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  1. I'm gay and when I was 13 I used gay as an insult. Kids say dumb ****. Being Britney's son, he would have been brought up surrounded by gays. There's no way he is homophobic. No doubt he would have picked everything up from Kevin, however I wouldn't even think Kevin was homophobic being a dancer who too would have been surrounded by and friends with gays. Some people are just ignorant about the language they use.
  2. This is really weird and random and I don't know why someone would fake it, but it also doesn't really sound like Britney a lot of the time.
  3. Green Day suck nowadays but he's right. Ariana is a complete try hard. She's got a great voice but that's about it, her music is ****. Billie's music is definitely not for everyone but at least she's 100% genuine in her art. It's not shade to prefer one kind of artist to another.
  4. Why does Exhale look like a Playstation fansite now? and we have to scroll down like 5 pages of links before seeing content?
  5. When will her team finally realize it's almost 2020 not 1999? Her fans aren't 11 years old anymore.
  6. Sony only have like 2 turntables on the market now and both are very good and should not do any damage to your records unless you're doing something wrong. Vintage can be good if you get lucky and find something in great condition for a bargain price, but they're not always good for a beginner especially if it does need repairs and upgrades on the stylus, etc. There's nothing wrong with modern turntables as long as you do your research beforehand.
  7. Audio-Technica have some affordable players for beginners. The Sony PS-LX310BT is also very good, it's a quick and easy set up and has Bluetooth so you don't have to buy wired speakers (the Sony has a built-in preamp though so you'll get the best sound from a good pair of wired speakers). Crosley isn't actually an awful brand when you're looking at their higher end products, but those cheap suitcase style "all in one" players will damage records over time and often have speed issues (plus the speakers suck). I don't own any Britney albums on vinyl yet but I've heard bad things about the BOMT picture disc. Picture discs in general tend not to sound as good but apparently BOMT is especially noisy.
  8. Uh, other than having similar but not the same hair... I see nothing Britney in this at all. Dua looks exactly like Melanie Blatt from All Saints.
  9. Can someone please PM me a link to download the HQ audio?
  10. This is the same person that used to go by KeshaPrecious or something. An old, old troll from way back. Guess they still haven't gotten a life
  11. It's annoying, on my old account I had an entire thread back in the day with a ton of links to her live vocals from each date, but people dismiss it and say it's pre-recorded. Like, WE KNOW she has pre-recorded vocals, but she's singing on top of those and it's very clear. Sometimes her live vocals were much, much louder too (and sounded better than the pre-recorded vocals). That's why I was surprised she lipped so blatantly during POM.
  12. You can hear her clearer in the Phoenix performance (esp on the second verse). She sang live quite a lot over the top of the pre-recorded vocals during this tour which people love to ignore...
  13. The FF era was weird because she seemed genuinely excited to go on tour and despite what a lot of stans say, I think she actually loved that album. But at the same time she was so out of it and disconnected, she just didn't have the energy at all.
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