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  1. how is she struggling? she is still under a c-ship where doctors check on her, she is communciating with lawyers and her boyfriend supports her. if she was really that ill, they'd show the proof to the judge and keep her on the c-ship, i guess, right? but they're fighting to free her for a ******* reason. JL is so annoying, i don't understand what's woring with her. doesn't she realize her dad is the ******* problem? they need to leave britney alone for once and give her the chance to live the life she wants. maybe she does need a doctor and that's fine, but come on, let her have a life!
  2. the text is a mess lol but she looks so HAPPY in the video.... I can't wait until she is free and she performs again
  3. wait, is she really dragging her sister for performing her songs (i mean it was a tribute) or the fact she had to perform remixes of her songs (playback) instead of the normal songs (live)? i'm confused lol
  4. it could also be related to JT because let's be real, he has never cared for her so why is he talking about her now?
  5. can any of yall or even @Jordan Miller maybe ask her boyfriend Sam through DMs if he is aware Britney is using her IG account or is it someone else? I mean, if it was Britney she should be able to post stories daily, do a Live and even film herself saying something to her fans instead of using old videos and posting confusing captions. HELP! If we could at leas solve this mystery.....
  6. I don't trust this people. I think her laywer has been threatened by her team because why would anybody in his position retire? he has the most important media case in his hands and he has the power to free Britney from this abusive conservatorship and he ain't doing **** about it. her manager larry is an *** too because why would he end this professional relationship with her? it's Britney who would fire him because she's the one retiring, not him. No sense.
  7. i think her mom didn't want anything to do with the c-ship but never imagined britney was being "abused" like this. i want to believe her mom is finally stepping in to really help her...
  8. what is wrong with this family? i mean, you let your father control your sister's life and you don't have a say? it's your family
  9. All her exes (Jason, Lucado and Charlie, even Kfed) should speak and testify. Also her dancers, assistants, the nurses, HER KIDS....... Why aren't they helping her? Hope this is the beginning of the end of the c-ship
  10. i can't believe this mess. it's going tot ake years to solve this because of how many people is involved. she deserves to be INDEMNIFIED because of having her life STOLEN.
  11. are you spanish? lol 3am here too man i'm shook i can't go to sleep tomorrow is gonna be ******* crazyyyy can we all as nice fans do a summary of all this mess?
  12. Dude, I can't believe this is finally happening. Are there any lawyers in the house?? We should help her hire a group of lawyers who will fight for her rights. Thank God this is out in the media at last. She deserves JUSTICE.
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