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  1. I didn't expect this but it's not enough plus it's too late. **** him. He said he benfited from a mysoginistic system or.. better, ARE YOU A MISOGINIST SWEETIE?
  2. correct me if wrong but one lawyer in the documentary who worked on britney's conservatorship, the asian lady (excuse me i forgot her name). she was interviewed by the documentary reproters and then she was rehired by britney's team for the conservatorship? maybe she was there to try to "defend" britney's ream? that sounded fishy
  3. I don't think her mom Lynne is a stage mom or has her own interests. I think she supported Britney taking her to all these castings because Britney really wanted this, you know? So she was like 'OK you want this, you got the talent, let's go'. If Lynne were a stage mom she wouldn't have go back to Lousiana to take care of Jamielynn, she would have stayed with Britney traveling around and having fun and also controlling Britneys' career. And from what I read back in the day Lynne didn't want to be the conservator because she's a weak person, she has no proper knowledge of what this is about and the strong personality to deal with lawyers etc. it's a lot of pressure...and Jamie has more personality to do this **** and to be able to control her daughter, you know what I mean? in the end Jamie ****ed up because he is not a good man, let's be real. Lynne can't save her daughter because she is not the right person to do this either. At this point this conservatorship needs to end because they transformed it into a business and that is NOT OK.
  4. I just watched it on Youtube. I feel like I saw nothing new but at the same time I feel like the right steps are being made for Britney to finally gain her freedom. It's taking a long time and I'm afraid some people will try to get out of this but in the end, I think she'll tell her story like Fe said. I mean, she needs to and we need to know the truth and be sure she's OK... because...seeing this happen in front of you and not being able to help is so sad.
  5. Oh God now. From what I know he started managing Normani after 5H and she hasn't done anything remarkable. And about Anitta, she has been managing HERSELF for years, she started working with him recently. He's no genius, just another manager in LA.
  6. Well done Jordan. I have been visiting this site since forever and you have matured a lot. It's not fair but it's not your battle. You spoke very well. Continue with your work and things will evolve naturally.
  7. I think the c-ship was the solution for that time when Britney was out of control, wasting her money, going around with her kids, hanging out with paparazzi and weird people, she wasn't even taking care of her appearance, she was photographed every single day... we all have seen that! so they took her to rehab and put her on a c-ship to administrate her fortune + making sure she sees her kids in a proper way + she doens't hang out with strangers...but it's come to a point where she is ISOLATED + she can't even drive her car or have a phone for years and years. it's not fair. i believe she learnt her lesson and as far as she has a trustful business manager, a lawyer to make sure she's doing the right thing and a nanny to help with the kids, she should be free to do what she pleases, hang out with whoever she wants and spend her money on whatever she wants as long as she doesn't act weird like in 2007. she's older and more mature now. she deserves better...... her father's purpose in life is not being britney's saviour forever, he needs to go away. her kids don't like him.
  8. she sounds amazing here. thank you for posting this. hopefully we get to see her or listen to her speak freely and happy like this again....
  9. I can't wait. I want a few tell-all interviews. A tell-all book. A few magazine covers. And a damn new album and residency for her and by her.
  10. LOOOL I mean, should we really take these Q&As as clues? oh Britney....
  11. Time will? um, it's been 12 years, honey. This **** has gone through for a long time. I wish they would speak up for Britney but I guess this will take time because it's a delicate situation...
  12. girlie you need to ask her more stuff. i mean, if she told you they hope she'll be free this month, she will tell you more. What are their goals aftr august? Try asking about Sam, if he's nice to Briney and if he really wants her freedom. About Jamie Lynn, is she ok with Brit being free? are the rest of the family OK with jamie, the father? We all know Jayden talked **** about him... is Lynne still helping Britney with the C-ship? Will she do a tell-all interview once she's free? What does Britney think about the freebritney movement? is she sending subliminal messages through her instagram?
  13. THE YELLOW BACKGROUND The fact that she has a yellow background for some of her recent posts is A SCREAM FOR HELP knowing a fan commented "wear yellow if you need help" can't anybody really help her? can't the freebritney movement fans donate money to pay a lawyer and the media to investigate this situation?
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