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  1. I love them ! And their band Miike Snow has great music People focus maybe too much on Danja and Max Martin, but to me BLOODSHY & AVANT are the most important producers in her carreer and in her sound evolution. She was the most creative, and probably the most comfortable with them. And their collaboration was clearly working well since they were present on 4 albums (ITZ, Blackout, Circus, FF). They litterally created the "Britney Spears sound "of the 00's : electronic, dance, pop with groundbreaking productions.
  2. She really needs to change the label and be under one who actually respects her and her work. She'll need to slowly build a new (talented) creative team around her. Columbia Records seems fine I guess.. since they have Adele, Beyonce, Harry Styles, Pharrell Williams, Rosalia, Solange...etc But I hope one day she'll create her own label so she can have 100% freedom.
  3. It's a shame how MTV made her look bigger in the final performance by changing some camera angles and filming her from lowerpoint of view, and also really stretching the final screen/lens wider. The rehearsal is much better, she looks better, and the facial expressions are on point. She has so much attitude !
  4. She was so professionnal, patient, driven, and so young ! She'll remain the real Princess of Pop forever.
  5. To me I really think that last time when they put her in the facility against her will, and drugged her until she's unable to function, she clearly realized that they were trying to kill her and that they never cared. And then the isolation with Covid combined with the rise of the freebritney movement made her even more angry with the abuse she went through.
  6. She’s always been very misunderstood. People are just so fooled and obsessed by this perfect pop princess image she has since she’s started. It’s a character she created. It’s not her. The fans have to stop to expect her to behave, say, look or be a certain way that is just comfortable for them.
  7. What’s the perfect Instagram post she should do ? A nice picture with professional make up and hair and a super unproblematic nice and positive caption? This is not who she is now. Let her be! She’s not the image they’ve built for her. She’s been trying to destroy that fake « Britney Spears » image already in 2004-2007. We know how her team handled the situation... i remember back in the day in her letters (2004/05) she was saying how she needed a break and how when she will be back EVERYTHING will be completely different. She was trying to evolve, change her music and image, her team and her lifestyle, and they just do not let her be who she wants to be. They stole her freedom for money. So yes she’s ******* angry deal with it.
  8. Scream and shout and let it all out Britney !! She's been silenced, censored, told what to do, what to say, since forever. I'm happy she's expressing herself. Don't forget that most of her posts are always super positive, maybe right now she just needs to share her anger.
  9. The first time was the "Circus Tour" because the way she performed was very different from her previous tours. Less energy, less dancing, less passion, less interaction. You could tell she wasn't into it. But there were still the music videos, and the rehearsal videos ("mannequin") where we could see the "original" Britney. So everyone thought that the "Circus" era was a way for her to slowly go back into the Pop scene, and there was also progress all along the tour, so everyone was expecting the real comeback for the next era. Then when Femme Fatale era started she was completely different. It was worse.
  10. It’s not Madonna or Justin or Paris cmon guys ! She’s talking about people the « closest » to her. It’s clearly about her family. She never ever even sees these celebrity people. I believe it’s her behind her Instagram for at least the last 3 posts (since the last court hearing). Almost everybody in TeamCon resigned, she already told the truth and she has new representation in Court..
  11. This post makes me so happy ! She’s finally able to express herself, DEFEND herself and tell the Truth ! Expose them ! She’s feeling so relieved with her new lawyer taking action. She’s about to start a new life without all the toxic family and management abusing her it’s gonna take time to heal tho, since there’s so much trauma there, but I’m so happy for her to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Go Britney
  12. Let’s not find Lynne excuses... She plays the ignorant mother, but she was well aware of everything, and complicit since the start of the cship in 2008. She encouraged Britney to follow the rules and to be obedient and submissive. She watched her daughter suffer during 13 years. She knew Jamie was abusive and she let him be abusive towards their daughter. For what? Money, money, money. She’s 100% Team Con. I think after the mental facility episode and the pressure of the freebritney movement, Britney asked her for help. And Lynne is helping just to not feel guilty, to be at the end on the good side of the story, and of course to keep her image of the good Christian mother who loves and cares for her children. But she does not care about Britney and Britney knows it ! I feel that once the Freedom will be official, she will not be part of Britney’s life anymore.
  13. Somehow each time she manages to prove that she’s even more dumb and guilty that we ever thought
  14. She needs a full team of the best lawyers in America ! I really really hope she’s gonna sue everybody : the State Of California, Kevin Federline (he’s at the foundation of the cship with Jamie and Larry and Lou!), Jamie Spears, Bryan Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Adam Leber, Larry Rudolph, Lou Taylor, Robin Hill, Judge Goetz, Judge Penny and Sam Ingham. (Am I forgetting someone?) It’s gonna cost her some money to sue all these people and it might take some time so I hope she’s ready to fight ! I mean there is so much in this case from the modern day “slavery”, to the corruption, to the stealing of her fortune, to the medical abuse, also how illegally she was put in this cship... there’s so much ! The more I think about it the more I realize how crazy all this is. They deserve to pay for what they did to her and she deserve justice.
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