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  1. Nah I don’t believe it ! She’s a performer, she’s an artist, that’s who she is. You can’t retire from that! it’s in your blood. I see her taking a longer hiatus with several additional years off without releasing new music or performing. I feel like she’s in a transitional weird time in her life right now trying to figure out what her life and career is going to be after the c ship and what she’s going to do so it might take time as well. As long as musically we finally get the real the real the real real real Britney, the real voice, in her own words, inspired, passionate and honest, a whole new career opens to her. imagine she comes back with her deep natural voice with live singing and a new sound ,
  2. We all knew she wasn’t 100% happy to perform and to be in the spotlight since 2007/2008. She said that she had no passion anymore in for the record, and it became clear with the following projects (femme fatale, X factor, Vegas) that the main goal was just to make as much money as possible. The music, her legacy, or her artistic evolution was never the priority. They just wanted to make as much money as they could as fast as possible, because they were aware that it would stop as some point. So we consumed everything coming from the Britney Spears brand like a drug, in denial of the reality in front of our eyes and with the obsession of her coming back to the Britney Spears brand they created during her peak 98-04. They’ve hid it the longest they could and we stayed in denial the longest we could, but we had signs for years.
  3. I think she’ll keep on not working for a while and will focus on her personal life and maybe some other projects (like a book?) rather than her musical career.
  4. Well it getting more and more obvious that something is wrong, the freebritney movement is getting slowly but surely bigger and bigger, she keeps on trying to communicate with fans in a twisted way without ever mentionning the cship... she’s just being censored once again by her team.
  5. I think this post was to make people understand once gain that she reads the comments (fatjewish comments on a lot of her instagram posts) and that she’s very aware about what people think and say. That’s why all of her posts I think mean something. All the posts with yellow being her favorite color is clearly a response to people asking if she needs help. And I think she really needs help to end the conservatorship!! Especially since we know how hard it’s going to be to end it with a corrupted justice and a greedy family. Nobody cares about her life as long as they have the money. And I believe they (her team) always let her to be in charge mostly of what’s posted on instagram (and that’s why it’s kind of a mess) but she must not be allowed to speak about the conservatorship and the whole situation so she find other ways to communicate. But sadly she keeps on being misunderstood.
  6. Wasn’t there a insider or someone on Twitter who said that her « GOD BLESS YOU ALL » in her insta posts, was actually her way to acknowledge and thank the fans for the freebritney support ? Plus, the « HELP » in capital letters and the ending about listening and seeing the messages makes of this post what could be a cry for help.
  7. Omg honestly I can see this happening And I hope it's true, that would be the best way to shut up everybody and tell her story coming from her lips in her own words !
  8. Well it's the first single from her most personal album.. so it's basically what Jamie, Lou and Larry were telling her to do : Britney if you wanna have access to more money every week, work more, earn more So she did Vegas
  9. Seriously? Don't you think it's understandable? Do you think you would have grown perfectly if you had her life? Because when she was 13 she was already working and performing on TV. When she was 17 she was a global superstar. At 22 she was a Pop legend. At 25 she was a divorced mother of two. At 26 the media, fame, and the people around her destroyed her. She never had a normal life like the rest of us. She grow up too fast, and was working too much too young. She represented the most successful and wealthy TeenPop Icon ever, so her team probably wanted her to stay that way the longest possible, so they medicated her, and took control over her profesionnal and personal life until it's profitable for them. And naturally with time she lost herself, because nobody has ever let her be herself. Not her record label, not her family, and not even her fans who are criticizing her 50% of the time. And when you're a sensitive soul like her it leaves marks forever.
  10. She looks so over it, so done, but she still keeps on doing what she has to do because she's polite and nice. It kinda reminds me of this interview back in Femme Fatale tour days (2:30) : "Do you feel overprotected by the people around you?" "-No Because I'm here right now"
  11. Well she could do a mix of acoustic-folk songs with electronic/dance music like Madonna did for "Music" and "American Life". But honestly I don't care what kind of music genre she does as long as she's comfortable with it and she loves what she's doing. But if you ask me I feel like she should experiment more with R'n'B, Soul, Jazz, Blues it fits more her natural voice and her general style.
  12. To me it proves even more that he's guilty lol I mean it's over man We collected so much proof and evidence that she is in an abusive situation it's undeniable at this point.
  13. "Circus" was released just a year after "Blackout", technically it was more a cleaning of her public image after years of scandals in trash press, rather than a come-back. It was a commercial success and it helped her to reboost her carrer for a new decade, but when she will release new music after all this C-ship drama, it would be her real comeback. She will be finally the one choosing when and how to make a return in the music scene. So even though if it's not a big commercial success, it's gonna be one of the most important moment in he music carreer and personal life.
  14. She's lacks confidence in herself, she obviously reads the comments from the haters on insta and she feels the need to justify every little thing. She's beautiful ! I love her energy and the aura she has right now. I think she's inspired these days. You can also see that she's a natural performer, she has to expresses herself one way or another, she's an artist. Probably one of the most misunderstood ever though, but it's so natural for her I'm 100% convinced she'll never stop performing.
  15. She's ready for her revenge The real TEA is coming, she's CONFIDENT and ready, after 11 years AGONIZING she'll soon be able to BREATHE, and there will be BLOOD.
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