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  1. he looks like he smells stale. i feel like kissing him would be like kissing a damp cardboard box that's been doused in noxious levels of body spray. i feel like if you ran your fingers through his hair, they would feel oily yet sticky. these are the things this photograph of justin bieber makes me think/feel/experience. i am not thirsty. in fact, i am suffering from the following, due to this photograph: https://www.symptomfind.com/health/water-intoxiaction-dangers-of-overhydration/
  2. slayyyter is a recent debut, so no. candy is from 2018. love her, she's a big britney fan
  3. -the other songs she did w the same team as Touch of My Hand -Like I'm Fallin -anything from albums lacking leaks generally -the remaining unleaked Britney demos -if she recorded them, her versions of Crucify Me, Disguise My Love, Red is the Color, Black Widow -Grow -it was allegedly probably not ever finished but i would love to see the existing lyrics for the track Shine that was like a companion to Everytime -the other freescha track, Follow My Fingers -the full version of Peep Show -whatever song she was referencing in that post with photo of the roses in like 2017/2018 i think it was maybe?
  4. if she wants to undo the progress she's made in her public image the past 6 or so years, then sure...she probably shouldn't re-associate herself in any way with predators, even if it's indirect thru nicki
  5. wait you spilled omg. i don't think rain on me is one of her best (i would say maybe babylon can crack her top 25 though) but the other stuff you said..it's like you read my mind
  6. y'all are so harsh toward her i feel..i know she made mean comments about britney but I've seen so many artists get stanned here that ripped on Britney back in the day harder than katy ever did in jest...idk. i think it's fascinating to hear her comments on it. i don't feel like we get to hear people speak candidly after they fall too often, at least from people her stature. i enjoy when we do get to hear it because it's very interesting and endears them to me. also, someone mentioned how gaga apparently didn't victimize herself as much after she flopped, but like gaga also had some glaring differences aka her working with, and defending R Kelly, more or less making a mockery of the victims of his abuse...Katy made disrespectful comments about Britney. definitely one is worse than the other but Britney being our fav is blinding some to that i feel...
  7. i'm indecisive so i'll just put my favorite britney song as it's up there for sure...otherwise the list was gonna be so excessively long lol
  8. i love her this just screams high school dance team she really don't gaf and is just having fun and living her best life i love it
  9. if you mean that those drugs don't have that severe of side effects that people generally seem to think, then yea? I'm familiar with the drugs because tbh i've been prescribed them...and i'm pursuing drug research as a career in college currently so i have a very strong interest in them. britney looks healthy. she looks nervous and unhappy at times, but that's been true since long before the conservatorship ever started. psychiatric drugs aren't poison as people think. antipsychotics are prescribed to literally MILLIONS of people in the world, in the US alone several million people take them. millions of people willingly take them because they help more than they hurt. lord, there's so much weird fear mongering about the fact that brit has mental health issues and, gasp, probably should take medication for them...she lives a high stress life and has had a rough go, lord knows how drugged most people would be if they had to be in her situation. the fact that she manages to work out and maintain her figure and etc tells me she's a lot better off mentally than people think, and whatever she is prescribed probably plays a role in that being the case. in britney's life, i am far more worried about what the people around her put her through than what any medication she takes does to her bc she seems to be coping with it fine physically speaking considering she's near 40 with two kids and looks as in shape as she does...
  10. so personally i hate Chromatica and think it's her worst by far and one of the two fatal flaws for me was the production...i don't think it was good at all. so i'm gonna have to vote no on the bloodpop part lol... but danja would be cool. i want her to work with bloodshy & avant again...i always felt that was her perfect fit. i really would like her to work with new people too though...i want to hear britney in a fresh new sound and something interesting, different. i don't want her to rely on what she's done before alone nor to chase trends, but to go outside of the box and prove she's still got it.
  11. i'm pretty sure we've seen her dosed too heavily on antipsychotics (several periods of her life) and maybe stimulants too (mid decade i think there was some kind of issue involving the drug vyvanse according to news reports, and it could've been why she looked zonked out for years there) but as someone familiar with both of those types of drugs: 1. if she works out regularly and is as fit as she is and always has been, the only real serious risk to antipsychotics is movement abnormalities which i think we already see in how stiff/shakey she can be and the facial expressions she tends to hold, the grimacing and lip puckering etc but there are now medications that can help reverse that. the main negative effect of antipsychotics is metabolic syndrome but i don't think that's an issue for brit...a lot of people on those drugs long term are quite overweight in particular. i don't think they've harmed her body or anything like people imply...she looks healthy and in shape. 2. stimulants have very few negative effects on the body long term (especially when compared to fast acting anti-anxiety medications or sleeping medications which can be brutal on the body) when they're used at normal dose ranges. i think we've seen her zonked out but you can be on a totally safe, non damaging amount of adhd medicine and look zonked out badly, but it doesn't mean it's hurting the body or brain. it means it's working too well to bring you down lol. i don't think she's been hurt by that either, assuming it was ever even an issue she had. i would love for her to stop smoking bc it's nasty, reinforces other bad habits, will kill you eventually etc but like i'm not gonna complain about the woman when it's, like others have said, probably one of the few things she's privileged to get. better than drinking alcohol daily at least...
  12. never liked shane or jefree anyway, especially not the latter and the former is kind of creepy and tends to look as though he smells. i bet james is eatin all this UP lol
  13. idk if that's my proper top three but im indecisive as hell. there are like a solid 12-15 songs i could pick and put any of the three and be satisfied, this is just a nice little spread of songs
  14. like: streaming is a god send it's very easy to find expansive communities built around niches now. look at subreddits like popheads or indieheads. pop music is increasingly dissected and respected and i love that. it has far more depth than people give it credit for. i love that artists can go independent now, it's just better for them as artists if they can pull it off. more freedom and less burn out and we get to see more things how they want it, even if it means a little less budget. popular music feels decently diverse right now. not amazingly so, i think it was much more diverse in parts of the 90s and the turn of the millenia, but it's a lot more diverse than it was in say, 1985 or 2010. i think it's going to continue to expand and become more diverse before contracting again into more similar sounds like it has before women in music feel like much more respected figures now. still a long way to go, but female albums can now be the highest selling of the year fairly often which is amazing to me dislike: i am not a fan of most trap/soundcloud rap, mostly because the artists often feel like they're very stunted and following tropes down to a formula, and it gets a bit dreary after a while just like the excess of bland dance music got grating in the years prior to the rise of trap things feel half baked a lot more. singles don't work the same way anymore and album eras feel more sparse. VISUALS ARE NEGLECTED like i don't need choreography on the regular from every artist by any means but i need some stylishness and cool visuals and EFFORT put into it! dua lipa has completely flipped in my opinion by upping her game and being super duper committed to the style and visuals of her (fantastic) album, unlike her first record that was stale af. this applies to album covers and artwork too...give us cool art or photoshoots y'all sometimes music has become excessively nostalgic and referential to the point that it's just...not fun to listen to, especially because it rarely ever actually reminds me of the music it is trying to emulate i hate the tactics used to get songs to number one, AND i really don't like how songs can get to number one and just sit there for a dozen weeks at a time with far more ease than ever before "pop is dead" <-- that phrase makes no sense, is objectively incorrect, and just stinks of "born in the wrong generation" "hate all this trashy rap music garbage" blah blah type garbage, and i'm hearing it uttered regularly online nowadays
  15. wbk the US is a mess but i'm proud of my state! we were one of the most pro-trump states and had the most hated, awful governor in the country up til last november when it flipped to a young democrat. he handled it so well, we've done so well compared to the state surrounding us (excluding WV but that state is very isolated and has like, half our population size with no major cities) despite having one of the absolute most at risk populations (huge rates of lung disease due to smoking still being widespread). they've managed to contain it so one county has 25% of all cases too which is good because the eastern portion of the state (I'm from there) is incredibly poor like some of the poorest in the entire nation, medically underserved like crazy, have very high rates of all risk factors especially lung disease even more than the remainder of the state. our governor has given some really nice reassuring briefings on the situation and gotten memes made about him, and our state apparently was the one with the most approval for how its governor handled the pandemic at least back in May. some memes circulated comparing the response in TN vs here and how much unimaginably worse it is in TN, even accounting for the bigger population, and how we reacted quicker.
  16. i was getting back in the car after buying a new pair of shoes for third grade bc school had just had started back for the fall semester. it's weird but i don't even remember a strong reaction to it, i already loved her and got blackout when it came out a bit after and played that CD to death but i remember just thinking "oh it's britney (: yay" when i first heard gimme more on the radio
  17. it's the bops fa me...bey has em. a shame people think she has a bad discography! who cares if she hasn't had a mainstream solo chart hit in years? neither has brit tbh. doesn't make either of them less legendary, less relevant, less successful, or their discographies less fantastic...they're the two most legendary ladies in music to debut since the soundscan era started, i think they're both untouchable.
  18. what...beyonce was the most rnb on her first record though. she's dabbled in more genres since 2011 than before, during which she was far more heavily r&b & pop. i'm a bit curious about people considering rihanna more "pop" than beyonce..i would say she's less soulful and more aligned to dance music but rihanna hasn't really been that much more pop-oriented than beyonce (both have been pretty pop-oriented up until their more recent releases)
  19. so baffling that people unify to condemn katy when i've seen plenty of people on the forum also be fans of ole Timberlake...he did a whole lot more to demean Brit and hurt her than Katy could ever do, and likely with far more intent. also, i tend to think Katy is no worse a person than Gaga, who gets plenty of love here, is...i would trust Katy first tbh. i guess it's the trend at the moment to hate Katy and like Gaga but personally i remain more troubled by Gaga's associations with and defense of R Kelly than with Katy's comments about Britney, but that's another can of worms! either way i feel bad for Katy, her music gets trashed and it's like the public just forgot that she dominated pop music for half a decade straight...
  20. I love Witness. i tend to think it's her best album. Teenage Dream has higher highs but i think it's not as cohesive & has more weak songs. Witness to me was a huge artistic achievement...as a convert to Kathryn Hudson's Holy Church of Witness™, i'll say what i think the issue was. it wasn't music, it was katy herself. i purposely didn't listen to Witness until 2019. i was turned off by katy for a while. it wasn't the britney comments per se though those weren't cute, but like everything katy was saying/doing, when contrasted against who knew her as, was SO off putting. then the album cover, "meaningful pop" or whatever (girl people have made socially conscious popular music for a loooong time..you ain't special, why you announcing it?), etc it all felt like she had gotten big headed and gassed up. i think especially as her peers "fell off", Gaga with Artpop and her messy behavior during that time + the radio ban that affected Warrior & Kesha's subsequent legal proceedings with dr. luke, Katy kind of had the target on her and her alone unless you count Taylor (but she had a different background in music to those three and came earlier), so when she slipped up the public scrutinized her heavily, found things to pick at. same way Britney got built up and torn down just for being big, even though we built her up in the first place. in that sense gaga was spared by falling off earlier...either way, i'm sad everyone has lost interest in Katy tho i think everything she's released post harley's in hawaii has been sleep inducing (and small talk was mediocre too). i've seen ppl say she's followed the trajectory of xtina..i guess gaga is britney & kesha is like...jessica simpson?
  21. i like the songs that sound genuinely personal or introspective...alien/perfume/passenger/don't cry/the bonus tracks are all good if i ignore the production quality in place & the vocal elephant in the room i'm still sad she didn't write passenger tho...i really wanted her to have written at least like a line for that one you sound like you need a hug (and also someone to help you spell ******)...forums are like at least 50% conjecture, that's literally the point of a forum...discussion. plus we haven't had music for like 4 years and it's boring af...lighten up a bit. and i think some people do care about it...otherwise it wouldn't be brought up as often as it is! the math makes sense xo
  22. a lot of rihanna's music, esp starting with loud up until anti, could have been sung by anyone. some not, but a lot was not at all special to rihanna, she was just riding the wave of anthemic party music. she can't sing very well either, and to be honest...her music just isn't that good on the whole. anti, rated r, good girl gone bad are all good to great, the rest of her albums mediocre, and none of them are amazing. she doesn't have a single album that can touch lemonade, for example, but also none of them can touch Beyonce's self titled album...4 is probably better than 90% of Rihanna's discography, too. It's beyonce, every day of the week, and I'm not even a beyonce stan (she's too popular atm, i'll get into her more when it dies down i think)
  23. In 2013, Britney Jean was released, and we as painfully know, it was a rushed, incoherent mess full of background vocalists getting far too brave. Noticeably, the production was just awful at many times. Where did the high quality production from her past albums go? In particular...why is Dr. Luke only on one song? Dr. Luke had been all up in Britney's career for some like, 5-6 years, and had just produced the really lovely and well produced Ooh La La for Britney in June of 2013. Come November 2013, Britney Jean is released, and Luke is found only on the bonus track Brightest Morning Star. Something I want to point out is that the Dr. Luke v. Kesha situation first got public notice in September of 2013. Wikipedia says BJ was still being recorded until October. Now, the sound of Britney Jean leads me to believe that the album was intended to draw inspiration from legendary pop albums from her idols, like Ray of Light, with references to things like spirituality and sense of self prominent. William Orbit, producer of Ray of Light, is even credited for Alien. Ooh La La sounds a lot like Dr. Luke's take on Orbit-style production. It's structure reminds me of the title track of Ray of Light. Why does that matter? I have a theory that Dr. Luke may have been more heavily present on Britney Jean, and may have been crafting a sound more like Alien, Ooh La La, Brightest Morning Star, etc. I think it could be possible that people in the industry had heard of Dr. Luke's behavior and once the first rumblings came public, maybe they knew more was coming, and as a result Britney's team jumped ship before it hit the fan, nixed work done with Dr. Luke, and rushed to get replacement filler thrown in. I think the album was being rushed regardless, hence back up vocalists on tracks like Passenger, but I think this could possibly be some kind of factor in why Britney Jean was what it was. What do ya'll think?
  24. my dream britney single sequence (with some unreleased songs sprinkled in too...liberally )
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