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    I'm on the Board of Directors at The National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse. https://stopguardianabuse.org. I also started a facebook page, Boomers Against Elder Abuse, which addresses guardianship and conservatorship abuse and now has 160,000 followers. https://www.facebook.com/boomersbeware. People need to know what these terms really mean because they represent removal of fundamental rights. This is far more restricting than people understand. Most victims cannot speak up. Families can be gag ordered. The "protected" person can be put by court order in lock down against his or her will, and many victims are also drugged after they've been removed from their homes, which are sold to pay for the "services" of the guardianship, attorneys, and often many others. This is all part of a court process that "unpersons" you. Scary? You bet it is.
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  1. Tonight, at 8pm ET, and corresponding times throughout the nation, Jordan Miller, creator of breatheheavy (which gave birth to the Free Britney Movement) will be talking about the Britney Spears case. Don't miss it. This will tell you what it's like to have someone else tell you when you can visit your kid, and when others can visit you. She lost control over her own decisions in 2008 and remains in an expensive conservatorship to this day. You can also listen later. The show will be archived. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley/2021/04/01/ts-radio-network-jordan-miller-advocates-for-britney-spears
  2. Dolly Parton. Wow is she ever adorable and tiny! Naomi Judd: the sweetest woman in the universe.
  3. Jordon,  I loved your review of 'Framing Britney".   You are so humble, full of grace, and truly knowledgeable when it comes to Britney.  Not to mention that you are a natural for the media--a person with poise and class.  I wish you'd gotten more attention throughout all of this because you really are the cause and creator of this incredible movement.


  4. Follow the money! When a person in a conservatorship has a lot of money, the shennenigans are usually related to greed and conflict of interest when it comes to the flurry of people paid our of the estate. If this removal of 600,000 is true, and it's revealed by evidence, they will argue somehow that this was in britney's best interest. (You'd be amazed by many nightmares are created in the best interest of a person with no rights. Bessimer is an excellent company and a good choice for Britney. To have a lay person,or a for-profit conservator ,in charge of Brit's finances is crazy. That person should be one step removed from the money.
  5. Have you seen Dirty Money's section on Guardianship? --Same as "conservatorship" in some states Check it out. it describes how the system is used to exploit and profit from the people who have had their fundmental rights to freedom and assets removed.
  6. If the court were to set up a supported decision-making arrangement for Britney instead of a Conservatorship, Britney's life would be private again, with heavy guidance through legal arrangements with people she trusts. She would also get her rights back. The conservatorship lacks transparency, which why Britney is in the press so much. She's under the thumb of attorneys and her father. It doesn't seem right to the public. The instinct of her fans is to want to protect Britney FROM those who are put in control over her. That's a sad state of affairs. And similar reactions are common. People on the outside are always questioning the over-arching power given to a conservator. They SHOULD be questioning it.
  7. Brenda fairly recently attended a conference with Sam Ingham, Britney's court-appointed attorney. They were two out of the three speakers. He works as an arm of the court in Britney's "best interest." For someone paid as much as he is, where do his self-interests really end and her best interests begin? The line in many cases is shady. A gray area that often causes harm to wards.
  8. It's especially bad since some of the people who supposedly only have Britney's interests at heart have been caught exploring conservatorship as a possible hybrid business model in which everybody involved could get not just so-so rich, but REALLY rich. Everybody wins! Doesn't this sound a little like greedy people trying to turn a cash cow into their own personal Triple Crown Racehorse? How dare these people. Does Britney need owners and a jockey? Of course, I'm sure it's much more complicated than that, but it's NOT A GOOD LOOK.. I'm pretty sure Andrew Wallet has seen the light and is running away before somebody takes a closer look at the ethics of this. I could be wrong, of course.
  9. You've really thought this out and this makes a lot of sense. It would be easy for people to try to dismiss what you're saying because they have no understanding of how severely Conservatorship itself restricts freedoms and basic rights. I think you are on to it.
  10. I've been thinking about the news on this. Very puzzling. My guess is that Jamie is trying to register the guardianship itself in three different states. The press doesn't know what this means and some are assuming that he is filing more than one Conservatorship to have all his bases covered in terms of his control. My point is that the press covering this story is in the dark about Conservatorship, and they have a lot of naive assumptions. I hope they quit misleading the public and actually get down to studying the serious violations of rights that are occurring every day in these court-appointed situations. It's truly sickening. i'm not saying that this is happening to Britney--she's a public figure, and chances of that should be slim. But what about taking a look at just how Draconian this system really is? (Created ,as we know it, back in the 1300's. It is incredibly easy for those in charge to abuse wards for personal gain because that person has been rendered helpless to do anything about it by a court of law in an aggressive act.
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