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  1. Are you surprised, this is the same women's fans who attacked Normani, so I'm not surprised. But from what I understand Cuban Americans and racism go hand in hand, so this isn't surprising at all.
  2. One more number one song and they Break Michael Jackson's and Katy Katy Perry's record when the new single becomes their sixth consecutive number one single from their upcoming album. BTS wants to have 18 number one singles before dropping their new album.
  3. Crossroads was an ep, sam goody sold it for 6.99. Unfortunately it's hard to find now, if you do it's expensive it's one of her two rare cds to get. The other one would be The McDonald's cd with NSYNC. Crossroads was mainly a remix ep, and I guess Jive didn't think it was gonna sell, the movie was a modest success, still made more than glitter, but Britney did win worst actress with Madonna and I'm not a girl, not yet a woman won worst song at the 2003 Razzies. Kinda feel Paramount doesn't even like the film, only agreed to it, due to financial backing by MTV films.
  4. Some people are poor, some have mom and dads back up credit card. Plus in Arizona, pandemic or not.. By law of the governor everybody has to go back to work. Last month, he stopped accepting money from the government.. You will get 3,000 payment if you do 3 months of employment with a perfect record. I think it's extremely that important.. Even my friends say it's time to get back to work, staying home is no longer an option
  5. It's not on the cds, but the booklet, she's not that stupid. Cos paint, could actually go under the cd that actually plays.
  6. The Europop quintet Steps reunited in 2011 for a massive documentary, a massive 2012 tour, a Christmas album and tour as well. Deeper shade of Blue was the second song performed in the Ultimate tour, the breakdown used a sample of Britney's #1 US hit "Hold it Against Me", the European production would make sense for European or British dance acts to sample or perform Britney's most European friendly album to date.
  7. And on a side note, this is probably a better way than autographing 1,000 copies of cds, cassettes and vinyls.. My own carpel tunnel wrist can just feel the pain, but then again with everything digital, I just text or type, so everytime I write, my hand is in pain in like one minute..
  8. I get paid Friday, I'm ordering one, it's only 10 dollars, much cheaper than both target and Amazon.. Idiots, that's all I gotta say. Idiots
  9. I actually bought the 12 packs to both MJ and Britney in regular and diet, and the plastic bottles. They could have kept Ray Charles and give us The Spice girls with that free cd the UK got of Step to Me..
  10. @Blackout2006 Hope it comes to Star in India, the exclusive platform for Disney+ in India This will be the second exclusive concert special for the platform following Taylor swift: Folklore The Long Pond Studio sessions..even though it was filmed at her long pond home, it was recorded live, you can stream that album on the super deluxe Of Folklore, the long pond studio sessions. Which houses both the original deluxe and the live album.. @Jordan Miller
  11. She's re recording them as a big middle finger to Scooter braun, and she 🐔 blocked him everytime cos as the main songwriter he still has to ask her permission every time to use her intellectual property for movies and tv, she said no, just because he owned the recordings, he didn't own the publishing and when she signed a new publishing contract with universal Music, all those recordings fro big machine went with her new publisher, so he knew as a business man she made it more difficult for him to make any profit of his biggest recordings as she is Big Machine biggest artist of all time, so he sold them cos she literally devalued the original recordings, and fearless is no longer being streamed compared to the new one as playlists and streaming services have literally pushed the original to the deep end of the apps. @Adriannn @maki93 @InTheZone4Life Once the New and updated explicit Red is released with 11 Never before heard tracks, all original RED will be devalued and pushed to the deep end of all streaming services
  12. Dance pop artists in general whether Madonna, Britney spears, Janet Jackson and several others always gets their ballads overlooked cos most of their upbeat stuff is in general superficial or about having a good time, but everybody forgets just like human beings, the ballads allow them to be vulnerable, romantic and emotional in general which you don't often get from a dance pop act. It's actually said if you think about it.
  13. The 2000s in general was the last great decade for me, I'm with @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN, hip hop domainated radio, I had to find a small but very cool radio that was all dance and club music, but that changed to old school hip hop, right before 2009 gave us dance Music, but I do feel it's harder to come across artists I can enjoy, it's keep getting smaller. I now understand what friend said, it's not about the Nostalgia, but in general our Music was better than what the kids have today.. We grew up with the Madonna, Janet Jackson, and others that are once in a lifetime superstars. You really don't see them today at all.
  14. The kid didn't want to grow up, or lose that childhood innocence, watch the new ending, he is a fairy now. The director even said the new ending explains everything, he never liked the idea he couldn't stay a kid forever, him becoming a fairy, let him stay a kid forever
  15. I like both, but evermore is hella relatable, willow with that lyric. "I come back stronger than a 90s trend" which makes me feel honored while some of the 80s trends came back and was hella popular with the older millennials (me, born in 84, I represent the last to play outside, live in an analog world, last to have fat back tvs, etc.) But to see Generation Z embraced the 9ps does make me smile, 90s was really the last time the world felt connected, 9/11 was like a hot minute but that faded fast and we never recovered.
  16. Anne-Marie has an album in her vault, This album was planned for 2019, and it was her "Anger" at her Ex boyfriend and wanting him dead, willing to do anything to remove his existence from the world.. The album was already in the pre roll out stages, but Anne-Marie scrapped after meeting a father and a girl not even 10, who loved her music, she called her manager and told him to cancel the album.. Stating she wouldn't have been a good role model, to let little girls think it's okay to have violent thoughts, anger and death wishes on an ex or a anybody in general, she stated, I'll make Music when I'm happy.. Stating the world needs more happy pop stars, not ones wishing bad ill towards anyone..that's where "Therapy" comes in she's in a much better place mentally and much happier and is proud to call this album, her sophomore album.. She knows that the album will come out, but she's begging her label to delete the masters of the scrapped album, so the ex doesn't know at one point how she felt about him.. @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  17. Scooter braun has filed for divorce, just days after his 7th anniversary with now EX wife Yael Cohen. Rumors of an alleged affair Between Scooter braun and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Erika Jayne is rumored to play a huge role, a Pretty mess indeed. Stream Mad woman, as it seems the track by Taylor swift alluded that everybody knew he was having extra marital affairs, but that's usually how it is in Hollywood when the status is to big for a man to stay married, with that kind of money, the bachelor life always calls back.
  18. Only glitter, an album she hated, but learned to love cos of her fans loved it. It bother them that she hated the soundtrack. Most agree the movie sucks, but the soundtrack is classic Mariah
  19. Someone said boyfriend, it got me thinking has this started to affect your friendships, family and relationships.. I mean what if you are dating a guy/girl that likes you for who you are but feel your way into the free Britney moment, that it's taken over your world vs. The real world like a job or responsibilities.. A partner can become an ex, your mom and dad, might say don't bother coming to the family meal if you can't talk about anything other than Britney spears..
  20. The Hasbro ones are a no, but the girls each have their own actual fairy, except Melanie C. She sold hers to fund Her fifth album The Sea, which I'm not mad, she's fully independent and you have to do what to do to stay independent. I'm not mad, cos The Sea is actually the proper follow up to Northern star, 12 years later.
  21. And a coke head, remember those pics of him doing a line off of a random girl, many Britney fans were up in arms and said no wonder she couldn't promote the track, his drug habit hurt their brand.
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