun discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a white person when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice. I never said Beyoncé's vision is perfect or the best. I'm saying that Beyoncé and Ciara both have visions that uplift black people and bring awareness to black issues. Also, I'm saying that dragging one vision in attempt to uplift another is divisive and counterproductive. Also, you saying that Beyoncé's vision is disingenuous is disrespectful because you are essentially saying that a black woman has to be pro black in a certain way for them to be believed which is highly problematic considering you aren't a black woman.
  14. You didn't read what I said and you're clearly letting your white fragility get in the way of actually learning what I said. And if you're supposed to be an ally to black people your first response to criticism from a black person on something to do with the topic of race isn't calling it bs; it's getting clarification.
  15. I think it's highly disrespectful for you as a white person to judge who in my community who is "genuine" and who is "pretentious" when you have no actual stake in the issues you attempted to praise Ciara for tackling. If you truly cared about BLM you wouldn't be trying to put two successful black women, who are both attempting to make change, against each other. Your post is disrespectful not only to Beyoncé but to the Movement for Black Lives as you have co opted our rhetoric and used it to attempt to bring down a black woman.
  16. When I hear How You Like That it was a life changing experience for me.
  17. I always thought overexposure referred to when an artist was just EVERYWHERE. Like Katy in 2010-2011 or Taylor in 2014-2015. Personally I try to not let outside forces dictate my tastes because I feel like it cheapens my experience. But to each their own. I don't view myself 100% loyal to any artist. I'm 100% loyal to good art. And your reasons are crazy but they feel alright? 😉
  18. The fact that you had to buy more than one copy I appreciate the dedication though. But what I don't understand is the overexposure idea. She rarely ever does interviews ever. All she does is drop an album and tour it. She's not in the press like that and she doesn't involve herself in scandals. How people react to her aloofness is out of her control. I never said you had to like Beyoncé's entire discography (most of the Hive don't like I Am... Sasha Fierce). Personally what irritates me is when people act like she doesn't deserve what she's worked for. But my comment was directed at people who are celebrating this "flop".
  19. Can we stop saying Beyoncé needs to make "bops" again? Because she clearly does. Formation, Sorry, and the Savage Remix are all bops. Even on The Gift she gave us MOOD 4 EVA, WATER, ALREADY, and MY POWER. What y'all really want from her is POP MUSIC. There's a difference.
  20. Only if y'all put the same energy you have into hating Beyoncé then y'all did to support Glory and Britney Jean...
  21. Beyoncé: Lemonade Era Mariah Carey: Emancipation Of Mimi Era Lady Gaga: Born This Way Era Taylor Swift: reputation Era Little Mix: Glory Days Era Ariana Grande: Sweetener Era Madonna: Like A Prayer Era Michael Jackson: Dangerous Era Janet Jackson: Rhythm Nation Era Britney Spears: Britney Era
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