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  1. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/awards/9569597/taylor-swift-brit-awards-2021-global-icon/?utm_source=facebook Congrats to Taylor swift, just announced today she's the first non English/British act to receive the global icon award. This is the second time they have given this award, the other time was to Adele for her Record breaking sales of 25, which she set an impossible record to break all over the world including the US, where it took her 48 hours to Break Not only Britney's sales record but *NSYNC's as well. This award is being given to Taylor swift after she broke several streaming and charting records with her last 3 releases. Folklore, Evermore and her most recent UK #1 album which broke a 54 year chart record held none other than The Beatles, thanks to Fearless (Taylor's version). Congrats, Taylor on this extremely rare award that's only been given twice now.
  2. I'm pretty sure some of you have grudges, it's normal and healthy to have a grudge. But this is about Tommy, not jlo. Besides the irony is nobody listens to both.. Well, mimi has Christmas. But, jlo stopped making albums due to the disastrous flop A.K.A. was.
  3. Well, when you have an album out, promote any way you can.. And the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. Funny thing is they all record for Warner music group either Atlantic (Ava Max) or warner records (Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, And Rita Ora), so I'm sure the big wigs told Bebe to cause some trouble to sell records.
  4. Available only on a rare limited CD at target, Demi Lovato uploaded on all platforms the 17 track Deluxe CD that was sold exclusively at target featuring two studio tracks " Smoke and Mirrors" and " Ready for Ya"..I think it will be fall 2025 when the target Version of Dancing with the devil... The art of starting over will get it's digital platform upload..
  5. https://twitter.com/SCUBADubois/status/1389950697894924291?s=20 Ah families who don't love them or want one of their own, even a Canadian talk show is raising awareness on the benefits of a married family that has better financial value more than a single household with no spouse or children. But the photo they used, was poor in taste of a great family. They used a photo of Murderer Chris Watts and his family which he secretly hated and killed all of them including his unborn son.. Many people are saying mistake or not, considering the outcome resulted in everybody getting murdered cos he wanted out of this marriage and she refused to allow a divorce to happen, someone needs to get fired for using that image out of all the stock photos of the perfect family. Serial killers don't make perfect families they kill them including their own children.
  6. In a scene that many people do not believe happened, but it did.. The queen of Tejano Selena in a mall in Houston, crosses paths and exchanges hellos with a future legend herself Beyonce.. While the scene is corny as hell. It kept to what Beyonce herself said, just hellos.. But, already you can tell the girl who played Beyonce, telling her mom Tina, to be quiet in front of a celebrity already had Beyonce's impact down. The fact this really did happen is still shaking me.. But most Texans on Twitter said, it didn't matter if you understood what she was saying in her Music, you just knew who Selena was, and that she was destined for bigger things, before the tragedy struck. I prefer the Netflix series over the 1997 movie. I have learned more things, like how the Spanish albums, was based off a compromise, Selena never wanted to make Spanish music, she wanted to do English music like her idols Madonna and Janet Jackson, EMI Latin just forced her into this compromise. By the time she got her crossover promise was after she won her Grammy, it took most of her career for that promise to be granted but ultimately unfulfilled. Because of her murder.
  7. It's good if you're a fan, oddly a lot of the fictional stuff did indeed. Pregnancy boom, the group split up. I mean several articles pointed out how this movie foreshadowed the untimely demise of the group, simply by being overworked. I think that's why it came crashing down fast. The girls was begging for time off, but the industry at that time didn't allow it. Even Melanie C stated kids have it better if they wanna cancel a tour cos of mental health they can, back then you couldn't as the excuse was that's a lot of money lost. The industry back then only cared about money, not the human being aspect behind the celebrity.
  8. My god, in the 90s this many singles was normal. Janet on both of her 90s album released 8 songs from the Janet. And the velvet rope album. You guys forgot that this happened in the past. I'm glad, plus she can't tour, so what is she to do. I'm glad she's releasing so many singles. Plus covering both markets.
  9. She has the second highest grossing tour for a female artist of all time . She's an icon..
  10. "I love the music, I made with little mix, but it's not my personal style". Meaning like zayn, she was r&b and hip hop.
  11. The Sun is reporting that a long awaited sequel to the 1997 British musical comedy Spice World may be upon us. The original film is the highest grossing film to star a girl group with 175 Million dollars across DVD sales and Box office as well. It's to celebrate the group's 25th anniversary. A film industry source told the publication: “The girls have been talking about how to mark the film’s anniversary and are actively considering making a tongue-in-cheek sequel." “They have approached a screenwriter who is considering working on the project and making tentative steps forward. “It is still in the early stages but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously.” Eek! Let's hope the aliens make a come back.
  12. I think the problem with my future, it became the anthem of the DNC and it turned people off. It's like you can't be a Democrat anymore, but a gold single is still a gold single
  13. That was on the target Reissue CD along with the underrated Bishes broken hearts (thus making it her first official Explicit CD @Blackout2006) and When I was older from the movie Roma. Target got an exclusive reissue of her first CD with 3 additional tracks.
  14. It's already the most pre added album (streaming version of pre ordered) on apple Music.
  15. Raven Symone has earned the wrath of the barbs, by answering if her and her wife listen to Nicki Minaj, her answer was no, listing a bunch of elevator Music, then Elton John, and it got worst when she described rap music in general as "ratchet" and "abrasive" and just clutters the brain for an intelligent person to become unintelligent.. She's being dragged, but like a friend said, she said far worse things like how she's not black but just an American citizen..
  16. When you're a dance act, you're follow album should launch with a heavy dance track. But if you're Virgin Records and Paula Abdul, who are in the middle of a lawsuit being accused of not actually being the real voice behind the megahits of the first album. You launch your highly anticipated project with a ballad, a risk that paid off. 5 weeks at #1, at that time the longest female #1 hit since Madonna's 1984 hit "Like a Virgin", and a video that paid tribute to Rebel without a cause, you have the perfect Summer romance anthem of early 90s teens, plus having Keanu Reeves in the video doesn't hurt either, who was enjoying his teen idol status.
  17. Well we live in a singles culture and sadly it's only the veterans that can still make albums with cohesive themes, as they make it for one thing, touring, since they know that's how you make money. Nobody makes money off the recorded side, which is a reason why tickets are expensive so they get whatever profit they'd agreed with the touring giant Live nation.
  18. And people still deny this chart, cos it's not endorsed by the OCC. Fron what it sounds like Billie Eilish is expected to be the highest debut in the top ten according to the OCC, no mention of Little mix at all from their announcement. Might be top 20. But that's all I got from them.
  19. Most artists love to be praised by their peers and the industry, they already know their fans are gonna love it, but a critical acclaim is something most musical artists love. Why do you think most acts focus on pleasing the critics than the fans, with the exception of Britney spears, most of the critics praised the production and the composition but not her. The reviews of her debut single ...baby one more time os a great example of praising the production but not the artist. Positions by Ariana grande was mixed, her voice was highly praised, but the lyrics, the production and the overall *** rated lyrics was mostly trashed.
  20. Now she's 19, the industry tells her time to market yourself to older men. A repeated story line, even with Britney spears.
  21. To be fair @Slayer will tell you, the first 3 eras was when Britney ruled the UK industry. @Isla even stated ever since in the zone peaked at #13 in the UK, her British Music career has been a hit or miss.
  22. It doesn't come out til July 30, 2021. But I already know Billie eilish will be my fav album, as many acts still aren't doing Music til they can tour. @Blackout2006
  23. In a new interview on dance dish, A one time Madonna dancer for her first big brit awards show performance and the only time she performed Bedtime Story, her dancer discusses the frustration of at the time, the performance wasn't going to be seen in the states, except for just Britian, but thx to the internet, it lives on forever and he's constantly tagged. They also discussed how she was actually given a role in the 1995 film Showgirls, that film was harshly criticized and flopped all due to the NC-17 rating, which even still, no film studio wants that rating as it's strictly limited to just 17 and older, and its seen as a kiss of death in the box office, even the late Wes craven had to do 18 different edits of the 1996 Legendary horror flick "Scream" to get the desired R Rating. Wisely she went with the career defining "Evita" cos of what happened with the Erotica and s** book era. This would have looked bad for her anyway.
  24. @Urbanney LM5 is very urban, but so was salute. But @Slayer can tell you it is no secret British people prefer bubblegum dance mostly, and it's no secret Jesy left due to mental health, but many feel also they went back to the pop sound, and she looked not happy to wear the colorful clothes and costumes. She was more urban than the other girls. I just find it odd, they changed their look and hairstyles and more mature after she left, so something is going on behind the scenes.
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