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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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5 minutes ago, Zack Nasty said:

I mean, you guys can do what you’d like. 

I think that it’s more important, now, more than ever, to support Britney in every way possible. Including when it comes to her career. 

This woman has been through enough. She deserves every good thing imaginable. :crying3:

She does not care about about selling? She’s not getting the full check and has more than enough to live without it. In fact IF SHE DOES make more music that proves that her team is just money hungry trying to use the publicity for their own benefit 

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12 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

Sorry Adam could've been another iconic jam like Touch of My Hand, I consider the fact that we don't have Britney's vocals on it to be one of the bigger injustices in the world :crying2:


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new candids at a mcdonalds drive thru:



She was spotted getting coffee to go at a drive thru on Sunday.

And Monday, Britney Spears stopped by a McDonald's as she was driven in her white Mercedes G-Wagon in LA.

The singer, 37, was snapped snacking on her fast food purchase as she sat in the front passenger seat with a male companion at the wheel.


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1 hour ago, LiquoriceBabe said:

It is possible that Jamie made a mistake by committing Britney without an order?

Yup.  You'd think he'd know the statues but anything is possible.  Conservators sometimes don't obey the rules, a natural outcome due to no real outside enforcement of those rules to give those rules teeth. Britney's case is public, so you'd think Dad would want to be careful to do things right.  I honestly think a lot of things that are being done in Brit's case aren't "illegal."  The conflicts of interest when it comes to the system itself , though, have produced plenty of results throughout the nation that are horrendous.  The guardian or conservator just says as he sells your house out from under your fammily "it's perfectly legal" Unfortunately, this is a system that can be used by unscrupulous people to pilfer estates under color of law with no consequences.  I am not saying that this is true in Britney's case.  But it's true in others.  Here, there's just a ton of money.  They've hit payday.  No question about it.

1 hour ago, smouthwick said:

I agree. That's the language these court petitions frequently use.  But what the heck does it mean in this case/   WHAT harm will come to her.  Wallet doesn't really even need to prove much.  He just needs to convince the judge.  These courts don't use the same standard of evidence that are required in criminal courts. 


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57 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

I don't really know what to think anymore. Not all of the dates had been put on sale, but all of them were cancelled (or postponed as old Cappy would tell us). 

If it was Britney being mad at her team the reason why she cancelled the show, did she really expect to come back eventually? 

I think she wanted to spend more time with her children and then she agreed to fo the residency, but as always, no one respects her creative ideas, refused to rehearse and her father got angry and I think they(team and father)wanted to leave her in the psychiatric for a minimum of 6 months.So that she would learn the lesson(in privacy)and make a good comeback by the end of the year(in view professionally)But the#FreeBritney Movement messed up their plans.That is my theory.

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3 minutes ago, Applejack said:

Yes, they are mutually exclusive. The reason the cship is still going is because she keeps getting a steady income (A HUGE INCOME). And who gives her income is the fans buying and streaming songs, using perfumes, etc.

As long as the money keeps pouring in, there's no reason for the Team CShip to move a single arm into finishing it.

That's the grim reminder of what we've done ever since Circus. :bedtime:

I agree and it's sad to think that they can continue to milk Britney.

Especially Kevin I'm still shocked the judge hasn't dragged his *** to court and question him as to why he doesn't go out and get a job.

It's wild he gets more and more money and not even from Britney at this point, Jamie is helping get him paid so Britney can continue to be the puppet bringing in more money all the while Jamie keeps the peace for him allegedly.


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16 hours ago, Catalin said:

Guys this is HUGE! It's a confirmation that Brit is fighting for her freedom.


"Britney Spears has joined the social media movement to free her from her conservatorship, and she told the judge as much Friday when she was in court.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney has done an about-face, now telling the judge her father, Jamie Spears, committed her to a mental health facility a month ago against her will and also forced her to take drugs. We're also told Lynne Spears' lawyer echoed the allegation.  

TMZ broke the story, Britney spent 30 days at an L.A. mental health facility after she began rapidly going downhill ... she stopped taking the drugs that kept her stable after they stopped working and doctors still have been unable to find the right combination.

 As we reported, Jamie Spears does not have the power under the conservatorship to either commit Britney against her will or to ply her with drugs against her will. A mental health facility that accepted an adult patient against that patient's will when the conservator did not have such power would be committing a crime. And remember, Britney frequently left the place and was seen out and about.

Britney wants more freedom and asked the judge for certain adjustments ... but didn't get them. Sources tell us Britney would like to end the conservatorship, which has been operating for 11-plus years.  

The judge took no action and has ordered an expert to evaluate Britney and until that happens there will be no change in the conservatorship ... but it has clearly created a family war."

I am soooooo happy she is finally speaking up!!! So **** proud!

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12 hours ago, Meaner03 said:

Jamie by forcing Britney to the facility broken the law , this is why  Andrew Wallet resigned, he knew that **** was illegal and did not want to take part of it and take the risk to be disbarred now that he is the super lawyers list in LA . 

If Brenda J Penny apply the law Jamie is in big trouble, but now that this is confirmed i am kind mad at her and very preoccupied for Britney, cuz regarding the law he remains her conservator until at least September , by not taking a decision of emergency , even temporary she is putting her at risk of more abuse .

I agree that Andrew got out before it hit the fan.

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12 minutes ago, IconicShow said:

I agree and it's sad to think that they can continue to milk Britney.

Especially Kevin I'm still shocked the judge hasn't dragged his *** to court and question him as to why he doesn't go out and get a job.

It's wild he gets more and more money and not even from Britney at this point, Jamie is helping get him paid so Britney can continue to be the puppet bringing in more money all the while Jamie keeps the peace for him allegedly.


Hmmm IDK I don't feel like she thinks Kevin is an issue. Her kids live there with him and she probably wants them to have a good life when they're not with her. He has never said anything bad about her ever. When Jamie fought Kfed in court recently it was probably because he felt like it was his money that he was going to have to fork over, when in actuality it's Britney's 

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