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  1. Whilst I can sympathise with Lynne in respect that she has also fell victim to James Spears tyrannical behaviour over the years - she needs to wind it in now. What's done is done, she failed her beautiful daughter, took advantage financially and completely disintegrated any faith Britney may have had in humanity during those years. Her own mother allowed this to happen and stayed quiet until it was no longer feasible. I am no Lutfi fanboy but the audacity of these people to think they can just call the guy whenever it suits them after a million restraining orders and defaming him in the highest manner! Spears family - I am sure this big inconvenience is keeping you all awake every night and I just want you to know that the thought of you suffering over this delights me! It's Karma *****!
  2. I really hope that they do her justice and by the looks of that teaser - impressed and that "unearthed" voicemail alone will garner a lot of public interest. My only apprehension is that the same Netflix keep the likes of JLS on their books after her exploiting her sister and being down right offensive by just existing. Let's not even mention the self proclaimed woman of God and USAs number 1 submissive bottom wife Louey TayTay having her talons in all the pies in the industry. - that being said though the movement has come too far and facts exist. They can't spin this into someway being what's best for her. It's too risky to paint a false narative considering how many people are invested. So proud of everyone that come together for this cause and now we've reached Netflix!
  3. Penny is gonna approve that termination quicker than you can finish saying FREEBRITNEY. She could probably deny his petition and terminate it based on the fact her conservator recognises it's time to terminate and deny all of his conditions but that's just a dream right?
  4. That C U Next Tuesday really wants to paint her as mentally unwell for expressing (in a calculated and clever way) that she is overwhelmed by the fact she is ALLOWED an iPad. Then the other creep going on about he wants to see documents about her dad's earnings before judging yet will sit there and defend this modern day slavery and talk absolute nonsense as if Britney hasn't spoken up about her ordeal - anybody would think he's been given bribes to express such a warped view....hmm. As for Ms Penny and her church going activities and potato salads as mentioned by the idiot on the right - I do not give a spec of SH1T about what that wicked woman does in her free time, she's a farce. She has had Britney begging multiple times for her safety, begging to release from her maniac father, she's sobbed her way through her testimony with amazing courage only for that disgrace of a judge to completely disregard her wishes. Brenda is a heartless POS and knows exactly what is up and is saving face as she knows the cats out of the bag. These people can go all the way to hell with bringing up the colour of skin - let me make it clear - any racism directed at Penny is abhorrent and has no place in this- but she is just an culpable as anybody else surrounding this scandal and as Captain of this (conservator)SHIP, she will be dealt with accordingly by us regardless whether she is black, white, mixed or any other colour on the spectrum. They're sorely mistaken if they think we are going to hold back because she is a black woman. These people and those that think alike really are the scourge on our society. They uphold the out dated viewpoint and continue to justify the near 14 year abuse of an innocent woman that was blind sided and had her life torn away - all for her fortune. Either they hate her for their own petty reasons or they are being funded to spout such toxic and unfounded opinions. Britney does not warrant nor did she ever warrant a Probate Conservatorship which has denied her all of her liberty and dignity. Shame on them. The camera never lies and videos are forever- this will be a stain on their careers - not Britney's. People like this just do not wish to be better people and I don't F with them at all. Britney will have the last laugh.
  5. In UK we get a ridiculous amount of crappy weather. Always raining or overcast. But it makes the sunny days so much more enjoyable as it's like a treat lol
  6. No offence taken! I do see what you're saying but Womanizer was released as "Britney being back better than ever from her 2 year struggles ". Whereas now it's like 13 years of drugging, forced labor, extortion and the whole word in gasp. Personally I think if she releases a song at all it should be Rebellion as it couldn't be more relevant.
  7. I think Britney has detached so far away from the popstar with all the abuse she has endured. It's probably in her mind the root of all her problems. I don't really vision her doing a musical comeback for a long time. After she is free I doubt she would want to base her music around her experiences and releasing a generic pop song would be weird. I think she is going to need support when the reality hits of what she's been put through for so long. She just copes as she said in FTR. She needs to heal before even thinking of coming back to the public eye
  8. Nobody has been sending death threats. You will always get the odd one or two people to take it to that extreme when presented with a situation as disgusting as ya know, a sibling - at best allowing, at worst partaking - in the 13th year of abuse and robbery of their loving sister who did nothing to deserve any of it. Let's face it Jamie Lynn is upset because it's all come crashing down around her and she can't stand us meddling kids hashtagging our way to Britney's freedom and the end of her career. She is a wannabe victim and she needs to not try and paint the people who support her sister as child murdering psychos because it ain't a pretty look when millions of people are now demanding #freebritney. She should use the time to think about why she is receiving this reaction and quit the attention seeking and deactivate her socials for a bit.
  9. At this point they don't have the confidence and should just give up, their stanning of Ingham, jodi and Britney's family was always dodgy . TSW is literally just trying to get Britney free and is calling out all the key players and trying to get this whole process expedited, what do they have to come for her about, clout chasing? And? So what it she is? She's dedicating all her free time to the movement. These clowns were calling out other Twitter users for "stealing their live updates as their own" like anybody is really here for that nonsense?! It's over and the ships sinking so they should go away quietly and let the rest of us focus on the prize.
  10. This has been really bugging me. I see a lot of "how do you know they haven't reached out privately?" Firstly, change only occurs from public pressure so privately reaching out only would do sweet f a. Britney has made it clear she appreciates the informed support and is busting her *** to make everything public. SO many of these people I respected and paid money towards and I swear on my life, I will not support or pay any mind to a single one of the big names that have sided with the oppressors by not using their platform to help Britney. Like seriously F them all, they are happy to use Britney's influence and power to further their own mediocrity (and I'm being kind with that adjective) because they don't have the creativity to form their own path . They are all quick to shy away because "we don't know enough". Well now you have had the words straight from the horse's mouth.... P!nk and Miley for starters who used that as their excuse for not getting their hands dirty and supporting the cause. I would imagine the big names are being advised by their people "to stay out of it" but they need to grow a backbone and get the support out there, it will be a chain reaction. They all want the world to sob with them and demand justice if they lose rights to a fu**ing record or go through some difficult period but will act like Britney Spears, the most unproblematic celebrity (or person?!) to exist, did not just use her own ******* voice to expose abuse and forced prevention of having children. FUQ them all seriously.
  11. Besties can someone give me the link to register to have a link to the audio today?? Can't find it and I'll be damned if I miss it. (It's all legal, I'm not trying to jeopardize this moment)
  12. So the captions on her Instagram are being made up for the most part let's face it. Her Instagram is a propaganda tool to make her look bad. It all changed very suspiciously after the forced mental health stay, shortly after the "daddy is sick so domination is cancelled" and the "all is well" video (which she was obviously forced to record to get released from there). Once they knew it was going to start unravelling they pulled out all the stops to discredit her using her Instagram. Her dancing videos are just that - expressive dancing but they edit it to the point of ridiculous and then fire out a weird caption to make her look "crazy" I dread to think what is happening when she is looking nervous as hell in some talking videos. We can not trust anything from her Instagram knowing how she has been fighting for years and has been oppressed.
  13. You make no sense at all and this ain't a good look sweaty
  14. This is Amanda Bynes. I wouldn't post this if I was the slightest bit unsure. This account has been active for years, I've followed since 2012 and she constantly professes she is not Amanda Bynes and is Ashley Banks and will then post pics of herself being obviously Amanda lol. The media have even at times reported on this account for its legitimacy alluding to it "allegedly" being her. I mean I can't convince y'all it isn't another Banana Alice but shes made this account private, why would a fake ?
  15. She is working in law and has unearthed a lot of stuff perpetuating to the missing 600mil of Britney's money. There was a thread on exhale with her revealings that Jordan had to remove at the demand of Lou Taylor's lawyers. She has helped immensely with understanding the legalities of court documents and picking apart the details of her Vegas contracts. She had her socials all deactivated after her digging was getting more and more thorough. People started to worry about her safety and she's now (albeit in a dramatic fashion) come back to spill the facts about exactly what the scumbags who control Britney do to try and silence people. She has done so much to expose the shadiness and I think a lot of people need to cough up and match her efforts or say nothing at all regarding the way she expresses herself.
  16. This. She is in law and is using her resources and is helping massively with the movement - she deserves to get the clout to better herself as well. She's allowed to help Britney and further her prospects all at once. She clearly gives a damn about this movement and Britney, she is refusing to be silenced by these dangerous people. Who else comes for Lou Taylor like her??? I think the anti TSW comments are weird, I am not seeing those who are coming for her bringing anything to the table? Support her, spread her word and help free Britney!
  17. Guys I don't know how to post images on here from websites and the process stresses me out but Amanda Bynes "secret" Twitter account @persianla27 (it's her without a doubt) has posted screenshots of Lou emailing her from her trisports email trying to "help" her. Skip Ads by UPDATE: She has deleted all the tweets relating to Lou Taylor × Amanda is either trolling for fun or this is genuine and Lou really can't help herself. Maybe AP but wtf? Edit (Edit: that was so easy) Another edit cause I'm SH1T at this and uploaded the same one twice lol
  18. Jesus why are people so toxic on here? She has given up her free time to dig and unearth stuff nobody else has been able to? They are terrified of her. She is integral to Britney's fight (remember B is silenced!) and yes it is a dramatic reveal but dramatic is what gains attention from GP and surely you all know this?! She is not attention seeking or making anything about herself. She is going on record to expose the monsters who have destroyed Britney's life and successfully silenced so many others. Be grateful for her and save your bull - it isn't needed for the movement or Britney. Or should we just tell her to quit and let the movement die off leaving Britney trapped for life?
  19. It really is down to Britney now on June 23rd. This is never ending and something has got to give
  20. Do we know of any update? I really have stressed my worry to her in the past about these people. She told me she can handle them but I fear these people are more dangerous than any of us know.
  21. I knew there is something up with LFB. Whilst I will not pretend they haven't been beneficial at times to this movement, It would appear something or some people changed when coming to administrating the account. They now constantly applaud the bare minimum done by Ingham and berate others for not trusting "the strategy". They have come for Adam Streisand , Lisa MacCarley and even Lynne. They are also obsessed with Lutfi. Yes Lutfi is a toxic and harmful person BUT he seems to be team cons Nemesis and a huge threat and I have to wonder what power he welds over them. This whole saga will be a Hollywood Blockbuster one day. I just wish Britney wasn't the main character.
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